Kids Go On TikTok Treasure Hunt Despite Warning, Find An Old Suitcase With This Inside

Many places like cinemas, restaurants, playgrounds, and schools were closed during the first lockdown in 2020. 

This group of friends was feeling super bored, so they downloaded Tik Tok on their phones and began scrolling away. Then, one day, they came across a strange ad on their feed. 

Three Friends 

Henry, Natalie, and Gabbi were three best friends living in Seattle. They all had Tik Tok on their phones and were regularly posting videos. 

One day, as they scrolled Tik Tok, they saw an ad for an app called Randonautica. 


Randonautica is an app that gives people cryptic instructions on where to go. 

It was designed to create adventures but often ends with a sad outcome. 

A Chilling Destination

One influencer shared that the app once took him to the headstones of his relatives, which creeped him out. 

But what the three friends would discover with the app would be much worse than that. 

The Rules

The users must adhere to the rules: don't go alone, don't go on an adventure at night, and always stay positive.  

Randonautica has warned against the consequences of breaking these rules. 

Trying It Out 

The three friends decided to give Randonautica a try and downloaded it on their phones. 

They set the maximum distance to 6 miles away. It didn't take long for the app to give them the location of their first adventure. Little did they know what they were in for...

On The Way

As Henry, Natalie, and Gabbi got closer to the location, they saw Akai Beach, a coastal town in Seattle. 

They walked past small stores and a supermarket right outside the town. Henry was filming their entire journey for his new Tik Tok video. Soon, they would arrive at their destination. 

A Strange Object

As the group kept walking, they saw an object. They looked at each other and then at the strange item.

"What is this?" Natalie asked. " I have no idea," Henry responded, shrugging his shoulders. 

Something Wasn't Right

“Maybe there’s money inside!?” Henry exclaimed. The three friends were hoping to find a treasure inside. 

But, they quickly realized that something just wasn't right about an old suitcase lying on the shore. 

"Open It!"

Gabbi was the first one to approach the strange suitcase. The other two teenagers stood behind her and encouraged her to open it. 

"Open it!" Henry yelled. 

Opening The Suitcase 

Gabbi found a long stick on the ground and carefully opened the suitcase's lid with it. 

But, as soon as she looked inside, she jumped back. 

A Suitcase 

Once the three friends realized what they were looking at, they dialed 911. The authorities later said that the teenagers were in a complete state of shock when they arrived. 

They found an old block suitcase with wheels. But what was so special about it?

A Garbage Bag

Inside the suitcase was a black garbage bag. 

The terrible stretch soon filled the air, and the three friends began imagining the worst. 

The Police Didn't Come

But the police didn't arrive. The friends didn't feel safe being on the beach by themselves, so they went home. 

The authorities later explained that they didn't show up because they thought it was a prank. So what was inside the bag?


The suitcase was later taken to the Seattle Police Department for an investigation. 

The authorities, however, never revealed what was in the mysterious suitcase.