Man Sees Fawn Sleeping On Road, Looks Closer And Realizes Mistake

Allure Of Disney

He looked around at his friends’ faces. No one knew what to do. None of them had ever encountered something like this before. His heart raced as he took in the beautiful sight of the Disney-looking fawn, unaware of the threat that lurked within the shadows of the surrounding forest. 

He knew he had to act fast, but how could he have known that this adorable defenseless creature could throw him into harm's way?

On The Road

Despite having lived in a rural area for a long time, Steve Knoop never thought he’d experience a wild-life encounter like this. 

It happened when he set out on a road trip with his friends. He was driving down a road that bordered the woods. They were chatting and having a good time, when all of a sudden, he slammed on the brakes.

Sudden Halt

The men in the car jolted forward. They looked at Steve, bewildered and unsettled by the halt. They started to scold him for such a brash action. 

But Steve was barely listening, he was squinting at something. Trying to make out what lay on the road before him. And then the rest of them saw it. In the middle of the road, was a small, brown lump.

Mysterious Animal

Their first thought was that it was an animal that had been hit by a car but there was no evidence of any impact or tire marks. 

Steve announced that he was going to investigate, so he got out of the car to take a closer look at what kind of animal it was. But things only got stranger from there.

A Baby Deer

As he stepped closer, he was struck by a sudden pang of sadness at the thought of such a helpless creature getting hit by a car. 

She was lying in the middle of the road, her legs tucked in under her. She was completely alone. Autumn leaves, the color of red, yellow, amber, and orange drifted around her. She looked like something out of a Disney movie. It was a baby deer, but something wasn’t right.

What To Do?

On closer inspection, the fawn’s legs looked collapsed in a strange position underneath her body -- like a twisted knot. did she not have the strength to get up? It was as if she was terrified or paralyzed. 

But there were no visible signs of injury, and she appeared to be trying to make herself look smaller. Steve didn’t know what to do so he signaled his friends over. Little did he know, he was inviting them into danger.


They circled the fawn, making sure to give her space so as not to frighten her too much. They weren’t sure if they should touch her or not. And then one of the men noticed something. Her eyes were open.

The fawn was tiny, she must have been born just minutes before they arrived, which judging by her size was a real possibility. But if she was just born, then where was her mother?


The men looked around the area, searching for her mother, but they couldn’t see anything. “If she’s alone, how would she survive?” they worried. But she wasn’t alone. They were about to become aware of that very soon. 

Steve had already decided that he couldn’t just leave her there and go on their merry way, he wanted to make sure she was ok. But maybe he should have left when he had the chance. 

Caring Dedication

One of the men told Steve to leave the fawn alone but Steve was adamant. At least he should try to protect the fawn on the road so that she’d be safe from other cars, right? 

Steve had an idea. She was healthy so she “should get up soon,” he said. “I’ll just go up there and park my truck sideways and wait until it gets up.” But something else was waiting in the shadows. Something that would give Steve the fright of his life. 

A Strange Noise

They wondered how long they’d have to guard the fawn against the dangers of the road when suddenly, they heard a rustling sound behind them.

The sound came from nowhere. They were all startled by the unexpected presence of it. It almost seemed like the area was deserted until now. They turned, hoping it was the mother. 

Hide And Seek

But it wasn’t. They couldn’t see anything. Confused, Steve looked around for the outline of a deer. But what he’d find wasn’t a deer at all. 

A few minutes went by before the men heard the strange rustling again. But this time, it sounded heavier, closer. Maybe it was the mother and she was just keeping herself hidden? 

Being Watched

Steve and his friends decided to stay very quiet and make themselves look small so the mother would have more confidence to come out to her baby. If she was watching them, surely this would help.

But she wasn’t watching them and making themselves look small in this situation was definitely not going to help. It wasn't a deer watching them, it was something else.

Following Her Gaze

The crucial moment happened when Steve noticed the fawn's eyes were still wide open, fixated on something in the woodland off the road, just next to his friends. 

