9-Year-Old Drawing Leads Cops To Wanted Criminal

Finally Believed!

“Not now!”, Michael as he brought her back towards the couch. “But daddy, I really can help! I know what happened!”, she squeaked. 

If it wasn’t for her perseverance, they would have never believed her. She told the cops everything and then pointed to her drawing and said, “that’s the baddies”. It was all they needed. 

Just Another Saturday 

It was a Saturday afternoon when Michelle Hayes and her husband, Michael were sitting inside awaiting the return of their 9-year-old daughter, Simone. 

She had gone out to play with her neighborhood friends and was expected to arrive home shortly. But that wasn’t the only thing her parents were expecting that day. 

Exciting Purchase

They had ordered two new devices for their home, a big-screen smart tv and a new speaker system. They were state-of-the-art purchases and burnt quite a hole in their pocket. 

But they worked hard for what they had and wanted to indulge themselves by investing in a room they could sit back and relax in. However, their Saturday was about to take a dark turn. 


Just after Simone arrived home, Michelle got an email to let her know that her package had been delivered. But when she asked Simone if anything was at the door, she said no. 

Confused, Michelle went out to confirm her daughter’s response. She called the company and driver who was absolutely certain they dropped it off at her house. This only meant one thing. 

Crime Reported

Michelle and Michael called the cops to notify them of the porch theft that must have taken place. It was the fifth call they had received that day of delivery theft in their neighborhood alone! 

An hour later, the cops knocked at their door to document an official crime report and to try to track the thieves down. But no one saw anything, or so they thought. 

Impossible Case

They had already called to the homes of several other victims close by but just like Michelle and Michael, they couldn’t provide any description of the suspects. 

It was looking like an impossible case until 9-year-old Simone, got up and stepped towards the officers. “I know what happened”, she said. “I can help”. The adults in the room laughed. 

Shut Down

“Not now”, Michael said to Simone as he brought her back towards the couch. “But daddy, I really can help! I know what happened!”, she squeaked. 

It was no use. This was a job for the police and grown-ups to worry about. Simone was too young to understand what was happening. But she wasn’t, and she really did see something.

Telling All

Later that night while her mom was tucking her in bed, Simone brought up the subject again. She told her mom that she really did know what happened and that she could help the police. 

Her mom entertained her this time and told her to tell her what she knew. Michelle’s jaw dropped as her daughter told her what she saw walking home that day. 

Artist At Work

The next day, Michelle phoned the police again with the new piece of information her daughter had told her. The cops came by once more to ask her more questions. 

But it still wasn’t enough. They asked her if she could draw what the suspects looked like. Without hesitation, she ran to her coloring book and drew exactly what she saw. 


The cops and her parents were half expecting her to draw some incoherent piece of “goodie vs. baddie” art. She was never too good at art in school and didn’t show too much interest in it. 

But they had no idea what she was capable of, especially when drawing from memory. Once she finished, she turned the page and showed the cops her work.

The Clue

She drew a two-door, pickup truck and colored it red. She pointed at the picture and said, “that’s the baddies. I saw them yesterday”. Her confidence was hard to ignore. But then again, she was only a kid. Did she really remember correctly? 

However, it was the first piece of information the cops had on the thieves, so they decided to run with it. 

Case Solved

They searched the neighborhood for any security cameras that captured a red pickup truck. It wasn’t long before the exact same pickup truck Simone drew showed up in the footage. 

They captured the license plate and ended up catching the very thieves that cause havoc throughout the neighborhood! But what exactly did Simone see and how did she know it was the truck? 

What Happened

Before Simone arrived home that day, she was walking around with her friends when she spotted a group of people looking suspicious in her neighborhood. The other kids didn’t notice, but she did.

Although little did the little girl know, she was actually witnessing porch pirate theft in action. But that wasn’t all.

Scene Of The Crime

She looked ahead and saw the red pickup truck pull up at her home, and watched the suspects quickly hop out and steal the packages from her porch in broad daylight. 

They then fled. The whole operation took less than 5 minutes to complete. She didn’t attempt to stop or chase the thieves as she knew the dangers of talking to strangers. But she did attempt something else.

Getting Praise!

She watched the truck drive away and knew to take in every detail of the getaway vehicle. She knew she should remember what it looked like, and she was right!

Her parents praised her actions and her fantastic memory of the crime. It was the first time in 20 years that a 9-year-old artist helped solve a criminal investigation!