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Lioness Captures A Baby Baboon But Does The Last Thing You’d Expect

Two wildlife photographers were on their assignment to capture the beauty of nature. All the cameras were set up just when they observed a group of baboons coming closer. They observed them when suddenly a lioness appeared from the bushes.

It was chaos and screams for help. Although the others managed to escape, the lioness was quick enough to catch this little baboon. What she did next made everyone gasp…

Evan Schiller and Lisa Holsworth were two wildlife photographers working in the jungles of Botswana, Africa. They were there to capture the nature at its best. 

Evan and Lisa had been in this field for as long as 7 years and had almost seen every angle of nature. Or maybe that’s what they thought. 

It was a bright day in Africa and Evan and Lisa were all set to start their work. They had set up their high – tech cameras at several places. Evan and Lisa also hid themselves behind the trees and bushes trying to merge with the surrounding. 

As soon as they settled down, a huge group of baboons were spotted coming closer. The photographers got excited as they knew they were about to capture these animals in action. But they had no idea mother nature had planned something totally different for their cameras to catch. 

They carefully observed the baboons getting closer. These monkeys had around 20 members in their group. All of them seemed to be from different age groups. 

They made some screeching sounds as if they were communicating with each other. Things seemed pretty normal until one of them made an alarming noise. 

Hearing this, they all began to climb the trees. Lisa and Evan now knew things were going to get a little messy. Soon, they spotted a lioness step out of her hiding and approached towards them.

The lioness came running towards the baboons attempting to kill some of them. But what she did left Lisa and Evan in shock. 

The photographers held their breath as they watched the lioness swiftly run after the baboons. Scared baboons ran for their lives except for that one unfortunate female. 

She somehow couldn’t run as fast as her mates but tried all in her power to save herself. The lioness, in no time was face to face with the female baboon and grabbed her by neck. That day, Evan and Lisa witnessed one of the rarest incidents of their entire career! 

If it weren’t for the cameras, it wouldn’t have been possible for all of us to believe this story! As soon as the lioness realised her prey was dead, she dropped it on the ground. 

The smell of the dead baboon’s blood reached her nose. But before she could tear her apart, the situation took an unexpected turn. 

As the lioness was about to begin her feast, she observed that a little baboon was clinging to the female baboon’s belly! Evan and Lisa saw this too. 

“Look there’s a baby clung to the baboon’s belly!” Lisa whispered in excitement. Now they knew this wasn’t going to end soon and surely not in a good way. 

The frightened baby soon opened its eyes and began staring at its dead mother. It then looked at the lioness and knew it was the time to run. 

The baby tried to get up and run towards the nearest tree. It was a big struggle but sadly the small life couldn’t make it. Of course, how could he?

The baby baboon was too weak to escape the paws of a mighty lioness. In no time, she grabbed the baby in her paws. The baby tried its best to save itself but wasn’t successful.

 This became a very emotional situation for the photographers. But they were helpless. They couldn’t do much but stand witness to the chain of life, as we call it!

The photographers were well aware that this story was about to end in pain and agony. Though they would have great pictures of baboons and lioness in action but at what cost? 

Death stood right in front of this little baboon. It seemed extremely terrified as it knew nothing was going to save it today. But that’s when a miracle happened. 

It seemed as if the little baboon knew it was taking the last few breaths. Its tiny heart was racing and so was Evan’s and Lisa’s. The photographer duo almost thought they were about to capture a dreadful sight. 

The lioness lifted one of her paws. Seeing this, Lisa exclaimed, “Oh no! She is going to kill the baby!” But that’s when things took an astonishing turn!

Instead of tearing the little baboon apart, the lioness began to sniff it! It seemed as if she felt guilty for killing the poor baby’s mother. 

The lioness soon began to play with the baby baboon! This could be a sigh of relief but that wasn’t the case with the photographers. They were worried about something that might happen soon.

The photographers were worried that the lioness was merely playing with her prey. Within a few moments, even the baby would be put to death just like its mother. 

They knew this friendly gesture was soon going to end in a puddle of blood. But to everyone’s surprise, the lioness acted in a completely different manner! 

The lioness picked up the baby in her jaws as if it was one of her cubs. She was extremely gentle. Lisa and Evans were left surprised. The lioness carefully carried this baby to a safer place as any mother would do. It seemed as though her maternal instincts were at play. 

The baby baboon was soon assured that it was safe. It calmly sat between the paws of its new mother. The lioness in turn took care of the baby and protected it from other predators. This went on for sometime until the situation intervened. 

The photographers watched this entire scene. But there was one more spectator – the baby’s father. He had been watching this entire incident from over a tree nearby. The father saw how the lioness took his baby but was helpless. 

He was waiting for the perfect moment to save the baby baboon. As the lioness got distracted, he quickly jumped off the tree, grabbed the baby and climbed up. The baby was now completely safe with its own father. 

The father baboon tried to snatch away his baby from the lioness and she didn’t even try to stop him. Evan and Lisa took a sigh of relief as they were assured that the baby was completely safe in the arms of its own father. 

It appeared as if she knew that it wasn’t her own child and it belonged to its father. The lioness sat patiently under the tree watching their little runion. 

Baby baboon soon joined its father and they jumped off to another tree. The lioness watched them and raised her paw while roaring a little as if waving them goodbye. 

Lisa and Evan were left emotional at this sight. They soon stopped recording and sat at their hideouts appreciating the humble behavior of a mighty lioness. 

This was the most touching scene ever recorded by any wildlife photographer. It can be said that the baby baboon was definitely born in a lucky hour. 

After all, the baby came out of a lioness’s claws – unharmed! Just think about the chances of something like this happening! Well, that little baby monkey surely had fate on its side that day. 

Lisa and Evan soon came to their team and narrated the entire incident showing them the videos and photos. Everyone felt happy for the little baboon and appreciated the lioness’s kindness.

 The wild can be full of such surprising events, things we can hardly imagine. Only someone needs to capture them at the right moment. 


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