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Man Goes Into Mountains Every Day, 30 Years Later Villagers Realize Why

For Loungi Bhuiyan, life had always been quite difficult. He had to plan almost a week in advance. Why? Because every morning Loungi had to walk 10kms up and down only to get drinking water.  Yes, that was Loungi Bhuiyan’s story until one fine day, the man decided it was enough! 

One chilly morning, Loungi packed his stuff and left on an impossible quest. Since that day, he daily traveled hundreds of kilometers to the mountains. When the villagers got to know the reason behind this manic quest, they were shocked. But Loungi remained sure it was the right thing to do, even though the whole society was against him. 

Loungi Bhuiyan lived in Kolithwa village. It was in a drought-prone area, and it was extremely hard for the villagers to get water. That’s why many of them were migrating to the cities in search of jobs and money.

Loungi was against the idea of leaving his village. He believed one by one, everyone would migrate, and this will leave the village secluded. This pained Loungi Bhuiyan, and he was willing to change that situation. Would one man be able to handle that kind of task?

In his lone quest, Loungi asked other villagers to help him, but all he got from them was a no. After a few days when the villagers realized Loungi was serious, they even went ahead and started criticizing and mocking him.

They nicknamed him ‘mad men’ for trying to finish a herculean and utterly impossible task all by himself. However, this did not deter Loungi from his resolve and he began the impossible – something that would cost him his youth!

It was not only the villagers who called him crazy but also his wife Ramrati Devi. She kept complaining that because of his impossible dream he is not giving enough attention to his children and home. 

To stop him from pursuing this dream she even tried to deny him food sometimes. But still, Loungi did not give up and continued going to the mountains every day! It was only 30 years later, that the villagers finally realized the reason behind this!

It was very shocking that a village of nearly 750 people had been living without water and still the government was not aware of it. When communicated the same, they failed to take appropriate action.

Such is the plight of many Dalits in India. Often referred to as ‘untouchables’ they fall at the bottom of India’s complex caste system and face intense marginalization and discrimination. But was this fair?

Loungi made his peace with the ignorance from the side of the government and administration. He did not have access to heavy machinery and advanced tools to materialize his dream. 

All he had was rudimentary tools and a strong will and determination to do what he set out to. For three years, Loungi headed out every day to the hills. He faced mocks, disgust and determination … but he never took a step back!

Loungi took one more shot at inviting the locals to help him with this arduous yet mysterious task. But just like before they ridiculed him and denied helping him. 

At the same time, they went around complaining about the absence of water but were not ready to work to solve their problem. Finally, Loungi understood the uncooperative attitude of the villagers and continued doing his task alone with determination, discipline, and patience.

Loungi woke up with the sun every day and headed out into the hills. The weather did not stop him. He worked in the scorching heat of the sun and even in the heavy downpour. 

He spent 7-8 hours working every day with this shovel and pickaxe. Due to continuous strenuous work, he developed blisters in his hand but still, he continued with this back-breaking work.

He worked in the mountains for 7-8 hours but even reaching the mountain was a challenge in itself. It was a two-hour uphill climb which Loungi made every day with his tools. 

It took him an additional two hours to climb down and reach his house. After reaching home after the day’s hard work, Loungi still managed to do small chores around the house, like feeding the livestock, sweeping the courtyard, etc. But what was the reason behind all this and why was Loungi doing what he was?

After one year of gruelling, back-breaking work, Loungi was able to achieve something to show the villagers. Because he was digging in the mountains, it was not just soil he was digging but also stones and huge boulders. 

Moving stones took a lot of effort and energy. However, Loungi did not give up and continued working hard. He was confident that the villagers would appreciate what he was doing. But would he be right?

After a lot of hard work and time, finally, the first part of his project was ready. But instead of making Loungi happy, it turned out to be the source of his disappointment. One day strong winds blew and broke the fortifications that he kept in place. 

Everything Loungi had dug up was filled again with soil and broken trees. Loungi had to start the digging process again with his rudimentary tools. Additionally, he also had to think of stronger fortification systems to not face this problem again.

After this accident, Loungi had to suffer one more major setback. The backbreaking work of the past years took its toll on Loungi and he fell ill. Because of the intensity of his illness, Loungi was given 6 months of complete bed rest. 

Loungi could not work during this period, and he was continually worried about the progress that he had made in the hills. What if the fortifications broke again? Seeing Loungi going crazy about their mysterious quest, his wife couldn’t take it anymore. She demanded it was either the truth or the family. Loungi was left with no other option – he had to now let go of his carefully shielded secret.

