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Man Rescues Abandoned Five Small Puppies, Turns Out Their Mom Is Not A Dog

A man by the name of Craig Mgettrick was doing some good work around his neighborhood by cleaning the local gardens of garbage and other types of waste. Everything was going well until he heard a strange cry coming from the nearby bushes. His coworker rushed to the bushes and couldn’t believe what he found. A couple of puppies were all alone and crying. Little did Craig and his coworker know, the mother of those “puppies” was not a dog. It was something else.

Craig Mgettrick and his coworker love to do good deeds around their neighborhood and one day, they were cleaning out a garden that was filled with old furniture. We have to give praise to Craig and his coworker because they use their free time to help their community.

As Craig and his coworker were working, something started making a strange noise. This grabbed the attention of Craig and he decided to start looking around to see what kind of animal was hiding in the nearby bushes.

Craig realized that what he was hearing was the sound of little puppies crying. The sound was coming from the bushes and without giving it too much thought, Craig rushed over to the bushes to help the crying puppies.

The man found five puppies just hiding in the bushes. Something was wrong. They are too young to be left alone which meant that their mother probably abandoned them. This broke Craig’s heart and he knew that he had to do something about it.

Since Craig and his coworker spent most of their time cleaning their neighborhood, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that they were more than willing to help five little puppies who couldn’t find their mother. However, what Craig didn’t know is that these were not dog puppies.

Craig talk to one of his friends named Beckie who has dealt with puppies before and she advised him to get them special help from a vet. The puppies probably needed treatment and healthy food if they are ever going to make it.

After picking up the puppies and putting them into his car, Craig decided to call the Freshfield Animal Rescue center and ask for an appointment. He told them that he has five newborn puppies who need all the help that they can get.

Craig was told to visit the Freshfield Animal Rescue center the next day and he took the puppies to his home. He fed them milk and took pictures of them so that he can post their story on social media. It’s a good thing that he did this because someone who knew that those five puppies are something special noticed them right away.

Only a couple of minutes after Craig posted the pictures of the puppies on social media, somebody commented and told him that those are not dog puppies. They are something special and Craig couldn’t believe what he was hearing. The pups are actually fox babies!

Craig had no idea that he was saving five fox puppies. What concerned him the most is that he knew that no one would adopt fox puppies because this is illegal, but he still needed to find a home for them. This was going to prove to be a difficult job.

After reading online about fox babies, Craig learned that the fox momma intentionally leaves her pups alone for long periods of times. The reason why the fox mamma does this is to teach them how to survive. This is when Craig realized that he made a mistake by picking up the five pups.

Craig needed to find a way to get the fox puppies back to their momma, but he didn’t know how. Fortunately for him, someone who is a fox rescue expert heard about his story and decided to give him a call.

Martin Hemmington is the founder of the National Fox Welfare Society and he is the one who gave Craig a call. He asked Craig to give him the five fox puppies because he knew exactly what to do in order to return them to their momma.

First off, Martin needed to figure out how to get the fox momma to take her puppies back. This was going to prove to be a difficult task because they didn’t have their scent anymore since Craig washed and cared for them for 24 hours.

Fortunately, Martin has lots of experience saving foxes all throughout the UK and he quickly came up with a plan to bring the fox puppies back.

Martin placed the five fox puppies in a box and took them back to the place where Craig initially found them. However, the rescue plan is not as simple as this.

The fox rescuer made sure to make the five pups visible so that they momma could see them if she ever came back to search for them. Not just that, but Martin also didn’t feed them any milk.

Even though it might sound heartless not to feed the fox puppies, the reason why Martin did this is to make them cry out for their momma. This was the best way to get her attention.

Luckily, the plan worked and the fox momma heard her puppies crying. She came and picked them out of the box one by one. The fox family was finally reunited.

Let’s hope that the fox momma learned her lesson and that she is not going to leave her puppies alone for such long periods of times. On the bright side of things, Craig and Martin were there to help out when the puppies needed them the most.


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