Plumber Who Found A Painting Of Himself In Client's Home Has Last Laugh

She Wanted To Be A Nurse 

Dana finally decided that she wanted to be a nurse, but she was completely unaware that this decision would lead her to find her soul mate. She had always been extremely introverted, her awkwardness made it hard for her to make and keep friends. 

But it was different when she was around him, he had everything feel so easy. He always listened to everything she had to say. He would never interrupt her, and he always made the time to see her. But of course, it was all because he was in a coma.

Dana Wheatfield

Dana Wheatfield met Grant at the trauma unit of her local hospital while finalizing her nursing degree. She'd been on her last days at the hospital when the ambulance brought him in.

Even now, she could remember that night. It had rained, and the roads throughout the county were slippery and wet. When the EMTs brought him in, a John Doe seemingly in his late twenties, he'd sustained a massive head injury. 

Her Attraction

Though it's rare for medical practitioners to form attachments to their patients, the possibility is never zero. For Dana, her attraction to the man other nurses named Grant started as a simple crush. 

She'd returned to the hospital after graduation and was looking to start her professional career. And who else would the hospital direct her to than Grant, who was still in a coma?

A Day In The Life

Dana's routine with Grant was easy enough. She'd come in the morning to check his vitals and shave and clean him. Afterward, she'd ensure he got his fluids and nutrients before counter-checking his daily medicine.

The routine soon became numb, and Dana started talking to him to keep things interesting and lively. But in these silent conversations, she'd find something she'd never experienced.  

Spending Time 

Dana found a connection with her quiet patient that she couldn't explain. As the months flew by, she found herself constantly drawn to him, needing to talk or play mellow music in his room as the minutes counted by. 

No family or friends had come to claim him, which endeared him to Dana even more. But one day, everything would come to an abrupt stop. 

He Wakes Up

It'd been two years since Grant was admitted to the hospital when he woke up. Dana had been playing music in his room, but as she stood to change her playlist, he suddenly asked her to repeat the last song. 

She did before rushing to call the doctors. After a few preliminary tests, the conclusion was that the man had severe short-term memory loss, which was because of his head injury. But the doctors assured him he'd remember with time. They had no idea what secrets his mind held. 

Their Friendship Begins 

As Grant knew nothing about himself and had no next of kin or friend to help, he wholeheartedly accepted Dana's help when she offered to help him acclimate to his new life. She moved him into a different room and brought him books to read and songs to listen to. 

But as the weeks went by, the two began getting close. They'd take long walks outside the hospital in the evenings and go to the movies on the weekends. Soon, it was clear that something romantic existed between them.

Stamping It Down

As any nurse in Dana’s shoes would do, she tried to suppress the budding feelings she had for Grant. But he would look at her, and she’d blush, he’d talk to her, and she’d smile.

He’d leave her side, and a sudden cold would envelop her, holding her captive until the next time they met again. Dana knew she was in trouble.    

A Conflict Of Interest

The two continued hanging out as usual, with Dana stamping down the feelings swirling within her. She feared a conflict of interest since she many still considered her Grant’s nurse.

But she should have known better because suppressing her feelings was the worst thing way to handle the situation. It wouldn’t be long before everything blew up in her face.

It’s Eating Her Alive 

Weeks passed with Grant and Dana hanging out together. But although Grant was getting the hang of everything Dana was teaching, Dana was having a hard time maintaining her ruse.

The tiny feelings she’d once suppressed had grown within her and were now eating her alive. She needed to come clean or lose her mind. But taking such a path would lead to several problems. 

Talking It Out

As the months passed, Dana decided she needed to come clean. But she feared she’d lose her job or credibility as a nurse if she did. Needing to talk to someone, she approached one of her superiors, with whom she’d always been close. 

After a few conversations, her superior assured her that nothing was wrong with what she was doing. As far as the hospital was concerned, Grant was no longer in critical condition or in Dana’s direct care. She could pursue him without taking any professional blows.

Should She Come Clean?

Talking to her superior was a load off of Dana’s back. But now, she needed to come clean to Grant, which presented its issue. 

For the many weeks that Dana and Grant had spent together, they’d become really close. But as much as Dana wanted it to be more, it was only platonic. Would Grant be open to moving the relationship to the next level, or would he stop talking to her because of her advances? 

Coming Clean

Hoping for the best, Dana ripped the bandaid once and for all. She confessed everything to Grant, telling him of the many grueling days she spent next to him with all her feelings bottled up.

She told him she understood if he wanted to end their arrangement. Little did she know that Grant was sitting on his own secret, one that would change their lives forever. 

His Side Of Things

Grant told Dana that he liked her as well. He revealed that throughout the latter days of his coma, he could hear her talk to him. He could also hear the songs she played by his side.  

Without knowing it, he’d formed this attachment to her, imagining her as a guardian angel watching and guiding him through his endless dream. He confessed that his attraction had only grown stronger once he laid his eyes on her.

Moving Forward In Life 

With their confessions, the two walked past the friendship barrier into something none of them would have ever thought possible. Their lives became ten times brighter, always filled with laughter and good times. 