Once the fawn had stopped perceiving the men as a threat, she went back to focus on the real issue at hand. Steve knew something was happening behind the scenes here that he didn’t quite understand, so he followed her gaze. 

Mountain Lion

Hunched over on the ground, behind the bushes was a young mountain lion. It was stalking the fawn, waiting for the men to leave to make its move. 

Steve’s heart raced as he realized how dangerous a situation this was for his friends standing uncomfortably close to the predator. He shouted, “There’s a mountain lion, stand up guys! Make yourselves big and scary right now!”

Round Two

The men jumped up simultaneously. The mountain lion knew its cover had been jeopardized. The sudden shouting and jumping of the men were enough to scare the mountain lion away. 

It abandoned its prey and shortly after, a new rustling sound appeared. Steve and his friends were still in shock about how crazy that was. And now, their hearts raced once more at the thoughts of the mountain lion coming back for round two. 


They braced themselves, but what came out from behind a tree now was none other than the fawn’s mother. It was peering at them from behind the foliage as if thanking them for scaring away the danger. 

Relief fell across Steve’s face. Now, he and his friends were out of danger and the fawn had a chance for survival.

Inspiring Moment

Eager to get out of there and give the fawn back to her mother and off the road, Steve slowly placed his hands under her hind legs and gently scooped her up. She didn’t seem too spooked. 

Quickly standing up, he walked across the road to the woods. At the sight of her mother, the fawn suddenly started to move. Her little legs wiggled as Steve set her down gently and watched her leap away into the woods, towards her anxious mother.


“Yeah!” the guys exclaimed! They looked on in awe as they saw the fawn making its way to its mother. He turned, looking at his friends with his arms up in the air, an ecstatic look on his face. 

“That was awesome!” said one of the guys. The others also expressed their delight at the mission accomplished. Steve decided to post about the remarkable moment online. The reactions were varied.

The Right Thing To Do?

Some people were critical of Steve and Paul’s actions, saying the fawn probably would have made its way back to its mother who was nearby if the guys had just backed away. 

Most people praised Paul for helping save the baby deer, though. Steve’s video of the incident has been viewed over five million times… but are the negative reactions to the video warranted?

Mother Always Knows Best

As a person, it’s normal to worry that a baby by itself might be in trouble, but most of the time it’s best to leave them alone, according to the Virginia Beach Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. 

Female deer do tend to leave their fawns on their own while it’s light out, but they always come back. Handling “abandoned” fawns could also have dire consequences.

Touching Them Can Be Dangerous

If you absolutely must handle baby deer, the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife recommends that you “rub an old towel in the grass and wipe the fawn to remove human scent.” 

Wildlife experts generally advise against touching baby deer because the lingering human scent could cause their mothers to reject them. Paul had no time to clean the fawn before it ran off — but that doesn’t necessarily mean that what he did was wrong.

Preserving All Life

“If the fawn is found in a dangerous place… [it] may be picked up and immediately moved several feet away from the danger,” The Virginia Beach Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals advises on their website. They definitely approved of what Paul did that day, and we couldn’t agree more!

But it's not only humans who can show an amazing amount of compassion toward other beings...


Mark held his breath. Storm had never jumped into the sea like that. In fact, he usually acted like a cat around water. He paddled away from the shore and disappeared underwater. 

Was he alright? Could he breathe? The waves were getting bigger. Mark’s heart stopped. But when Storm finally surfaced, he finally realized what was going on.


Mark Freeley had goals. He wasn’t interested in getting drunk and having fun. He had a plan. Three years of hard work, and he would obtain his law degree. 

He watched “12 Angry Men” as a child and was immediately infatuated with the law. He worked three jobs between his classes. But he couldn’t run on passion forever.

Hard Work

Mark was lonely. He thought working as a busboy in the evenings, a waiter between classes, and a barista in the mornings would make his day fly. But instead, the hours dragged. 

He didn’t have time to socialize with anyone at Hofstra University School of Law, let alone have a relationship! He functioned on four hours of sleep a night. Eventually, the pressure started to take a toll on him emotionally and physically.

