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Look for these shows to return, but don’t expect them all to make it back!

Every spring, avid TV show audiences ask the same question, will my favorite show get renewed? A lot of people can’t wait to hear some news about their best shows and as soon as there’s any news about it they hop on to see what the decision is.

Here are some TV shows that have either been renewed, cancelled and which one’s futures are secure. Some shows have managed to stay afloat and dodged the axe for now while others haven’t been so lucky. Some are even thriving having more than two seasons being renewed!

Even with the pandemic, The Resident has been renewed for another season, it’s not surprising since it’s such a popular show. Because of difficulties, the next season is three episodes shorter. 

Todd Harthan, an executive producer told of the show told TVLine, “We had all these building blocks – scripts that were written, and some extra shot footage. And now we have this period of time where we can look at those pieces and say, ‘How best do we want to use the things we’re still excited about?'”

According to Deadline, Hawaii Five-O’s tenth season will be its last. After season ten released in October last year, there won’t be even a finale.

As of now, there hasn’t been an official statement from CBS but there are rumours it being cut due to Alex O’Laughlin and Scott Caan leaving, they play the two leading roles on the show. There are also controversial reports of the show paying more money to the white actors and less to their Asian co-stars.

NBC’s This is Us has quickly risen as among the most popular shows the network has to offer. So it’s not surprising when you hear that the show has been renewed, what is surprising is to hear that the show has been renewed for three more seasons. That’s six seasons that are guaranteed.

Season four just ended in March so as of now there’s still no word on when our wait for season five will be over. We’ll just have to keep our eyes and ears open for any news!

With Tom Selleck playing the lead role in Blue Bloods, it’s no wonder it’s been so popular. Its tenth season had fewer episodes due to coronavirus and the 11th season has been confirmed.

With the show being renewed audiences will be happy, but there is no exact date on when the show will come back, the most accurate date we have is as soon as 2021.

In 2018 Manifest made its debut and it was an instant hit. NBC immediately renewed its second season with started 6th January 2020.

Fans are asking whether or not they’ll get another season or not. Unfortunately, nobody knows. NBC will have to announce whether they’ve axed it or not, but if it’s anything like season two, it’ll take a while for them to announce the next one.

The Bachelor has been a long-running series since 2002 with 24 seasons under its belt. The shows last season was criticized for its newest bachelor’s messiness. Rachel Lindsey has told ABC that she’ll leave if they don’t fix their problems in the next season.

If fans are wondering whether or not there will be a 25th season, they’re in luck! The show has been renewed but it has been postponed and filming hasn’t begun. Nobody knows when the next season will debut but it’s been renewed at least.

Whiskey Cavalier didn’t impress audiences all too much, it got mediocre ratings and so it’s no surprise that the show has been canceled. ABC had the call to make and they ultimately didn’t want to invest in a new season.

If you liked Cavalier for the lead stars then all hope isn’t lost. Deadline stated that  Scott Foley and Lauren Cohen are being scouted for other roles for future shows.

CBS’s FBI is doing very well right now. The new season debuted on September 24th but it had fewer episodes. This means that fans are left in the dark as to when they’ll get more of their favorite show.

According to Deadline, season three is in the works. But filming grinded to a halt because of COVID-19. The earliest fans should expect the new season is January, 2021.

Even though The Masked Singer is definitely a weird TV show, it’s been doing well. In February its third season debuted and if they keep it up it will be doing two seasons every year.

With it getting a good reception, fans can expect a fourth season since it’s been renewed. The only setback so far is filming. There’s no news of when the next season will drop but we’ll keep an eye out.

The new Roseanne show, sans Roseanne, has quickly become the No. 1 comedy of the 2018-2019 TV season, with a loyal 9.5 million viewers tuning in each week. Execs are more than happy to continue this train, although filming has been on hold for now.

We know season three is definitely on its way thanks to an interview with Bruce Helford, who stated that season three will “absolutely be dealing with” the coronavirus.

Fans rejoice! Last Man Standing will be returned for its eighth season earlier this year, and it’s already been renewed for a ninth season!

The ninth season will be the third season to air on the FOX network (you know, after ABC canceled it in 2017). All we know about it so far is that COVID-19 will be featured in the storyline. “The world has changed,” showrunner and executive producer Kevin Abbott told TV Guide. “Everything we had planned has gone out the window.”

Season 3 of Ozark dropped back in March 2020, and although it was met with lukewarm reviews, it continues to be everyone’s favorite obsession. 

Word finally broke that Ozark will be concluding with season four. We’ll have a chance to see the story come to an end, which will be tough for the Byrde family. 