Even Dana’s workmates were happy for her, saying they all hoped the two would end together, given how close they were even before Grant woke up. 

Moving In Together

Grant moved in with Dana as the eighth month came to a close. He still didn't know who he was but knew he was great with his hands. He'd shown unmatched prowess in anything that needed him to get hands-on and suspected it'd been a massive part of his previous life.     

But living with the love of his life proved more difficult than he'd expected. Dana needed help with bills, and Grant would have to get a job soon. This would open a jar of worms bigger than the two could've ever imagined.    

Going To Work

Through Dana's connections, Grant found work as a plumber's assistant. He loved the premise of fixing bathrooms, and Dana's cousin, who ran a plumbing business, needed help with some projects. 

With Grant by his side, they took a contract on one of the biggest mansions in their city, looking to expand their company portfolio and get Grant some hands-on experience. They had no idea what awaited them at the house. 

The Mansion

It was a fine morning when Grant and Dana's cousin showed up at the mansion for work. The house was massive as it was beautiful, but more than that, it struck Grant as familiar.

He pushed the thought aside and got to work, but the more time he spent within the mansion, the more he felt like he'd been there. Everything would soon make sense. 

Up The Staircase 

Grant and Dana's cousin were on lunch break when Grant went to use the bathroom. After a quick word with the mansion's steward, who had given Grant weird looks throughout the day, he hurried upstairs to one of the guest rooms. 

But he wasn't halfway up the mansion's staircase when his sight landed on a towering painting of himself across the living room. His brows furrowed, and then it happened. 

The Memories Come

Like an avalanche racing down a mountain, memories barraged his mind. He clutched his temples as the pain built up, seeing flashes of who he used to be before his head injury. 

He saw a life where he'd been a wealthy painter under a pseudonym. He'd also been married! His sight darkened with black splotches as the pain became too much to bear. And then he woke up in a hospital bed. 

He Wakes Up

Grant woke up with Dana by his side. He was back in his old room in the hospital, with medical equipment beeping by his side. Dana's cousin, a doctor, an officer, and the mansion's steward were also present.

Grant's head was still in pain. But he could remember everything that had happened to him. He was about to talk when the officer interjected.

The Officer's Report 

The officer reported that Grant's family filed a missing person's report after they couldn't find him for a week. They'd searched all over the country, from his penthouses to his favorite hotels but came up short. His family held a funeral service a year later. 

But Grant could remember in excruciating detail what happened that fateful night and couldn't wait to share his story.  

What Really Happened

Before Grant could open up, he told Dana he needed to speak to her privately. His eyes dimmed with tears as he remembered his past self fully. 

He had a wife that he loved, a beautiful woman he'd been dating well before he began his painting career. But he was with Dana now and wouldn't keep her in the dark about who he used to be.

Telling Her 

Grant shared his past. He told her about Esme, the woman he was married to. But he also revealed that although he didn't feel any romantic attraction to her at the moment, he didn't know what would happen once he saw her. 

Dana's eyes grew wet. She chewed on her bottom lip, listening to the man she loved reveal that he was married. But before she could get her head around everything, Grant revealed something that gave her hope. 

It's Over 

"I don't think Esme and I are on speaking terms," shared Grant as he scratched his head. "I remember everything now."

He asked Dana to call the rest of the people back in, stating that whatever he was about to say would need police in the vicinity. His tone had suddenly changed. This was a side of him that Dana rarely saw. 

A Sad Reality 

Grant explained that his accident hadn't been an accident at all. His car's brakes had been tampered with. He sat upright on the hospital bed, asking Dana to come to sit by her. 

After she did, he told her that he and his wife had signed a prenup because of his financial situation. It had been her idea at first, but through their three-year marriage, he suspected she wasn't being faithful to him. 

Finding Out The Painful Truth

A few days before the accident, he discovered the truth about Esme. She had a relationship with Grant's driver. Of course, Grant, whose real name was Danny McCallister, confronted her about it. 

He learned that her dark ways spanned their years together and talked to her about filing a divorce. That was the last conversation the two had before Danny's accident. 

What She Did

Knowing the prenup barred her from getting a massive slice of Danny's fortune, she sought to end his life. The police said they never found Danny's car, which was still an open case back at the station.  

He also shared that among Danny's family, her wife acted odd when she found out he was alive. She'd left the country shortly after.

The Whole Truth

Grant explained that his car had veered off a sleek mountainside into a massive river because of the faulty brakes. He was confident it was under the charge of Esme.  

He'd decided to jump out at the last minute. Dana revealed that the night the EMTs brought him in, they reported that a passerby found him bleeding in the thicket several feet from the river.  

Choosing The One

The police issued an arrest warrant for Esme as they officially opened a case for her and Danny. On the other hand, Danny continued his relationship with Dana, introducing her to his family and moving her to his residence. 

A few weeks later, the police located Esme. She signed the divorce papers and is facing several charges, one of which is attempted murder. Danny finally got his life back. But he knew everything that happened was for a reason: to lead him to the love of his life, who, despite knowing he had nothing, stayed by his side. Disclaimer: To protect the privacy of those depicted, some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed and are products of the author's imagination. Any resemblances to actual events, places, or persons, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.