Missing Out

Mark became top of his class but he was exhausted. His classmates were nice, but most of them were distant. What was his secret? How did he have so much self-control? 

He would wake up and go to sleep among passed out students and drink-spilled floors. They thought he was missing out on the college experience. But Mark had bigger plans than partying.


Mark graduated top of his class from Law School. He was quickly picked up at a firm in New York, so he packed his bags and moved to the big apple. 

Finally, he was being rewarded for his hard work after years of sleepless nights and early mornings. But Mark was about to learn some hard lessons.


Mark’s one bedroom apartment was a 200 sq. ft. studio. His bed was a mattress on the ground that looked over his cramped kitchen/living room. He was working 5 days a week doing the slack work all the real lawyers hated. 

He was always the butt of the jokes. He was beginning to question if he had made the right decision. New York was nothing he had ever expected. But things couldn’t stay terrible forever.


Thankfully, Mark started to socialize. He made a friend in his apartment complex who would invite him in for a beer when they passed each other on the stairs every now and again. 

On weekends, they would order Chinese and watch the football game. His apartment was 5 times the size of Marks. But there was one aspect that Mark envied above all others.


His neighbour had the constant company of a canine. Mark always dreamed of having his own dog. He promised himself that when he finally made it to a comfortable position, he would adopt a pooch to share the good life with. 

However, after all the years spent working, studying, and trying to keep himself from having a mental breakdown, he wasn’t sure if he could even take care of himself. Rent was so high, he was living on pasta and noodles. Then, the unimaginable happened.


Mark began to get noticed at work. He was assigned a few easy cases but managed to make to make them big wins. Finally, things were turning around. He suddenly didn’t feel so small in the big city. 

He was regularly invited to after-work drinks to gossip about the higher-ups. He began to land promotion after promotion. He finally felt like he was fitting in, but he couldn’t help but feel like something was missing.


After his first year, Mark finally saved up enough to move into a loft downtown. Finally, he didn’t have to eat where he slept or sleep where he ate. What was he going to do with all this room? 

As he waited on the steps for the delivery van, a short man passed with a basket of pups. “20 bucks. Sir?” Mark looked down at the fur balls. Maybe it was a sign? But was he ready to be responsible for another life? For the first time in forever, Mark decided to take a chance.

Puppy Love

Storm was a beautiful golden retriever. Mark soon forgot what the word ‘lonely’ meant. Storm may have left his sofa covered in long blonde hairs, but he was infatuated. He no longer had to come home to an empty house. And as time went on, his career excelled. 

He was passionate and re-energized. After a year, they welcomed Sarah to their family. She was a lab-mix and immediately fit in. Finally, everything had fallen into place. But there were some things Mark couldn’t control.


Storm and Sarah kept Mark physically and mentally fit. When he didn’t want to get out of bed in the morning, they dragged him to the door for walks. An hour twice a day was enough to tire Mark Freeley, but not Storm. 

Everything seemed the same that morning. Mark drank his coffee and then grabbed the leash. A stroll along Long Island beach was going to do them the world of good. But he never thought he would witness this.


Storm ran into the water and swam like a fish in Pirate’s Cove. Mark had only ever seen him move that fast for food! What was going on? 

He disappeared beneath the surface and reappeared by a brown mound. Was it dirt? Seaweed? But as Storm made his way back to the shore, Mark couldn’t believe what was in his mouth.


When Storm finally reached land, Mark grabbed his phone. Storm hadn’t returned with a random treasure, but a fawn. Somehow, it had fallen into the water before being dragged out by the tide. 

Storm opened his jaw and let the young animal fall to the ground. But it wasn’t moving. What had Storm done?


Understandably, the fawn was exhausted from trying to stay afloat in the sea. Mark was astonished. How had it managed to tread the water? 

How long was it stuck out there? But most importantly, how did Storm even notice an animal that was meters away in the middle of the sea?