Supernatural will be ending with its 15th season on The CW. Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles, and Misha Collins made the announcement in a video message earlier this year. The final season started on October 10th, 2019, but we haven’t seen the end quite yet…

The final seven episodes of the series will air in the fall of 2020 (before the premiere of Padalecki’s Walker, Texas Ranger reboot in January 2021!) Fun Fact: Supernatural is the last-remaining show from when The CW was The WB!

Failure isn’t an option for SEAL Team! The series was renewed for a third season, which began on October 2nd on CBS.

Now, we have news that season four will be coming! It will debut sometime between 2020 and 2021, depending on when filming begins. 

The OG NCIS got renewed for an 18th season pretty quickly (no shocker there, with an average of 16 million viewers per episode). However, due to the coronavirus, season 17 was cut short, and we have no clue when season 18 will be arriving. 

NCIS: Los Angeles was also renewed for a 12th season, and NCIS: New Orleans returned for the seventh season. Networks haven’t released dates for these either, but we expect to know soon. 

God Friended Me had a decent first season, drawing 10 million viewers in the first episode. The series was then renewed for a second season, which began on September 29th.

Unfortunately, it didn’t keep up the steam. The show was canceled and ended with a two-hour series finale on April 26, 2020.

The Good Doctor is currently ABC’s highest-rated series. It’s a show about a talented young surgeon with autism and savant syndrome. Despite widespread criticism of the show’s portrayal of these two conditions, fans remain dedicated to it.

The series was quickly renewed for a fourth season, but fans will have to wait until 2021 for the newest episodes. 

Keeping Up with the Kardashians has been a staple of E! TV for 14 years, but it’s all coming to an end. After 20 seasons, the show is ending with its final season, which will air in early 2021. 

The show helped make the Kardashian family one of the most recognizable families in the world. Season 19 began on September 17th, so season 20 will likely begin around the same time next year. 

The Big Bang Theory’s hit spinoff series, Young Sheldon, has been picked up by CBS for a third AND fourth season.

The third season began in September 2019, and season four will follow suit by premiering in September as well (only 2020). 

The second half of Arrested Development’s fifth season dropped this Spring on Netflix, and the reviews haven’t been too kind.

A sixth season hasn’t been announced, and we don’t have a good feeling about it. Considering it’s taken this long for them to announce either way, we’re guessing it’s probably canceled. 

Are medical dramas making a strong comeback? New Amsterdam definitely shows that they are. 

Not only was the series renewed for a third season, but it was also given solid renewals until 2022-2023. Season three began on January 14th. 

The CW’s hit show Arrow was renewed for an eighth—and final—season.

The final season premiered October 15, 2019 and wrapped up in January 2020.

Ransom’s third season began airing in February, but the show wasn’t meant to be.

A Twitter post announced that CBS was pulling the plug, but the cast loved it while it lasted. 

The Voice just wrapped up its 18th season on NBC! We don’t have any news about season 19 just yet, but considering how juicy 18 is, we can bet on another season.

Although ratings were a bit down this past season, The Voice has become an NBC staple, so I wouldn’t expect it to go anywhere anytime soon!

One Day at a Time is a reimaging of the famed Norman Lear sitcom that ran from 1975 to 1984. This reboot, instead, focuses on a Hispanic family. During its initial three-season run on Netflix, the show received critical acclaim. However, Netflix canceled the series on March 14, 2019.

Then, on June 27, the cable network Pop announced it was picking up the show up for further seasons, officially renewing it. The newest season premiered on April 14th.

Station 19 has Shondaland fans in a tizzy since the Grey’s Anatomy crossover. The third season began on January 23rd.

And fans are in luck! Station 19 has officially been renewed by ABC for a fourth season.

Dancing With the Stars took a break to make room for American Idol last year, and this year they skipped their spring season because of the pandemic.

But the stars are back on the ballroom floor once again! Season 29 premiered September 14 with socially distanced judges, a new host in Tyra Banks, and an audience audio track instead of a live studio audience.

The Neighborhood’s debut in 2018 showed it was a strong contender. CBS decided to give it another shot and renewed the series. Episodes began on September 23rd, but sadly we won’t see the season two finale due to coronavirus.

Writers and directors said they won’t be filming the finale, but season three is coming. We’re not sure when.

Reviews about the 17th season of American Idol may have been mixed, but it returned for an 18th season anyway! Because of the pandemic, they had to finish out the season virtually.

And of course, the American Idol machine isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. The beloved show has been renewed for season 19, although we’re still waiting to hear when it will premiere.


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