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Life-Changing Hacks You Didn’t Know A Tub of Vaseline Could Do

You ever ran out of lip gloss? Perhaps a shoeshine? Or maybe you wanted to remove the scratches from your phone? Worry no more! Because instead of buying tons of products, you will only need this one item that had been (probably) lying around your shelves for years. Now it’s time to grab your Vaseline and get ready for some life-changing hacks!

A woman needs to have her lip gloss all the time. And every one of us had experienced what it’s like to run out of it. Especially if you’re already getting ready for a party, and you just realized you forgot to restock your lip gloss. But don’t sweat! Because if you have your Vaseline and a Kool-Aid from your kitchen, then you’re saved.

You only need to mix the Kool-Aid powder with Vaseline. Stir using a fork or stick until you’ll see the colors blend into your ideal shade! Some people preferred adding a few drops of water for watery texture. However, the quality of Vaseline itself is already lip gloss-like. But either way, you’re guaranteed to get lip-smacking results!

If you think Vaseline can only be used in your skin, then you’re wrong! Because it can also be essential material for refurnishing your wood. The Vaseline prevents the paint from smearing on the unwanted parts of the wood. You can use the jelly to paint flawlessly and make it look neat. And if you’re feeling artistic, then you can use the Vaseline for patterns and distressed paint look.

Nobody likes a dry foot. But there’s always a remedy that can be found next to you, and it’s none other than your Vaseline! The jelly soothes and moisturizes the cracks in your foot. It also tackles dry skin patches and bringing it back into healthy-looking, hydrated skin. But it doesn’t just stop there! Because the Vaseline protects your skin from dry winds and raging sun. Just always make sure that you apply it before you sleep and wear socks right after so you don’t wipe the jelly off to your sheets.

Got pants that you couldn’t wear anymore because of the broken zippers? Here’s some good news! You can fix those zippers in an instant with a Vaseline! If you spread the jelly on the stuck area, it will slip the friction between the metal teeth. Then you can now adjust back to its original position.

There’s no such product that can be versatile as Vaseline. Because some people are even using it as an alternative to mascara! Yep, you read it right. The jelly can hold your eyelashes and moisturize them at the same time. But if you don’t have the mascara brush, then you can just use a toothbrush to apply the Vaseline to your lashes. So say goodbye to your dry peak mascara tubes!

No matter how much you put a protective case on your phone, scratches will always mysteriously appear. Not to mention the cracks from your screen that hinders your view and causes a glare – it can be really annoying! That’s why Vaseline is our saving grace. With just a tiny amount of your Vaseline, it can reduce the glare from the scratches. Because the jelly will fill the gaps between the cracks, and your screen will appear suave again!

Getting rid of your blackheads will cause you a fortune. It’s either you’ll get a facial, or you’ll purchase tons of skincare products that are not even guaranteed will suit your skin. But what if I tell you that there’s a priceless trick?

All you need is a Vaseline and a plastic wrap! Spread the jelly around your face then place a plastic wrap on top of it. But don’t worry about the Vaseline clogging your pores! Because Vaseline proved to be non-comedogenic, which means that it wouldn’t cause clogged pores, acne, and breakouts. So after wrapping your face, squeeze the dirt out from your skin, and the substance of the Vaseline will smoothly exfoliate the dirt from your pores.

They said that a pair of leather is a great investment. However, all things worn out over time and leathers get scuffs. If you saw your leather tearing up, you’ll probably assume that it’s time for you to get a new pair. Well, these are things we cannot avoid, but it doesn’t mean there’s no remedy! Because you can still save your high-priced leather without spending a penny.

Grab your hopeless-looking yet expensive leather and a tub of Vaseline. Scoop a generous amount of the jelly then apply it to the areas of leather that torned. Once you saturated with Vaseline, you’ll notice how polished your leather will look as if it’s brand-new again!

This is the ultimate hack for people who love dyeing their hair! Because we all know how infuriating it can be if the dye smudges on your skin, and it will usually take days before you get it off. Therefore, you cannot flaunt your new hair color right away because of the stains evident in your forehead and neck! Fortunately, there’s a way to save yourself from utter embarrassment.

Before starting your hair dyeing session, make sure you have the Vaseline applied on your skin first! Spread the jelly generously on areas near your scalp, especially your forehead and the back of your neck. This trick will prevent the dye from staining as the Vaseline will protect your skin no matter how strong the henna the color contained.

Just like the hair dye hack, the Vaseline will also work wonders for the paint. So instead of using tapes to prevent the color from spilling on unwanted areas, it’s much easier to apply a Vaseline right on the spot. Another advantage of Vaseline is that it can work on any kind of surface from woods, plastics, to cement! Unlike tape that sometimes wouldn’t stick because of the textures. So congratulations, you just attained the knowledge of painting in perfection!

You probably have been wondering why your cuticle was so rough and sometimes cracks. Well, because you’re not applying Vaseline on it! Since our cuticle area is so sensitive that it can simply dry when not appropriately moisturized. Cuticles tend to flake, peel, or crack, which can be dangerous because exposing the skin beneath your nails will cause severe infection. But lucky for you, Vaseline is here!

Get your nail therapy and massage the Vaseline on your dry cuticles. By applying it every day, you’ll see an instant effect that makes you wonder if it’s your hands or the hands of a baby! But it doesn’t just stop there. Because Vaseline acts as a protection and prevents your nails from drying again. Then you’ll have tender hands and glossier nails, so it’s hitting two birds in one stone. 

There are times when the hole from your ears wouldn’t cooperate with your new earrings. Or maybe it’s been a long time since you wore earrings again that the hole slightly tightens. But don’t fret! Because by just coating the Vaseline on the hook of your earrings, you’ll have no problem in getting through the hole of your ears. Now you can wear whatever jewelry you want!

It’s a bummer when you have a perfume that smells really nice, but it couldn’t last long from your date. And based on the studies, perfumes never survived a long time because of temperature changes. Another fact is your skin moisture level dries the fragrance into almost non-existent. However, after years of finding a solution, we finally found the perfect one – the Vaseline.

You just have to apply the Vaseline on the parts you think you’ll mostly spray your perfume. As a result, the jelly will act as a base and make the fragrance last longer. Since Vaseline on your skin holds better than just spraying the perfume on dry skin. So you don’t have to worry about bringing and re-applying your perfume from time to time!


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