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Man Loses Service Dog While Camping, Four Weeks Later They Are Reunited

Even though most people see dogs as pets that we keep around the house, there’s much more to them than that. There are special service dogs that have been trained to help their owners deal with emotional stress and Shelby is one of them. Shelby has been helping a man by the name of Justin deal with his friend’s death and even managed to bring a smile to Justin’s face. Unfortunately, Shelby got lost during a camping trip and this broke Justin’s heart.

You better buckle up because today we are going to show you a tear-jerking story about how a man lost his best friend, a dog named Shelby, in the woods. However, the man never gave up searching for Shelby and he was able to find her four weeks later!

This is Justin Scott. He is a good man who is always doing everything in his power to help others. This is why he is a trained EMT (Emergency Medical Technician). On the downside of things, the job of an EMT is quite stressful and it can take a toll on anyone’s mind.

Sadly, Justin’s best friend that he had since childhood passed away during a mission. This didn’t just broke the man’s heart, it made him feel like he didn’t have anyone else to count on and things were not looking great from a mental health point of view.

Ever since his best friend passed away, Justin’s big smile was gone. The man could barely keep it together and he needed someone to help him cope with the loss of his best friend. 

Justin always wanted to get a puppy but his girlfriend, Sara, had a better idea. She told Justin that since he wants to get a dog, he might as well get a service dog that is trained to make him feel better and deal with emotional stress.

Justin loved his girlfriend’s idea and without wasting any more time, he adopted Shelby. Shelby is a trained service dog and Justin felt an instant connection with the dog right from the moment he saw her.

Shelby was doing a great job of keeping Justin in good spirits and helping him cope with the loss of his friend. Not just that, but this good doggy also brought joy into the lives of Justin’s girlfriend and children.

After being together for over a year, things took a turn for the worse. Justin and his friends were out camping and unfortunately, Shelby ran away and never made it back.

Justin was in tears. He couldn’t believe that Shelby is not coming back to him. The dog surely got lost and Justin needed to come up with a way to find Shelby in the dense green woods.

Finding Shelby in the big woods was proving to be more difficult than expected. Justin spent three days nonstop running through to the forest but to no avail. As you can probably imagine, he was sad about this and he couldn’t simply leave the woods and go back home.

Justin and Sara needed to go back to their homes because their work schedule was starting. However, Sara knew that she couldn’t leave Shelby in the woods alone and she came up with a great idea. She decided to call a special organization called A Way Home For Animals.

The organization called A Way Home For Animals is run by a woman named Babs Fry. Babs Fry specializes in finding lost animals and bringing them home to their owners. The woman started placing traps all over the woods hoping that Shelby would show up.

The mission was proving to be much more difficult than anticipated at first. Instead of luring in Shelby, the traps brought a bear which can be seen in the picture featured above. However, Babs Fry was not ready to give up yet.

Four weeks passed and Babs Fry was finally able to find Shelby. She never gave up and she knew that Justin was going to be thrilled to hear that his dog best friend is safe and coming home.

Justin couldn’t believe that Shelby was finally found when he received the call from Babs Fry, but he was super excited to finally get back with his service dog. He couldn’t wait any longer and asked Babs Fry if she could drive Shelby to his house.

As we can clearly see in this picture, Justin was moved to tears when he got to hold Shelby in his arms. They have been separated for a total of four weeks but now, they were finally together.

Justin’s big smile was back! Service dogs mean so much to their owners who are going through hard times and Justin’s story is the perfect example of that.

As Justin was holding Shelby in his arms, he promised that he was never going to let her get lost again. Justin doesn’t want to go one day without Shelby by his side.

We have to give props to Babs Fry from the A Way Home For Animals organization. She never gave up on Shelby, even though she had to get close to a huge bear!

We are glad to let everyone know that our story has a happy ending. Justin and Shelby are back together and the man is feeling happier than ever.


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