Kid Triggers Alarm Daily Until Man Realizes Why

He didn't know what he should do. He could talk to the boy's parents, but he wasn't sure they would take him seriously. 

He could put up a "no trespassing" warning, but that felt too aggressive. Little did he know, the solution to the problem was waiting for him at a nearby store, and only going to cost $2. 

Security Camera

As soon as Dave moved into his new home, he bought an expensive security camera for the front of his house. The camera came with all the whistles, bells, and an app that notified him if anyone was on his property. 

He thought he would feel safer in his home. But he was wrong. 

Porch Pirates

Dave had lost a few Amazon packages to thieves before. He thought the security camera would help him catch the porch pirates. However, at the time, he didn't realize the trouble it would bring. 

One evening, he heard a loud "beep," signaling someone was in front of his house. 

A Little Boy

Dave opened the security camera app on his phone, preparing to catch the sneaky thief. But what he saw on the driveway wasn't what he imagined. 

He saw a boy racing around his driveway on his green and blue bike. 

Just The Beginning

The little child accidentally triggered his alarm. Dave breathed a sigh of relief and put his phone away. 

But little did he know, this was just the beginning. 


Every day, Dave would hear the same beep and see the boy and his mother walking along the sidewalk. The woman's hands were busy trying to control the leashes of two big dogs. 

Her son would ride ahead, turn into Dave's driveway, and then do a circle before joining his mother again. Dave was getting annoyed by constant notifications on his phone. But what could he do about it?


Dave needed a creative solution. He didn't want to be one of those evil people that would confront a little child. 

So, he went to a local dollar store, purchased a colorful bucket of chalk, and rushed home with this brand-new purchase. What did he have in mind?

In The Process 

Dave's idea was relatively simple. He didn't want to create any problems with the little boy and his mother. He just needed them to stop triggering the security system. 

He crouched down and grabbed a pink hunk of chalk, and began drawing. 

The Solution

Dave's final result was a winding "racetrack"  complete with entry arrows and "curve warnings."

This way, the boy could still ride along but avoid the points that would set off Dave's security system. But would the boy use it?

It Worked

The next day, Dave saw the boy and his mother again. To his surprise, the child followed the path Dave had drawn for him. 

He then looked at his mother, and she smiled at him. It was the perfect solution to Dave's problem!


Whenever the rain washed the lines away, Dave would draw a new different path. Soon, his driveway became famous in his neighborhood. 

But it wasn't just the little boy who was using his path. 

More Than One

Many other kids who rode past his house saw the opportunity and took it. Dave was happy it had all worked out in the end. 

As he watched his recording, he noticed something else that caught his attention. 

"Thank You"

In one of the recordings, the little boy is seen following the path and giving a little "thank you wave" to the camera.  

Dave couldn't believe what he was watching. 

Adults Too

As he watched the recording, he saw that adults were using it too!

One young mother with a stroller smiled and took the side path, and shortly after, a teenager on a bike did the same thing. 

Everyone's Happy

Then, a few adults decided to tackle the racetrack. Dave's driveway has become a local attraction!

It seems like his simple solution made everyone happy!