Since his village had constant water problems, Loungi decided to dig a canal from the mountains. Before Loungi began the digging process, he did a survey of the land and earmarked the canal route. Despite having no formal education, Loungi was able to mark out the canal area perfectly with accurate measurements for length, breadth, and depth. 

After all his calculations he decided to dig a canal that would be four feet wide and three feet deep. This canal would allow 750 residents of Kothilwa village access to water.

As soon as Loungi’s health recovered, he resumed his digging work again. This time his wife was angrier with him and even threatened to leave him and start living with their children, but Loungi did not stop. 

He had constantly rebuked his children for not listening to his wife and compromising his health but still, Loungi continued to go into the mountains every day with daybreak. Loungi was sure one day his hard work would be rewarded.

After three long decades, Loungi finally managed to dig a channel to direct water from the streams to the village pond. The water canal was 3 meters wide and 1.5 meters wide. Moreover, it was 3 kilometers, and it could hold sufficient water for the whole village.

 By the time, Loungi managed to finish the digging work, the village was more deserted than before. However, the few people who remained back, witnessed a true miracle when the canal allowed water to reach the village successfully.

Everyone including Loungi’s family was surprised when he finished the herculean project, he took up independently. Not even once did Loungi complain that he had to do all the work alone and the whole village would benefit from it. 

Once the villagers started enjoying the advantages of the canal, Loungi became a celebrity. He had visitors streaming in and out of his house thanking him for the great work he did. The same people who mocked him three decades earlier were now appreciating his hard work and determination.

One day a journalist named Jai Prakash was visiting the village to cover a story about the road being built in the village. When Jai Prakash was visiting the site and talking to the locals around, Loungi meekly approached Jai Prakash and started a conversation. 

Jai Prakash was instantly intrigued when Loungi told him that it took him 30 years to build the canal. Jai Prakash asked Loungi if he could show him the canal. Loungi agreed enthusiastically and both of them got on Jai Prakash’s motorcycle to go into the mountains.

Jai Prakash was so impressed by the miracle Loungi did that he decided to write a story on him in the newspaper. Loungi’s story was then published in a local newspaper, and this made him immensely famous. 

A lot of other journalists, social workers, environmental activists, and even politicians started coming to meet him in the village. His wife could not believe that her husband is now a local celebrity, for the same work she did not let him do.

During that time Bihar’s water minister was Sanjha Jha. When he came to know about Lounig he was equally surprised and soon took the matters into his own hands. 

The canal Loungi had dug was 3 km long, but it did not come to Kothilwal, Loungi’s village. Sanjay Jha then ordered for the extension of the canal to reach the center of the village for the convenience of all.

It was not just the water minister of Bihar who decided to reward Loungi but many more people. Mankind Pharma, an Indian pharmaceutical company rewarded Loungi with a cheque of 100,000 rupees for the tedious task he finished on his own without any help. 

The family was elated to have received such a huge amount of money. His wife felt more guilty for not being there for Loungi when he needed her the most. It was only after his hard work that the family gained popularity now.

Soon after Loungi’s story was published in the newspaper, he got another surprise. One day, the former Chief Minister of Bihar, Jitan Ram Manjhi also visited the village to thank Loungi. He appreciated his hard work and said more dedicated citizens like him will make India a world-class country.

 He promised Loungi that his hard work would soon be recognized by the president of India. This would not only make Loungi famous but also the village he comes from.

Loungi also got a gift from Anand Mahindra, the chairman of the auto giant Mahindra group. He asked Loungi to come to their showroom in Gaya.

 When Loungi reached there wearing a crisp white Kurta, he was welcomed with garlands and a brand-new tractor decorated with balloons. Upon hearing the news about him, the Mahindra group decided to give him a tractor for Loungi to work on his fields comfortably.

Loungi might have been termed a madman or crazy earlier but with his will and determination, he achieved a true miracle. When Loungi was struggling with digging the canal, it got so bad that his family thought he was possessed. 

They even dragged him to the local village healers to exorcise him. But when Loungi achieved what he did, his family realized how wrong they were.

Soon due to easy water availability, the village began to transform. All those people who had migrated to the cities began returning and engaged themselves in agriculture practices. 

The vegetation in and around the village also began to grow and Loungi’s village was now a green village without the risk of going extinct. It was not only the village that benefited from Loungi’s water canal but also the nearby settlements.

Loungi did not want fame or money, he just wanted to save his village from extinction. He did not hold a grudge against those who made fun of him and mocked him. 

He believed in his hard work and was confident that if he works hard enough, he can achieve everything he wants. Loungi should be a learning lesson for all of us. Change only comes when we actively work to bring it in rather than complaining about it. 


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