Man Who Built Costly Mosquito Trap Cashes Out

Skeptics Everywhere

Of course they laughed. It was quite ugly after all.

But when you’re dealing with swarms of insects that just won’t leave you alone, people will put up with anything that makes the little fliers go away. So, when he finally found an amazing solution, it was quite satisfying to see everyone beg for his new design. 

Nature Lovers

Tim Jarvis and his family loved living in the countryside. 

The fresh air and open spaces were hard to beat. There were, however, more than a few pesky “neighbors” that plagued everyone to the point of itchy insanity. He was determined to make the winged ones die and the two-legged ones eat their mocking words.

 Searching For Solutions

It started small – various methods he found on the internet. 

The first swarm to tackle were the mosquitoes. Tim tried a few makeshift traps involving a MacGyver-like set up of fans, insect lights, and fine mesh netting. But every rainfall, his kids and wife would end up scratching like maniacs. He had no idea the answer was sitting right in his refrigerator. 

Easy Hack

It was a soda bottle hack that ended up working miracles. 

He hung them around the entire property and watched them fill up with the annoying bloodsuckers. It worked out extra-great because it meant their chickens had extra tasty treats to munch on. The next problem, however, came when he felt a sharp, piercing pain. 

More Problems

Tim yelped out in pain and slapped the back of his neck. 

The little perpetrator was dead, but it was far worse than any mosquito. For anyone who hasn’t lived in nature, the word “horsefly” might not ring any bells. But anyone who’s felt their relentless jaws knows that they are the worst of the worst – leaving behind huge, itchy welts that are so much worse than most other bites. Soda bottles weren’t going to work with these guys.

Sudden Solution

Tim and his family scrambled between the computer and the workshop, trying to figure out a way to stop the new pests. 

It wasn’t until one of them slammed against the window and dropped to the deck, did he finally have the ultimate lightbulb moment. He ran to his table saw and got to work. The materials were going to be way pricier than the other traps, but he didn’t care. The neighbors, however, looked at him like he was crazy.

Bigger Than Expected

This was no small contraption. 

As Tim assembled the pieces, one passing neighbor commented about what a huge eye sore it was – sitting there in the middle of the perfectly manicured lawn. But seeing the massive, swollen bites on his kid’s body made him cringe. He had his own welts, so he knew what special kind of misery they were all feeling. 

Multi-faceted Problem 

There was no one-fix-all solution to the bug issue.

Mosquitos became more active during wet weather. They loved humidity and escaped to the dryness of people’s homes anytime drops started to fall. Horseflies also loved humidity but loved the warmth of the sun as well. More than anything, they loved dark colors – which would be vital to Tim’s new trap.

Putting It Together

The setup involved a large tray lined with garbage bags. Inside was a pool of soapy water. 

It was like many other traps, but the plexiglass in the middle was the real kicker. It was the very thing that would make the entire contraption work. So, during the next rainfall, Tim dragged it out to the middle of the yard then escaped back inside and waited. The next day, he couldn’t believe what he saw.

Hard Work Paying Off

It had worked! 

The idea was the black garbage bags would attract the horseflies, and then they would run into the plexiglass and fall into the water – the key being that Tim had to make sure the glass was always clean and therefore invisible to the flying monsters. The collection that had accumulated over the past hours was astonishing.

People Asking

Just to think, all of those little guys would have been flying free and tormenting his family!  

But the best part was still to come. The neighbors noticed that the trap was doing its job. One of them sheepishly came up to Tim, apologized for his rude comments about the “eye sore” and asked Tim to show him how to make his own.

Sharing It With Everyone

Tim wasn’t going to keep this revelation to himself.

So, he went one step further and uploaded the idea onto the internet. It wasn’t long until the post exploded and people from all over the world (at least the ones that had problems with these kinds of bugs) showered him with praise and thank yous. Here is where Tim had another lightbulb moment.

Going Online

There was clearly a demand – but not everyone was handy.

He rushed to patent the design and refine how it looked. Online sales were now the bread and butter for so many companies, so why not cash in on a small part? The orders came flying in and soon Tim’s workshop became more than a place to putter.

Family Business 

The best part? It got his kids involved in ways he would never imagine. 

They learned more about construction and begged to help him with their new “secret weapon.” They even gave their own “marketing” ideas and experimented making their own traps. And to think, it had all started with a single bug bite. But what would they do with the money? 

Using The Profits

Tim wasn’t charging a lot – just enough to make a fair profit.

The plan was to pay off some bills first. Then, he was going to squirrel away a bunch of it to save for a family vacation. Where? Any place that didn’t have these kinds of bugs!