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Man Posts Photos ‘So Everyone Can See Nightmare’ Inside Wife’s Coffin

Zach Kincaid’s life took a drastic u-turn when he got to know that his wife was killed in a car crash. The culprit named Marcos Forestal was allegedly driving in the wrong lane when he crashed into her.

Zach was grieving badly, and, for an unknown reason, he decided to post photos from the funeral. When he took pictures of his wife’s coffin, everyone couldn’t believe their eyes. What he called ‘the nightmare’ inside his wife’s coffin shocked the whole world! 

Zach and Krystil had been married for 12 years and had three children together. Zach also had a stepdaughter who used to live away from them. 

Zach and Krystil had formed a perfect family and were living the lives they had always dreamt of. They both were hard-working individuals and loved each other to death. Their dreamy life soon turned into an absolute nightmare.

September 9, 2018 was a rather normal day in their lives. Zach had to go out of the city for some work-related stuff and Krystil was returning home early from work. This is when Marcos Forestal, 28, struck Krystil’s minivan in Hemet, California at 8.30pm. 

Bystanders and other witnesses reported that Forestal was at least doing 85 mph and that too, down the wrong lane! The collision was head-on with almost no chance of survival for Krystil.

After fighting death for a couple of hours in the hospital, Krystil’s life came to an unfortunate end. Zach came down to their place and arranged a funeral.

 Shortly after everyone assembled, Zach took his phone out, opened the coffin’s lid and clicked some photographs. To everyone’s surprise, Zach posted the same set of pictures on his social media the very same day. But why would he do something like that?

The pictures posted by Zach soon went viral and everyone was talking about what was inside the coffin. In one picture, Zach’s son can also be seen staring inside the coffin. 

When people looked closely, they found out that Krystil was holding something in her hand. What was it? What could be of so much importance that Zach let Krystil carry it in her hand to the gates of heaven?

What is even more disastrous is the fact that Zach had been on the phone with Krystil. In an exclusive interview given to Daily Mail, he had this to say – ‘We were talking, and then I just heard her scream. 

That scream only probably lasted about two seconds, but it replays in my mind very, very slowly. Then, I heard the loudest crash. It sounded like the car was tumbling after that, but it didn’t.’

Even while recalling the whole instance, Zach couldn’t help but break down into tears. ‘And then there was just silence. I didn’t hear her whimper. The silence was terrifying. The silence lasted for a while.’ He added. 

After this silence, Zach could hear people rushing to the car, trying to open the door. At that time, Krystil was still breathing but an impending doom was hanging over Zach’s head.

Zach was out of town because of work at that time. ‘I was stuck 450 miles away from her on the other side of the phone.’ He recalled. When he called the fire department, he learned that Krystil was still alive. 

Unfortunately, Kincaid couldn’t get a flight home that night. He just wanted to be there with his wife but fate had other nasty things planned for him.

The next day, Zach took the first flight he could, to come home. When he reached the hospital, he found out that Krystil had failed her first neurological test. 

The doctors told him that the only thing left that was working was her heart. Soon, she perished. Zach had to break down this news to the three children and his stepdaughter – who lives in Minnesota – that their mother was gone. 

Just after having this devastating conversation, Zach received a link from someone. When he opened it, Zach found out that Forestal had live-streamed the crash that killed her. ‘I was watching him try and put the blame on my wife and not take responsibility,’ he said. 

‘And in the background, I saw my wife’s car on fire.’ ‘I just couldn’t believe it. He didn’t even have enough humanity to go over there and try to open the door. Hold her head up, so she could breathe. Try to put out the fire.’ He added.

Zach Kincaid was experiencing fury and rage like never before. If he could, he would have erased Forestal’s existence from the face of this earth. 

To make matters even worse, Zach found out that Forestal was only charged with one count of gross vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated. Even if he was convicted, he would face a maximum of 10 years in prison. 

But the main question remains the same – what was inside the coffin apart from Krystil’s body? As it turned out, it was their unborn daughter! Actually, Krystil was 8-months pregnant when the crash happened and was planning to go on maternity leave four days later. 

‘I didn’t even see what my daughter looked like until September 26 – during the funeral. That was the first time I saw her or held her.’ Zach recalled.

Zach and Krystil were almost there to have their fourth child together. ‘Full head of hair and chubby cheeks and chubby thighs. How she is beautiful and perfect.

 And then they told me that she couldn’t make it either.” Zach said in the interview. His watery eyes were clearly visible to the camera.

‘This guy’s driving like a maniac In the wrong lane and hit my wife on the other side of it head on. He didn’t try to break. He didn’t try to swerve. He just hit her. 

I just have this gut feeling that he’s just going to be out drinking and partying, feeling sorry for himself in no time. And that’s just not acceptable. It’s disgusting.’ Zach was enraged while recalling this in the interview.

He had even more things to say about his wife and daughter’s unfortunate death. ‘They’re basically sending a message to my kids and me that my wife is just disposable. 

And that my daughter is just a clump of cells,’ he added. And that stands true to some extent. Forestal receive only 10 years of imprisonment and he is practically responsible for destroying a complete family.

This is the reason why Kincaid has since begun a Change.org petition, hoping he can help enact harsher punishments for driving drunk. Definitely, it’s a step for the better.

There needs to be a deterrent,’ he said. ‘These people get off with a slap on the wrist and probation. We need to make it so that people don’t want to risk getting in the car drunk.’ 

Needless to say, there’s not even a single day that goes by that Kincaid doesn’t think of Krystil. He also thinks about picking up the phone and talking to her, or wondering when she’ll come down the stairs.

 ‘It’s all the graduations and birthdays and Christmases she’s missing. Not getting to see her smile with me.’ He grieved.

Posting the funeral pictures on Facebook was Zach’s way of ‘not letting anybody look the other way anymore.’ It was to make people realise the seriousness of the situation.

‘It’s a harsh reality and people need to look at it because drunk driving destroys more than just people that are killed in the crash,’ he said. “My family is never coming back and it’s all because some guy was reckless!”

Forestal received such a lenient punishment because of ‘lack of intent.’ But according to Zach, that is completely unacceptable. 

“They say that it’s because of lack of intent. And I find that really funny, that word intent,’ he said. “My family wouldn’t come back and they talk about intent! Where’s responsibility?”

A user named Mar Lena wrote “Look at that beautiful baby being held! She was fully developed and could have lived outside the womb already. 

There were two lives taken! Prayers for that family and the pain this has caused them!!” There were countless other comments that criticised the lenient punishment given to Forestal.

Sara Cagle, another user, had this to say – ‘We need harsher punishments for those that choose to drive while under the influence. 10 years is nothing compared to the lives he wiped out in a matter of seconds.’

However, it was all in the hands of the law and Zach couldn’t do anything about it! He’s now focused on those who are left behind and playing a dual role for all his children!


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