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Man Hatches An Egg That He Bought From The Supermarket

Do you know that the eggs we can buy from supermarkets can be hatched? This might sound like a myth at first, but believe me, it’s true! In fact, a YouTube named Josh Pieters wanted to do an experiment on his channel in order to see if he can hatch an egg purchased from the supermarket and to his surprise, the egg hatched in only a couple of days.

Nowadays, everyone buys their eggs from the supermarket because they are affordable and easy to find. However, this doesn’t mean that there is no way for the eggs to hatch. All you need is the egg itself and an incubator.

This is Josh Pieters. He is a YouTuber who loves to create unique content that sets him apart from all the other millions of YouTubers. What Josh likes the most is to do experiments on his channel and to present them to his viewers.

The video kicks off with Josh looking at the camera and letting everyone know that he wants to start a new experiment. He wants to see if the eggs we can buy from the supermarket can be hatched.

Josh bought a dozen of eggs and he also got an incubator. He has everything he needs and the only thing left to do is to place the eggs in the incubator and wait to see what happens next.

The YouTuber is saying at the beginning of the video that he isn’t sure if his experiment is going to be successful. However, he is willing to give it a try anyways and he places the eggs in the incubator.

Josh knows that even though his experiment might not work, he is still going to get lots of viewers. Everyone wants to find out if you can actually hatch an egg that you just got from the supermarket.

A couple of days passed since Josh placed the eggs in the incubator and he sees something rather interesting. One of the eggs has a small crack in the shell. This means that the experiment is working!

Josh and his friend are watching the incubator every second. The YouTuber has his camera out because he wants to make sure to record the moment when one of the eggs hatches.

As Josh and his friend were joking around, they hear a strange noise coming from the incubator. One of the eggs hatched and a small quill came out! Josh couldn’t believe what he was seeing.

Josh and his friends were amazed. They weren’t sure if the experiment was going to work and from the looks of it, the experiment was a success.

The YouTuber and his friends were happy that their experiment was a success. They actually managed to hatch an egg that they bought from the market. The question that remains is what’s next? What do they do now with the baby quill?

Josh knew that he couldn’t keep the baby quill around forever but he at least needed to make sure that it’s healthy. Fortunately, the quill was eating everything and it wasn’t scared of Josh or his friends.

Josh wanted to make sure that the baby quill feels welcomed and he built it a small home with napkins. He even placed some colorful marble balls so that the quill’s new home looks welcoming.

The most amazing thing about the experiment performed by Josh and his friends is the fact that the baby quill seemed to be happy. The small bird was eating everything and it loved nothing more than to run around Josh’s house.

With every day that passed, the baby quill was growing bigger and stronger. Its feathers were starting to grow and Josh knew that he needed to start searching for a home that would adopt the baby quill.

The baby quill was yellow and it looked adorable! However, this is not a house pet and Josh started calling all local farms and asking them for help.

Another cool thing about this baby quill is that it didn’t shy away from the camera. Although, this shouldn’t come as a surprise since Josh has been filming the baby quill ever since it was born.

Three days passed since the baby quill was with Josh and the YouTuber finally found a local farm that was willing to adopt the small bird. 

Josh says that even though parting ways with the baby quill wasn’t easy, he knew that he had to do it. He couldn’t keep the quill around his home once it grew bigger and not only because his house is small, but because quills need to live outside in order to be happy.

Josh’s experiment was a success and there is no doubt about that. Nonetheless, did you ever expect the YouTuber to hatch an egg that was purchased from the supermarket?


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