Love to Eat? Here Are the Best Foodie Destinations for 2021

Love to Eat? Here Are the Best Foodie Destinations for 2021

Foodie vacations are on the rise. These culinary journeys not only transport people to new locations but allow them to experience adventurous eating as well. Nothing beats cultural dishes made by the locals using techniques dating back generations. Here are some of the best locations around the world for food lovers to visit!

1. Blackberry Farm in Walland, Tennessee

Set against the breathtaking view of the Great Smoky Mountains, the Blackberry Farm is for people who like to get their hands dirty versus enjoy a spa treatment. This family-owned establishment allows people to pick their own seasonal ingredients for meals, participate in carriage rides, and have tastings in the award-winning brewery. All the ingredients are sourced locally from either the farm or the surrounding area. The ingredients are taken and served at the James Beard Award restaurant, Farmstead. It’s truly a beautiful place to try the farm-to-table experience.

2. Tokyo, Japan

You haven’t had real sushi until you had it from Japan. Tokyo has some the world’s best and freshest sushi created by masters of the craft. Foodies should also participate in a tea ceremony. These cultural favorites show guests how this delicate drink is prepared, brewed, and the proper manners for drinking it. If you want to try a lot of unique foods in one place, Tukiji Market is full of samples for visitors to try. Don’t forget to take side journeys into the back alleys where so many hole-in-the-wall gems are hidden like some of the best noodle bars. Tokyo is packed to the brim with food adventures to discover.

3. Miami, Florida

Miami is a unique place that is a blend of so many cultures. It’s not hard to find deep Southern cooking like fried chicken, biscuits and gravy, and mac’ and cheese created from scratch. But Miami also has a huge Cuban population as well. The Little Havana Food and Walking Tour is one of the most popular places in the city. There are year-round farmers markets to get fresh produce. Perhaps pick up a key-lime smoothie while laying out on the beach. Miami has so much to try blending cultures and food together.

4. London, England

England gets a really bad rap for it’s food when in fact it’s one of the biggest food capitals of the world. The city is incredibly mixed especially with Indian and Middle Eastern family owned restaurants bringing generations of old dishes to the island nation. The city is also the birthplace of the gastropub. There’s plenty of markets to shop in as well. Don’t forget London is also known for its tea. The Brits take their tea very seriously.

5. New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans is considered by some to be the best food town in America. Blending together so many cultures like Creole, French, the deep South, seafood delights and so much more, there’s so much to discover in this city. It also has a fascinating history with cocktails, being on the forefront of the drink’s scene. If you want to learn some local history, make sure to ask your bartender about the interesting spots around the bar. From high end restaurants to street foods, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

6. Naples, Italy

There are so many places to visit in Italy when it comes to food. The country is full of regions for specific wines. Rome is known for its pasta, the Basilicata region has the best bread, and the seaside town of Pescara features some of the best seafood. But nothing beats pizza from Naples, the birthplace of the modern dish. The Neapolitan pizza is one of the most well-known dishes, but the city also likes to mix it up from fresh veggie dishes to seafood pies. This is a pizza lover’s dream. The world is full of amazing food in beautiful destinations created by fascinating people. It’s time to get out there and find your new favorite meal. Perhaps you’ll have your own adventures along the way.