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Man Buys A Baby Crib, Looks Inside And Screams For Help

Gerald and his wife frequently visited yard sales and had purchased many essential items at a reduced price. One day, while visiting a community garage sale, he spotted a baby crib next to other pieces of furniture. 

Although they didn’t need a baby crib, Gerald figured he could turn it into a small chair for their living room. Little did he know how much he was going to regret buying this baby crib. 

Being a handyman, Gerald Kumpula loved attending local yard sales and finding practical items. He never returned home empty-handed. 

Sometimes, he bought things he didn’t need and turned them into useful pieces of furniture or decoration. But one day, he made a big mistake. 

One morning, Gerald spotted an announcement of a garage sale on his street. Together with his wife, they headed to their neighbor Valerie’s house, preparing to buy something new. 

Little did they know what they were getting themselves into. 

On the way to the yard sale, Gerald kept thinking about the possible items he might find that could be useful.

But nothing could’ve prepared him for what he was about to discover. 

Gerald and his wife agreed that they could use another sofa or chair for their living room, as they had a lot of free space there.

But they quickly changed their minds when they saw a brand new baby crib. 

Next to the baby crib were many other children’s items and toys. Gerald and his wife figured that the owner’s kids were already grown up, and that’s why she was selling their things. 

But, soon, they learned this wasn’t the case at all. 

The yard sale was quickly filling up with other potential buyers, and Gerald was faced with a decision about whether or not he should buy the baby crib. 

After thinking it through, he decided to buy it. So he walked over to the house owner and made her an offer. Valerie accepted his offer and helped him place the baby crib in his trunk. But for some reason, she looked very upset. 

Gerald didn’t think much of it and figured she could’ve been stressed because of her yard sale. He thanked her for helping them and drove home. 

While they were driving home, Gerald’s wife told him that she had an interesting conversation with Valerie at the yard sale.

Valerie told her that she organized the yard sale because she wanted to sell her son’s bedroom furniture. 

Her son passed away, and she never got the chance to meet him. What Valerie told her next brought tears to her eyes.

The first eight months of Valerie’s pregnancy went smoothly. She couldn’t wait to become a mom. She and her boyfriend had decorated Noah’s room and bought all the necessary furniture, including a baby crib. 

But during her ninth month of pregnancy, something horrible had happened. 

Just before her due date, Valerie felt like something was wrong with her baby. So she rushed to the hospital and asked to see her doctor immediately. 

The doctor explained that her son’s umbilical cord got pinched, and he could no longer receive the essential nutrients and oxygen. Sadly, there was nothing they could do to help her.

Her child died in her womb, but Valerie couldn’t bring herself to sell his furniture and clothes. So, she kept all of his belongings in his room for over a year. 

One day, she decided it was time to sell her son’s belongings and organized a yard sale. After hearing Valerie’s story, Gerald wanted to return the crib, but it was too late. 

Gerald knew how important the baby crib was to Valerie and that she would regret selling it. So, he decided to return it to her. But first, he wanted to transform it into something that could be put anywhere in her house and honor the memory of her child. 

So, what did he do with the baby crib?

Gerland decided to turn the crib into a bench. That way, Valerie could sit on it and feel her child’s presence. 

Gerald wanted her to know that Noah still exists in her heart and always will. But, when Valerie saw what he had done to the baby crib, she was confused. 

Valerie was speechless when she saw the beautiful bench that Gerald had made for her. 

He reminded her that there are still good people out there who want to help others. Now, she will always feel the presence of her son, thanks to Gerald. 


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