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Kim Kardashian Flaunted Huge Ring Days Before Being Robbed In Paris

Oh, dear. It seems Kim Kardashian’s flashy ways have caught up with her. Just days before being tied up, duct taped and robbed, Kardashian flaunted a huge diamond ring on Instagram. Her caption, of course, was simply three diamond emojis. Apparently it was enough to catch the eye of some serious thieves in Paris. The 35-year-old was jostled from bed by two men who broke into the private apartment the millionaire had rented during Paris Fashion Week. The men took both of her cell phones before tying her up and leaving her in the bath tub as they searched her room for expensive jewels. The thieves were looking for “the ring.” Kim said she heard them speaking French, but could make out the word “ring.” Knowing what they were after, she was able to tell them where it was as she pleaded for her life. The ring in question is reportedly a flawless $5 million Lorraine Schwartz emerald cut diamond ring. At 20 carats, it’s no wonder these thieves targeted Kardashian. In comparison to her $1.3 million 14 carat engagement ring, this thing is a beast. It was reported Kim wore both rings to a September Harper’s Bazaar party— that’s over $6 million in diamond rings on just two fingers. However, the ring is not all they scored during the robbery. They took an estimated total of $9 million worth of jewelry, but it’s not clear yet what else was stolen. Kardashian was unharmed during the attack, expect for being tied and gagged after continuing to cry. Her friend, Simone, was asleep in a downstairs room and heard the commotion. She called Kim’s bodyguard, Pascal, and her sister Kourtney Kardashian to tell them something was wrong. However, her bodyguard arrived at the apartment minutes after the robbers fled. Kim left France Monday morning on a private jet. Both North and Saint West were safe and sound with nannies and security in New York during the robbery. Kardashian’s husband, Kanye West, was performing at a concert in Queens at the time, and immediately left the stage upon hearing the news. Kanye told fans “I’m sorry, there’s a family emergency. I have to stop the show,” as he walked off stage. Kim had been turning heads during her visit to Paris this week as she attended events in outfits that left her nearly nude. The socialite has been stepping out sans bra and underwear in some of her most controversial outfits yet, which effectively drew even more attention than normal. She’s been taking to Instagram and Snapchat to share photos of her luxurious stay in the capital of France as she flaunts fresh-from-the-runway Balmain looks. Kardashian’s outfits alone are worth thousands of dollars, and to add millions worth of jewelry on top of that is almost asking to be robbed. While I don’t condone what happened— nobody deserves to be robbed— it may make Kim rethink flashing her expensive lifestyle to the world.   READ NEXT: 30 Photos That Reveal The Kardashian’s Shocking Transformations  


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