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Man Kept Finding His Food Missing, Sets Up A Hidden Camera And Sees A Strange Woman

When Joe Cummings started noticing that his food was missing from his fridge, he thought he was going insane. He lived alone, so no one else could’ve eaten his groceries. 

But then, his friend suggested installing a security camera to ensure no one was sneaking into his apartment. And what he discovered in the footage shocked him to the core…

Joe thought that his neighbor might be sneaking inside his house while he was at work, so he decided to install a few security cameras around the house. 

He knew his neighbor was strange but was he capable of something like this? 

After Joe falls asleep, something starts moving in the kitchen. An unknown woman can be seen crawling out of the air went and making her way to the kitchen. 

If you think this picture is creepy, then you aren’t prepared for what’s coming next!

We can only imagine how scared he must’ve been when he saw this footage the following day. 

Let’s see what she does next…

The woman then opened Joe’s fridge and started drinking his orange juice. Meanwhile, Joe was sleeping in his room, not suspecting anything. 

The next morning, Joe woke up early to go on a morning run. As soon as the woman heard him walk, she hid behind the sofa. But was it too late?

Joe didn’t know that there was someone in his kitchen, so he opened the fridge and took a sip of the same orange juice that the woman was drinking from earlier.

Let’s see what the stranger does next. 

It looks like the woman was still hungry because she started going through the kitchen drawers when Joe left the house. 

The next photo will leave you speechless…

After eating some of his snacks and drinking orange juice, the woman climbed on the table and headed over to the air vent. 

But this wasn’t even that scary compared to what happened after.

The next day, Joe woke up early again. He went to check the security cameras to find out who had been taking his food. 

You can only imagine how scared he was when he saw the footage…

Joe felt sick to his stomach when he found out he had been drinking from the same bottle of orange juice as the homeless woman. 

“I have no idea how she got in there. The only way in is through the window as I am on the top floor, and there is a fire escape,” he wrote on YouTube. 

Joe was horrified and immediately called the police. He didn’t want to deal with the woman on his own, fearing she might be dangerous. 

But would the authorities take him seriously?

The police rushed to his house because they realized that Joe’s life might be in danger. They didn’t know what else the woman was capable of doing. 

“Supposedly, this isn’t the first time the cops had come across something like this,” Joe said. 

The authorities arrested her right away and brought her to the police station. 

The woman surrendered, and the authorities cuffed her immediately. In 2009, Joe uploaded the footage on YouTube, and it racked up over 14 million hits! People were disgusted with her behavior. ”This is why you keep a dog,” wrote one user. 

The authorities believe that she initially wanted to rob Joe but then decided to live in his attic instead and eat his food. 

She didn’t know that he had installed several hidden cameras around the house. So how is Joe doing today?

While Joe is still traumatized by the footage he had seen, he is feeling much better now. His house is clean and no one is taking his food anymore. 

He decided to seal his air vent off just in case someone decides to sneak inside again. 


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