The young faun had little chance of escape. Had it not been for Storm, the young creature would have surely perished. Storm picked it up by the back of the neck as it if was his own puppy. 

But the fawn still wasn’t moving. Its mother was nowhere to be seen and Mark wasn’t sure what to do. Just as he got animal rescue on the phone, something amazing happened.


Storm tugged on the fawn’s ears. After a moment, it began to wake up. He lay down next to it, hoping it was ready to get up. But when it eventually stood, it walked two steps and collapsed again.

 Storm jumped to its side and began to rub his belly with his nose. Then, he started pulling the fawn’s leg. Mark thought the story was going to have a sad ending. But fate had another idea.


The young fawn eventually stood and began to walk. Mark was mesmerized. Had Storm really encouraged the young animal to stand up again? He couldn’t believe what he had witnessed. 

He shared the video online which gained over 2 million views. “He only knows love and care and attention, and I swear, that’s part of his personality,” Mark later shared. But this wasn’t the first instance of Storm showing just how special he was.


Mark shared that they had been fostering two puppies that same week. Storm was six at the time, but the puppies treated him like one of their own by pulling his ears and biting his tail.

 “They were tormenting him,” Mark explained. But Storm wasn’t one bit bothered. He sat peacefully as the young pups used him as a chewing toy. “This dog has never given me a day of grief.” What was Mark’s secret?

Best Friends

Storm is now 7 years old and continues to be the ideal pet. And Mark had some advice to give to new pet-owners. “When you’re training from your dog, it’s all about positive reinforcement and love,” he explained. “I’ve never had to raise my voice.” It seems as though the loving, secure environment Mark provided really helped Storm blossom into a calm, caring dog. But would his reputation remain untarnished forever?

Unfortunately, not everyone has the best interests of animals at heart. One woman found her own reputation on the line when she posed for a seemingly innocent photograph. But would justice prevail?

Closing In

She couldn’t believe this was happening. She had just posted a selfie on Facebook, but never expected repercussions like this. The post exploded with comments and insults from people she’d never even met.

 They were onto her and there was nothing she could do about it now. They were coming for her, and even the locals were outraged by what she’d done.

Taking Things Too Far

While Amelia was too much of an animal lover to ever consider farming livestock, she had long fantasized about moving to a rural area. The chance came to buy a house with a significant allotment and she seized it immediately. 

She loved the novelty of living side by side with untamed wildlife. But one day, she took her love for animals too far. She described the “events” in detail.

Amelia’s Story

After a long night of howling wind and deafening thunder, Amelia allegedly woke to a clear day and went about assessing the damage. A few tiles had fallen and the fence was toppled in places. 

Extra work, but nothing serious. Then, she noticed a tree, a young alder, cracked in two. As she approached, she heard high-pitched, desperate chirping.


Scraping through the debris of the fallen tree, Amelia heard the sounds grow louder as she neared the source. Suddenly, a little yellow beak popped through the leaves, wide open. 

Blackbirds! Her instincts kicked, and she carefully cleared the branches from the surrounding area, uncovering another three adolescent birds in the process, one of whom had not survived the fall.


Placing the chicks in the fold of her coat, she carefully carried them toward her house. She would have to inspect them to see if they had sustained any injuries, but at first glance, it seemed they would just need warmth and nutrition. 

Pleased with having made her find, she was in good spirits – until she saw something that stopped her in her tracks.

Open Door

Approaching the house from behind, she noticed the back door was wide open. A wave of unease washed over her. She hadn’t noticed it when she left earlier – had someone broken in? 

Surely the wind couldn’t have been so strong as to blow it open? Frozen in place, the blackbirds’ twittering drew her focus back to the task at hand. The door would have to wait.

Exploring The Barn

Rushing through the front entrance, she quickly found a warm blanket for the chicks, placing them in a shoebox to keep them safe. She tried to calm herself, repeating to herself that it was just the wind. 

Her heart was pounding as she turned to go back and check. Hinges squeaked as the door swung to and fro. It was time to confront whatever hid within.

