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Man Surprises Wife, Hears Noises From Bedroom

He opened the door quietly and walked over to the living room where she’d usually be watching tv this time of night but she was nowhere to be seen. Confused, he headed up to their bedroom.

He crept up the stairs looking forward to surprising his wife. Little did he know, a surprise was waiting for him too, one that unraveled a chilling secret.

John met his wife, Lisa when they were in college. They quickly fell madly in love, dated for four years before tying the knot. Now, they have been married for five years and are still as madly in love as ever. 

Of course, they still have their disagreements and arguments. Usually, they can work it out before nightfall but not this time. 

Both John and Lisa are very career-driven. Lisa has her own small online company that she runs from home, and John is a top executive in the corporate world. 

He had left for another business trip but for Lisa, it was one too many. She was all for him working hard and doing well but when it started to take away from their time together, that’s when she drew the line. 

John worked much more than Lisa and lately, it was becoming unhealthy. It was causing problems and Lisa let him know over the phone while he was away on the business trip. 

It wasn’t an easy conversation, and they hung up resolving nothing. With no kids, Lisa meant everything to John and he felt terrible. He hated when he made her feel neglected. So he quickly decided to come home early and apologize. 

When John arrived home, it was already 9 pm. He snuck in through the front door, being careful not to make a sound. He wanted to surprise her. 

He couldn’t wait to see the look of shock on her face. Little did he know, however, her’s wasn’t the only face that would be plastered with shock. 

He quietly walked into the living room where she’d usually be watching tv at this hour, but there was no sign of her. Then he went into the kitchen but she wasn’t there. “That’s weird”, he thought. “Was she already in bed? Was she feeling unwell?”. 

He crept up the staircase, skipping over the steps who knew would make a creaking noise. 

He was about to open the door and surprise her when he heard a strange noise. He froze. Instead of opening the door, he pressed his ear to it and steadied his breathing. 

It was Lisa, she was speaking in a light and sweet murmur. John’s face went pale as he realized she was talking to someone. 

At first, John thought he was hearing things. There was no way she had someone in their bedroom. But he wasn’t hearing things. She was clearly talking to someone in the sweet voice she usually talks to him with.

Once the shock subsided, anger filled John’s body. He quickly walked away from the door, scared of what he might do.

He paced up and down the corridor, forgetting completely about his surprise. He heard shuffling in the room. Once it stopped, John entered, bracing himself for what he was about to walk into.

But when he opened the door, he saw Lisa lying down, fully hidden under the bed covers.

When he put his hand on her shoulder, she jumped out from under the sheets in a panic. John noticed that she was in the bed alone. Once Lisa saw John, she immediately took a sigh of relief. 

“You terrified me!”, she said. “What are you doing here?”. Her eyes darted to the closet.

John said he felt bad about their fight and wanted to come home to surprise her. “Were you talking to somebody?”, he asked. “Me? No”, she said. But John knew she was lying. She began to look nervous and looked to the closet again.

“Is something in there?”, he asked as he made his way over. The act was up. 

John’s temper spiked as he put his hand on the closet door. He whipped it open, fully preparing himself to brawl with whoever came out. But he didn’t expect this. 

When John opened the closet, a cat jumped out at him. It ran right past him and jumped onto the bed beside Lisa. John looked at her in complete confusion. They didn’t own a cat. What was going on? 

John looked at Lisa who was sporting a very sheepish grin. “Did you get a cat while I was away talking to me about it?”. “No, I’d never do that”, Lisa replied. “Do you remember my friend Amber from college? Well, this is Scar, Amber’s cat”, she continued. 

“I know you’re not fond of cats, especially cats inside the house so I didn’t want to tell you”, she admitted sheepishly. 

“Why do you have him?” he asked. “Amber and her husband are away on a trip and needed someone to look after him”, she said. “You know I love cats but never had one because of you so I just wanted to look after it for a while”.

“Do you really want a cat that much?” John laughed. “Yes”, Lisa replied. Lisa knew John wouldn’t agree with her bringing a cat into the house so she kept it a secret. But what John said next surprised her.

“I don’t like cats being inside the house because of their fur getting everywhere. I also hear that they pee everywhere, but if you really want one this much, who am I to get in your way”, John declared. Lisa squealed in delight! 

He also felt bad that he could have ever thought she’d cheat on him. Afterall, being married means more than words on a piece of paper. 


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