Man Decided To File For Divorce After He Took A Closer Look At This Photo!

David had worked so hard to control his jealousy issues but this was too much. His wife was flaunting it in his face. There was no way she could expect him to ignore this massive detail. 

He couldn’t stand it! The rage was boiling through his blood and his hands were shaking as he dialed her number. When Sara answered the phone, David could only yell out one thing, “I want a divorce!”

A Picture Perfect Beginning 

Sara and David Johnson had been married for three years. Their life was almost too good to be true except that David was constantly traveling for work. Sara tried to remain supportive but she was incredibly lonely while he was gone.  

Every time David walked out the door, he couldn’t help but wonder what Sara would do until he returned. Sara stayed busy by giving back to the community and working for multiple charities. Behind her heart of gold, she longed for a life she had left behind. 

A Unique Love Language

Due to David’s schedule, the couple regularly exchanged selfies. Before Sara had married him, she did part-time modeling and also worked at the infamous Playboy mansion. She had been open with David from the beginning, but sometimes he wondered if his wife was happy.

There was no denying she was a beautiful woman. Everywhere the couple went people would stare at David’s wife. When he first met her he thought she was out of his league, but it would turn out Sara needed David more than he realized. 

 A Fairytale Romance

Sara met David when she was walking in a runway fashion show. All evening, Sara had smiled and spoken to several men, but the minute David walked in she felt her heart do a flip flop. 

There was an important issue right away, David arrived with a date! It was his long-term girlfriend, who was called Heather. David had seen the beautiful model on the runway but didn’t think she would ever chat to an average guy like him. David had no idea the impact she would have on the rest of his life. 

The Stars Aligned 

That night would be burned into David’s mind for many reasons. While he was attending the fashion show as a VIP guest, he would also find out his long-term girlfriend Heather was cheating on him. 

David caught her in the act at the fashion show and rushed outside before anyone else found out what had happened. It was then that a voice broke through his sadness and his eyes locked onto Sara’s. Sara wasn’t going to let him get away…..

The Romance Took Over His Life

David didn’t even have time to feel sad about Heather. Sara made sure he spent every minute with her and reminded him constantly how important and special he was to her. David had never heard Heather say these things to him and he realized he was completely smitten with Sara. 

It was a plan that was falling into place. As David lost his heart to Sara, she was thinking about her future. Meeting this man was about to change her entire life around, but would he still support her regardless of her past?

The First Confession

David knew his girlfriend was a model, but he didn’t know exactly what kind. Sara began to approach the conversation with him but was too nervous David would break up with her. It turned out, David had his own fears.

Over dinner one night, David took Sara’s hand and looked deep into her eyes. Sara felt his gaze and realized she would have to come clean about her past. After being burned in the past, Sara had to take a big leap of faith.

A Big Confession

While Sara had already come clean about her past at the Playboy mansion, David didn’t know about the modeling work she was still doing. He couldn’t be in a relationship again when someone was lying to him. 

She cast her eyes downward and confessed to the nude photography. While it felt empowering to her, she knew David wouldn’t approve. They came to a compromise but how long would this happiness last?

It Was A Natural Step

After being on the same page, the couple agreed it was time to move in together. When Sara met David she was living paycheck to paycheck. This would relieve some of her financial burdens, plus they could spend more time together. 

They quickly found a beautiful house in San Fransisco and planned a trip to the Golden Gate Bridge. Sara’s life felt like a dream, and she could not believe she had found a man who loved her and wanted to give her everything she desired. In just one year, she would risk throwing everything away. 

Popping The Question 

David knew that Sara was his soul mate. It was time to get down on one knee and pop the big question. He had her ring specially made by a jeweler in France. Each diamond was chosen with Sara in mind. When she saw the ring, her jaw fell open in surprise. 

Sara had never seen something so beautiful and knew she would wear this ring every day for the rest of her life. The couple excitedly talked about their future and made plans for a lavish ceremony. As David wrapped Sara in a hug, she began to feel trapped...

The Wedding Of The Season

It was a day everyone would remember for years to come. The couple’s beautiful ceremony was attended by family and friends and everyone cried while they spoke their vows and said “I do”.