A “Discovery”

Amelia then recounted that she squinted in the dim light, and walked slowly into the barn. She searched that all was in its right place, scanning the bales of hay and tools. 

Then, she made out something, crouching in the far corner, low to the ground… and then she saw that there were more. And this is where her story becomes unbelievable.

Tucked Away

The lights were off and the room smelled damp, the rain having been blown in through the night. Amelia took small, quiet steps, tenuously reaching for the light switch. 

In a flash, her fears evaporated, and she burst into joyful laughter. But when she described the scene before her, netizens and animal activists were incredulous.

A Trio

Amelia said that there, huddled together in the corner and obviously seeking shelter from the storm, lay four little fawns, looking a little puzzled at the intrusion. 

But the people who read her Facebook post immediately knew that there was a lot more to this story, and she was about to pay the ultimate price for her “discovery”.

Deer Season

This wasn’t the first time Amelia had happened to stumble upon fawns near her home. One fateful day, she was walking through the woods when she came across something startling. There, on the ground, was a small brown animal. 

It was trying to make itself look very small. Amelia’s interest only increased as she drew closer. Then she realized what it was. What she didn’t realize was that this day marked the start of her criminal behavior.

Bad Decision

The fawn was tiny, and she had an irresistible urge. She looked around to see if there would be any witnesses. Then she thought long and hard about what she was about to do. 

But this was an opportunity she felt couldn’t be missed — An opportunity for the best selfie ever! She wouldn’t be doing the fawn harm, would she?

Going Viral

Resolute, she scooped the fawn up and carried it to her home. Then, she posed with the tiny creature for a selfie, and was delighted when the picture quickly went viral. 

But Amelia wasn’t done. She needed more. So she went out into the woods again in search of more fawns to make her reluctant models.


Now, she had managed to gather a total of four fawns. But when questions about the authenticity of her barnyard “find” were raised on Facebook, she had to think fast. 

She didn’t realize that the viewers, especially the locals, were clued up on normal fawn behavior — and willingly entering a barn on a property inhabited by humans certainly wasn’t one of them!


Then Amelia’s post started to create a public outcry, so she wove a tale to try to protect herself. But people saw through her ruse instantly. 

She had tried to paint a picture of herself as an avid rescuer of animals, when in fact what she was doing was putting the animals in her care in danger. It had been a long time coming: the comments on her post reached a critical point and something had to give.

Caught In A Lie

The commenters on her Facebook page made animal lovers’ anger apparent: “It’s a lie. She stole the babies and was trying to keep them as pets for her and her friends!” said one woman, and another commented: “OMG she has leashes around their necks. 

That woman is awful and a liar. This is a hoax for sure”. — Then the post got the attention of the police.


Suddenly, there were policemen at Amelia’s door. Word had gotten out to Michigan’s Department of Natural Resources (DNR) that she had been stealing fawns from the forest for her own entertainment and to keep as pets – a criminal offense. 

She was promptly charged with four counts of taking a protected animal from the wild, and each incident carried a penalty of $1000.


The officers from the DNR seized the four deer from Amelia and have started the slow process to rehabilitate them so they can be released into the wild. Amelia was ill-equipped to care for them as she knew nothing of the proper care or food they needed to survive.

 She stole them from the forest for her own selfish reasons and even claimed later that she intended to give them to friends as pets.

Leave Them Alone

Ron Kimmerley, an officer with the DNR, explained that “99.9 percent of the time when the people come in contact with these little fawns, everything is perfectly fine, just leave them alone, the mom will come back after dark,” he told the news station.

”When they touch the fawn and bring the fawn in, it’s pretty much a death sentence for the deer.”


Sadly, the rate of incidences of fawns being taken from the wild is not uncommon. Some people mistakenly think that they are helping the animals, when in fact the mother is probably nearby foraging for food. Once a human touches a fawn, the mother will recognize the scent and will usually reject it. 

Some people, like Amelia, have less noble intentions and just want the animals as pets. But the backlash on social media continues to plague Amelia.