Man Catches Monstrous Creature From The Depths Of The Amazon

A journey in the Amazon can be pretty exciting, but also dangerous. However, for those that want to come up close and personal with the dangers in the Amazonian forest and waters, it’s the perfect spot. The Amazon is an incredible ecosystem that is filled with a diverse wildlife and its luxurious forests hide innumerable secrets waiting to be discovered. When a professional fisherman went to try out his luck in catching a huge fish, he did not expect to see at the end of his line a monstrous creature he’d never seen before.

20. A Thrilling Adventure for Fishermen

The Amazon River will not disappoint those looking for a thrilling vacation into the wild. Professional fisherman Steve Townson thought he’d be ready for a close encounter, but he was terrified by the creature he was finally able to catch after a very long chase!

19. Steve Is a Seasoned Angler

Fishing is a hobby many of enjoy - it’s relaxing until the fish bites and then it’s thrilling until you see what you get and take a ton of pictures with your catch! 

While we’ve caught our share of one-inch fish and let them go back into the water, Steve Townson has had his share of big catch. But nothing compared with his adventure in the Amazon river.

18. You Must Be Patient

Fishermen wait a lot, waiting to see if something tugs on their lines. While it might require a lot of patience, the pay-off can be incredible. 

There’s one place where you don’t need to wait a lot of time to catch some fish. But in the Amazon River, there are many other creatures, and they’re not all fish!

17. The Amazon Is a Dangerous Place

The Amazon River is filled with extremely huge snakes, crocodile and even sharks make their way in the shallow water. 

It’s definitely not a river you’d want to swim in, unless you like living on the edge. Then there’s strange accounts of monstrous being lurking in the dark forest...

16. Strange Sightings

There have been some strange sightings in the Amazon, making a lot of people curious about this place. While it indeed houses the most unique creatures on Earth, some things we cannot explain. 

Steve Townson wanted to see for himself how big those fish are and he was up for the challenging task ahead. But he had no idea that he would end up finding something else entirely. 

15. Packing For the Adventure of His Life

When going into the middle of the Amzon River, you’d best be prepared. 

Townson is a world-renowned angler and he’d been looking for huge and dangerous fish around the world, and this time he’d look for a certain creature that hides in the murky waters…

14. Amazon Hides Huge Fish But Not Only That

The Amazon river is filled with different types of fish, some harmless and some extremely dangerous. You wouldn’t want to come face to face with a crocodile either. 

On that particular day, Steve would encounter a catch that would test his skills and if that wasn’t thrilling, then we don’t know what else is!

13. Encountering Piranhas

Steve stopped the boat in the shallow water and knew that this was a spot where only piranhas lived. He was looking for something far more exotic than the dangerous shark-teethed fish. 

They carried on, looking for a much deeper water, where other creatures would be around. For a few hours, it seemed like time was not on Steve’s side…

12. Changing the Trajectory, Steve Spots Something

The angler and his crew headed down the river, as rain began to pour. No matter the weather, they were prepared and set on finding the ultimate catch. 

He sat in front, looking at the water around when he got a strange feeling that one particular area could be the perfect spot!

11. Testing the Shallow Water Paid Off!

Steve was testing the waters and kept throwing the line with some juicy worms, hoping he’d get lucky. 

Sure enough, after only a few tries and some waiting, something bit on his line and began putting up quite a fight! He was 100% that the catch was quite big and very strong.

10. It Was An Angry Fish

Whatever Steve caught in his line, it was pretty angry, making huge waves and struggling not to get to surface. 

Steve needed some help, so a member of his crew jumps into the water, pulling on the slippery creature and trying to bring it to surface. What was that thing?

9. It Put Up A Fight

Although Steve was doing his best to bring the creature to the shoreline, he couldn’t catch the huge fish all by himself. 

So his crew jumped from the boat and tried to wrangle the slippery fish. Steve knew better than jerking the line, as it would have easily snapped because the monstrous catch was too strong. The creature was finally within their grasp, or so they thought!

8. What Was This Creature?

While we can all see that it had scales like a fish, the body was definitely larger and it looked like a massive snake. 

Did Steve ‘fish’ an anaconda? The way he struggled getting it would make it a possibility, but once the angler was able to take it in his arms, he realized what he was looking at…

7. Trying to Hold His Catch

We all know that you’re not going to be able to brag with your catch unless you take a photo with it. Anglers that do it for fame or sport are used to photographing their achievement and then releasing the catch back into the water. 

What was this unique kind of fish? Steve grabs the head of the beast and he’s finally able to reveal what species he is holding.

6. The Largest Freshwater Fish on Earth

Believe it or not, but this fish is the largest freshwater fish in the world! 

It’s called Arapaima and Steve was so lucky to have caught one, because this was on his bucket list and he was now finally holding one after exploring the Amazon River for so much time. He now realized why catching this fish was so tough!

5. They Can Get Up to 10 Feet Long!

This species of fish can grow as long as 10 feet and longer! 

They can get to 400 pounds and that means there are specimens three times longer than what Steve caught - such as the one at #3.

4. The Elusive Arapaima

You can say that for such a huge fish, its elusiveness is baffling! 

Who would have thought that the Amazon is filled with gigantic fish that not even two grown men can carry it?

3. Swimming in the Amazon River?

Can you imagine swimming in the Amazon River and encountering this huge creature? 

No thanks, we’ll stick to our pool and safe beaches! Seeing such a fish around while swimming is quite a nightmare…

2. Photographing His Catch

After taking photos with the amazing kinds of fish he’s caught, Steve released them back in the water. 

It was an experience neither he nor his crew will ever forget and they have the proof - they photographed and filmed the entire journey!

1. An Incredible Experience

We can all agree that some fish are definitely not used to being caught. I mean who in the name of God would struggle to catch such a gigantic catfish? 

They’d not just break their line, but the creature would drag their boat around! Steve is one happy and lucky angler, that’s for sure!