Their life as a married couple seemed perfect, except for one tiny detail. David was traveling more than before. Her days were beginning to feel boring. Sara was itching for adventure, but would she risk her marriage just for a taste?

David Needed One Thing

David’s only request before moving in with Sara was that she stop doing nude modeling or ever attend a party at the Playboy mansion. She complied at first but started missing the days of feeling empowered wearing just her skin in front of the camera. 

David was traveling so much and Sara could feel herself become desperate for a distraction. One day she received a phone call and it seemed like the perfect opportunity. Sara weighed the pros and cons, but from that day on her marriage was already doomed. 

 It Was A Slippery Slope

While David was away constantly, Sara was able to hide her dirty little secret. Whenever David called she could easily tell him she was with friends or that she was too tired to talk. The problem was that David loved receiving selfies.

He was still in awe of his wife’s beauty and he loved opening his phone and seeing her face. If Sara ever said no to sending David a selfie she knew alarm bells would ring in his head. Everything was going fine until a massive slip-up one night….

A Jet Setting Lifestyle

David had always been traveling ever since he met Sara. She knew exactly what she was signing up for when she accepted his proposal for marriage. At first, it had seemed like something she could manage, but with her little secret life, she began to question where she belonged in David's world.

It was another day when David was leaving and as he kissed his wife goodbye, he could tell something was off. She had been exceptionally vague about her plans while he was out of town and David felt a pit of despair growing in his stomach. 

Fool Me Once, Shame On You

David was determined to figure out why Sara was acting so differently. He didn’t want to constantly feel on edge or try to catch her in a lie. All David really wanted was to trust his wife. As he got into another hotel room, he sent his normal selfie request. 

Sara’s phone vibrated in her hand. She knew it would be from David, but she was feeling exhausted from a long day. To avoid an argument she sent a selfie, but as soon as she clicked send, she realized a grave mistake. 

It Was Too Late

Everything Sara had worked so hard to protect was crumbling in front of her. This was her worse nightmare!!! She knew David would notice the detail Immeaditley and she waited on pins and needles for her husband to call. 

Suddenly, her screen lit up with David’s number. Her hands were shaking as she realized this phone call might end her picture-perfect marriage. At that moment all Sara felt was instant regret over her actions. 

David Noticed Immeaditley 

At first, David was thrilled to see a beautiful selfie from his wife. He still couldn’t believe that this model loved him and wanted to spend her life as his wife. As he stared at her face and wished she was in the hotel room with him, David noticed one strange detail. 

He tried not to panic but all of his trust issues immediately came running back. There must be a reasonable explanation but right now all he felt was anger. His heart sank to his stomach and he called his wife convinced their marriage was done!

The Truth Comes Out 

When Sara answered the phone, she already knew why David was fuming on the other end. She quickly began to reassure him that it wasn’t what he thought, but that she had been keeping a secret from him.

In the selfie, Sara wasn’t wearing her wedding or engagement ring. It was a massive red flag to David, and he demanded to know where they were. David had heard it all before and demanded the truth. She took a deep breath and finally told him exactly what had been going on. 

One Final Job

Sara had been careless and she had been caught red-handed. She took a deep breath and told David exactly what had happened. As the words came tumbling out David was left speechless. Sara told David that she had begun hosting parties again at the Playboy Mansion.

As per her contract, she couldn’t wear her wedding rings, and she had sent the selfie to him as soon as she got home from work. She knew how David felt about her past but being in the mansion made her feel alive and vibrant that she didn’t regret taking the job. She swore to David that she loved him with all her heart. Could he forgive her? The line went dead and Sara burst into tears.

 Relief And Reassurance

While Sara lay on her bed and cried her eyes out, a few hours later she heard a key in the front door. She screamed when David entered their bedroom. He took her in his arms and immediately forgave her. He could hear how distraught she was on the phone and knew he had to come back that night!

David changed his work schedule and began to spend more time at home, he even accompanied Sara to a famous Playboy party! His wife continued to amaze him every day and neither of them can wait to see what new challenges lay ahead.