Couple Stumbles On Basement Videotapes, Gets Visit From The Feds

Things Got Ugly

Their new finding left them shaken with terror. That’s when they knew they had gotten too far. What started as a funny anecdote, some sort of gymkhana game to tell their friends about, had quickly turned into a horror story.

But now, it was too late to go back, and they would have to deal with the consequences. That’s when the FBI stepped into the picture.

The Daytons

Mark and Jeanna Dayton are a couple from Ohio who recently went through the scariest moment of their lives.

It all started while they were getting around their new house in the suburbs of Columbus. They had visited the house several times before buying it, and they were convinced that it was the place of their dreams. But they didn’t know about what the house was hiding in its basement.

Rabbit Hole

Over the span of a few weeks, a series of findings kept the couple busy. At first, they were curious and even amused by the mysteries that the house seemed to keep inside and the adventure it seemed to be taking them on.

But as they got closer and closer to the bottom of an eerie rabbit hole, they slowly realized that they had made the biggest mistake of their lives.

It Was All In The Basement

In their prior visits, the couple hadn’t paid much mind to the basement. They just took a quick glance at it after checking out the rest of the rooms upstairs. 

After all, a basement is just a basement, right? It wasn’t like they were going to live or even spend much time down there. At that time, they didn’t know how wrong they were.

Something On The Walls

But soon after they moved in and were all set, Mark decided to take a closer look at the basement, just to check it out and see if they could give it some use. Maybe they could install a home gym in there or something.

And that’s when it all started. When Mark finally had the chance to take an attentive walk around the basement, he noticed that there was something on the walls.


The first thing Mark saw was some enigmatic, undecipherable scribbles on the basement walls. He tried his hardest to tell what their meaning could be, but they didn’t seem to make any sense. For him, at least.

But then, he noticed something else when he looked up. There was something hidden between the basements’ ceiling rafters.

Two Suitcases

Mark found two green and grey, vintage-looking, heavy suitcases. Immediately, Mark called his wife and showed her what he had found.

At first, the couple was dubious about whether they should, or even could, open the suitcases. But soon, excitement took over them. As they found out, the suitcases weren’t locked; but the most puzzling part was what they found inside.

Big Stacks

At first, the suitcases’ content looked like nothing more than bundles of wax paper. But after they started unraveling it, they found that behind the paper were big stacks of money.

The bills seemed to be from decades ago. They also found an old newspaper that let them know when that suitcase had been placed between the rafters.

When Was It From?

The newspaper was dated March 25, 1951. Now the couple felt excited. Who did that money belong to? Could they try to track him down? Did they really want to give it back, or would they keep it? Or maybe just a little finders’ fee?

It all felt like a game to them. But shortly after, they made other discoveries that made things turn much more grim and serious.

A Secret Door

The Daytons spotted a secret door in the basement! It was locked, and they had to call a locksmith to open it. The thrill and excitement made them shiver when they first walked through the door to see what was behind it.

The couple noticed that there were soundproofing tarps on the ceiling, walls, and floors. Clearly, whoever lived in that house before didn’t want people to know what he was up to. At that point, they started feeling a bit scared. They soon found something else that creeped the heck out of them.

A Safe

There was a black safe inside the room. After they managed to open it with the locksmith’s help, the first thing they saw was a note that said: “SAVE YOURSELF”.

Now things were starting to get really creepy. But that wasn’t the end of it. The real deal, the thing that would make the FBI step into the picture, was hidden behind the disturbing note.


There were dozens of videotapes hidden in the safe. And that wasn’t the most puzzling part: right after opening the safe, another hand-written note on its walls said: “DO NOT”.

Now the Daytons were scared for real. It seemed like they had stumbled on something more serious than they could have ever imagined. So after thinking for a while, they made a decision.

They Watched Them

At first, it all seemed like nothing more than the savings of the former house’s owner. But now, it seemed like they had the remains or traces of some sort of criminal activity that had gone on in their house decades ago. 

The Daytons decided to call the authorities and tell them what they had found in their house. But before that, they watched one of the old videotapes. They just couldn’t resist their curiosity. But they would regret this later on.

FBI Steps In

Immediately after the Daytons told the police what they had seen on the tapes, along with all the details about the soundproof room and the stacks of cash, the FBI got involved.

One day, a set of agents knocked on the Daytons’ door, asked them some questions, and took all the evidence away. Now it was time for a real investigation on the matter to start.


However, the Daytons refused to talk to the media about what they saw on the tapes. Probably, it will remain a secret until the FBI is done with the investigation.

All we know is that shortly after this incident, the couple moved out of the house. What could have creeped them out to that extent? What did they see on the videotapes? What had happened in that house years ago?