Man Took Care Of Grandma Hoping To Inherit Her Fortune, He Only Got A Note

Finally Rich?

When his grandma finally passed away after all those years, he was hit by a sudden wave of satisfaction and relief. Now, all those years spent taking care of the elderly lady would finally bear fruit. He rubbed his hands and fantasized about everything he could do with her fortune.

But when he arrived at her house, all he found was a note. Then, he made a phone call. What he heard from the other side of the line filled him with rage. Little did he know that things were far from over. There was even more waiting for him.

The Story Of Ray

When Ray heard that his wealthy grandma Sally needed someone to take care of her in the autumn of her life, he saw a golden opportunity. 

Ray was a troubled teenager who lived with his mom, Alice, in a flat in one of the most depressed areas in the city. Ever since Ray was born, his grandma Sally had never been too present in his life. There was a reason for that.


To all who knew her, Sally was an admirable woman. Her cheerful character made her loved by everyone in the neighborhood. She always had a kind word for everyone and was always willing to help those close to her with whatever they needed. She was also a strong-willed, intelligent woman who had single-handedly taken care of her deceased husband’s assets after his decease.

But still, Alice couldn’t help but feel an intense animosity towards his mother. Why was that? Maybe she knew a face of her that no one else was aware of?


Sally and Alice didn’t get along too well. They had barely talked to each other for years. Even after hearing that grandma Sally was sick, Alice didn’t want to have anything to do with it. “I have enough on my plate,” she said.

But why was this? What could have tainted the relationship between mother and daughter to such an extent?

Loose Cannon

Ever since she was young, Alice had always been sort of a loose cannon. She didn’t care much about school and was always getting into trouble. And when his father Samuel, a wealthy self-made businessman, passed away, things only got worse.

At 70 years old, Sally had been the only one responsible for handling Samuel’s assets and estate. She knew Alice, who was 20 years old at the time, couldn’t be trusted. Alice always resented her for that. And this was only the beginning.

Ray’s Father

Shortly after, Alice started dating Joey, Ray’s father. Sally never liked the man; he and Alice were like two peas in a pod, and that was the dangerous part. 

He was always in trouble and involved in shady endeavors. Sally could see from a mile away that he wasn’t the right man for her daughter to marry and live happily ever after. As it turned out, she was right: Joey abandoned them months before Ray was born. And that wasn’t all.


You would have thought that Alice would recognize her mistake and get closer to her mother after her man abandoned her. But that wasn’t what happened.

Instead, he blamed Sally for scaring Joey away with her judginess and disapproval of their relationship. She started resenting her mother even more and stopped talking to her, rarely letting her see her grandson. But one day, a few weeks after Joey, they were hit with the news.

She Needed Help

Sally was already 90 years old. Her late husband’s assets were in good hands, as she had relied on a trustworthy team of accountants, lawyers, and investors that made sure the fortune kept growing. 

But the lady’s health was starting to decline. Now, more than ever, she needed someone to take care of her. When Ray heard about this in passing, he saw a golden opportunity.

No Direction

Ray was a high school dropout without any sort of direction or future plans. When he heard that his grandma needed someone to care for her as her health declined, the first thing he thought of was her big fortune.

“Seems like it’s my time to step up and get mine,” he thought. “Just a few years of looking after her, and boom, I’ll be a millionaire.” So he set his plan into motion and called his grandma that same day.

One Thing On His Mind

Within a few days, Ray was living in a spare room in Sally’s mansion. From then on, he started taking care of his grandma’s each and every need. He cooked for her, made sure she was alright and took her medication, and took her to the doctor every time she needed it.

For the whole time, there was only one thing in his mind: soon, his big day would come. His grandma would pass away after a long and complete life, and he would inherit all her fortune. Or that’s what he hoped.

Everything Seemed Swell

In the beginning, it seemed like a mutually beneficial relationship. Even if it wasn’t a completely sincere one on Ray’s part, whose main motivation was Sally’s inheritance, Sally appreciated having someone to look after her. And most importantly, she was grateful to have a chance to rekindle the relationship with his grandson.

“It’s so nice that we can get along, regardless of what happened between your mom and me. Why do you think she doesn’t even talk to me?” she often asked Ray. “She just can’t see how great you are, grandma. But I’m here for you,” Ray said. But things changed after a while.

Years Later

Years passed, and Ray’s access to his grandma’s inheritance didn’t seem to get any closer. Despite struggling with some daily tasks, Sally was still healthy as a rhino. Ray was starting to get tired of living there with her and catering to her every need in exchange for just a bed and a plate of food.

One day, the two had an argument. Sally had run out of a certain type of pills, and Ray needed to go out in the middle of the night and drive several miles to the only pharmacy that would be open in the area. But Ray refused to do this. Instead, he had a fit and stormed out of the house. But after a few minutes, he realized his mistake.

Big Mistake

“What are you doing, Ray?” he asked himself. “Are you really gonna throw all the years you’ve spent by this rich lady’s bed by the window? Are you stupid or what?” Immediately, he ran back to the house.

He entered Sally’s bedroom, ready to apologize profusely. But she just found her body lying in bed. She had passed away. Instantly, Ray noticed something else on her bed.

A Note

It was a handwritten note. It said, “Dear Ray: thank you for taking care of me all these years. As a token of my gratitude, you can get the painting hanging in the living room. All the rest of my assets, including the house, I’m donating to the local church and different charities. Love, Sally”

Ray saw red when she finished reading it. Immediately, she called his grandma’s notary. They confirmed everything Sally said on her note. Ray went down to the living room and stared at the painting in question. It seemed like just a meaningless doodle to him. If only he knew how wrong he was!

Millionaire Overnight

He didn’t expect the painting to be worth more than $20. But when he showed it to one of his friends, he told him it seemed like the work of one of the most famous abstract expressionist painters. Instantly, Ray called an appraiser. As it turned out, the painting was worth 20 million dollars! But now, Ray was faced with a dilemma: would he sell the painting or keep it as a memory of her grandma?

In order to protect the privacy of those depicted, some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed and are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblances to actual events or places or persons, living or dead are entirely coincidental.