Man Learns Why He Can’t Breathe During Nights, His Cat Helps Solve The Mystery

Having a good night’s sleep is key to a successful day, but some people have breathing problems, and this is what Lomphonten Lomphontan from Thailand thought too. Until he placed a hidden camera to see what’s keeping him from breathing during the night.

When he reviewed the video, he couldn’t believe his eyes! Lomphonten definitely didn’t suffer from sleep apnea. His cat sort of helped him realize that…

Sleep Apnea?

The man from Thailand had thought for a while that he was suffering from sleep apnea. This condition causes shallow breathing or even pauses in breathing.

But the condition was more likely to happen to overweight people that had obstructed airways. Meanwhile, this man was skinny and very confused!

A Cat Owner

Lomphonten is a loving cat owner, who loves spending hours with his beloved cat Achi. They love cuddling and napping together.

Well, we can all agree cats love sleeping literally everywhere, in the weirdest places ever, especially on your laptop or in cardboard boxes. But this time, Achi would be caught off guard…

He Loves Achi

Just by looking at his photos on social media, you can see how much Lomphonten loves Achi. It’s difficult not to love this cat, though!

Achi is a very loving cat that enjoys snuggle sessions and sometimes frowning at the camera. He’s got quite a lot of fans too, but his fame rose after the video shots got viral.

A Cute Cat

Achi is definitely a very cute and loving cat. He likes hanging around with his favorite human. But what he lives even more is the naps!

The cat follows Lomphonten around the house and if his owner stretches on the bed, he’s always there for a cuddle and a nap. But during the nights, he takes this love a bit further…

A Viral Story

Lomphonten’s story got viral after a Twitter user shared a few photos of a man who had trouble breathing at night.

The tweet blew up online and gathered over 300,000 likes! Why was it so popular? Well, Achi was quite a snuggly kind of cat. You’ll soon understand what we mean by snuggly.

Hidden Cameras

It’s fun to spy on your beloved pets from afar and see what they are doing while you are not at home.

But when Lomphonten set up a camera to film himself sleeping, he soon realized what his sleeping problem was.

A Good Night’s Sleep

If you’re a cat or a dog owner, there are some tricks you could use to make your pets sleep soundly during the night.

Make sure you’ve played with them before bed time, and that they had their evening meal. They would fall asleep so fast since they’re tired and have their tummies full. But Achi had no issues with sleeping.

Cats Are Nocturnal

As you may have heard, cats are nocturnal beings. Housecats are the descendants of the African wildcat, which is mostly nocturnal.

However, since they have been domesticated, they changed their habits and now are more diurnal, although they do tend to wake up a few times during the night and play around.

Achi Was Sleeping

After setting up the camera to see what interrupted his sleep, Lomphonten fell asleep, cuddling Achi, as usual.

The night begins and Achi is watching his owner sleeping. He even pawed him to see if he was indeed sleeping. Then, the cat gets comfortable!

The Next Morning

After the first night, Lomphonten checked out the footage and he couldn’t believe his eyes! His cat Achi really loved sleeping with him.

However, he took this love to a whole new level. Check out the cat’s display of love in the next hilarious photos…

He Was Speechless

In an interview with the Dodo, Lomphonten recalled that he “sat and watched [the footage] one night. It was very funny.”

Achi was looking directly into the camera as he comfortably sat on his owner’s chest. Then, he decides to take it to the next level.

You Need a Hug

Achi decides to snuggle his owner’s face, so he gets closer and puts his paws on Lomphonten’s face. But what he does next is even more extreme.

Now we understand why Lomphonten thought he had a breathing problem. Just look at Achi being that clingy!

He Loves His Owner a Bit Too Much!

This cat is really attached to his favorite human. And by attached, we do mean glued to his owner’s face!

Can you believe this cat sleeps on his owner like that? The breathing problem is no longer a mystery, but what will Lomphonten do now that he found out why he couldn’t properly sleep during the night?

He Loves Achi Even More

"I feel very much in love with him that he loves me like this," Lomphonten said, concluding that this in-your-face snuggle is a “show of love.”

Well now this exactly the definition of suffocating with love! Achi will keep on making himself comfortable on his face, said Lomphonten.

Cuddling Every Night

Achi is indeed a very loving cat since he used to sleep on his human every night. He just plops on Lomphonten’s face and purrs the night away.

We wonder how he didn’t sneeze from that hair or at least needed to scratch his face. That fur must make one itchy…

Twitter Reactions

The Twitter story made other users share their own stories of cats being too close to them during nights.

One shared: “I’ve woken up with my cat nose to nose just staring me dead in the eyes in the middle of the night.”

The Killer Cat

The internet is filled with jokes of cats plotting the murder of the owners, so one joked “Killing me softly with his paws.”

Another Twitter user wrote “that cat seems sweet but believe me, he’s tryin’ to kill you slowly.”

Are You Snoring?

“Looks like your cat may be trying to stop you from snoring,” said another Twitter user.

The world is filled with funny cat stories, but Lomphonten’s video and photos are quite unique, which is why his story got so viral.

Cat Lovers Club

Lomphonten shared these photos in the Thai Facebook group ‘Cat Lovers Club,’ and then his story spread like wildfire.

The moments when Achi snuggles his face are priceless. But here’s what experts recommend if you have a cat that wakes you up in the middle of the night.

You Need a Peaceful Rest

As much as you love your pets, if they tend to interrupt your sleep, it’s best to lock them out of your bedroom.

The recommendation is especially for cat owners. Cats may notice eyes moving under the eyelid during the night and you don’t want to wake up after they had a swat at it, do you? Still…

Pet Owners Disagree

While we all agree the recommendations are well-intended, we’re not going to lock out our furry friends during the night.

We love them too much to know that they’re alone in the rest of the house during the night.

A Funny Story

We can all agree that Achi and Lomphonten’s photos are too funny not to be shared with the world!

Is your cat that needy and snuggly? So far, our cats were a lot more independent than we’d expected, and only gave us hugs whenever they felt like it.

Tummy Rubs

You know what they say about cats and cuddles. Never assume they want to be cuddled unless they come and ask for them.

And you should better know what to stroke and touch. You’re only allowed one or two tummy rubs, then you better expect claw marks on your hands!

Little Devils

Cats are said to be little devils, spoiled balls of fur, but if you learn how to approach them and read the signs, you’ll see they’re perfect.

As cats and dog owners, we know each pet is different, so Achi is definitely a unique cat that loves his human a bit too much.

The Good News

Looking on the bright side of things, Achi never uses any space on the bed since it sits on his owner!

Meanwhile, our huge dog takes nearly half of the bed and steals our pillow, on which she drools a bit. So, yeah…