Kayaker Finds An Abandoned Ship And Actually Goes Inside

For most of us, kayaking is a fun outdoor activity that is sometimes challenging physically yet super rewarding. For some, however, kayaking is a tool for exploration that can take you into smaller nooks and crannies that a boat can't get into. Not long ago, one guy took his kayak and used it to explore an old ship that was floating relatively close to shore.

What he found inside this ship surprised him more than he cared to admit. He needed to get through heavy currents and tight spaces to get inside the ship but it was all an adventure, one that he might come to regret. 

The kayaker we are talking about is from Romania. It is off the shore there that an abandoned old ship by the name of Empire Strength, floats hauntingly off the shore in the Black Sea.

Many people see the ship from afar and look at it in awe, but this guy wanted to see what was inside this ship as there was surely more to it than its rusty exterior. 

On the side of the ship there is a small crack. There is no way for a boat to fit through, but a kayak would! This guy knew that he was able to get inside and it made his adventurous side very happy.

However, what would he find inside this ship? Was there a reason people did not go into it? He wanted to know what everyone was so afraid of. 

The ship basically yelled at people to stay away due to its rusty appearance. However, this guy was a brave explorer who went thought the small crack in the ship to venture into the inside and finally see what was inside the ship.

This was no easy task for the kayaker, as he had to navigate through sharp edges and pieces of metal below the waters surface that could be dangerous for him. 

In addition, the kayaker never knew when the ship could possibly buckle or drop loose pieces on him as the structure of the ship was unstable due to its age and condition.

Anything this kayaker touches cold move something out of place and create a serious problem for him while inside the ship. Any little thing could make this wreck come down. 

He used his hands instead of his paddle to get himself through the ship. This way he would not touch something by mistake that could compromise the integrity of the wreck. The inside of the ship was dark, but light managed to creep in through the cracks in the rust.

The inside of the ship was no better than the outside of it when it came to its condition. It could all buckle at any time. 

There was a very eerie atmosphere inside of the ship. Time had taken a serious toll on the ship and worn it down to look like something out of a science fiction tale. 

The skeleton of the ship was exposed and rusted through. You could see the girders going up and down the walls, as well as the gears and pistons blocking some of the kayakers way around. 

The kayaker took a video of his exploration into the ship. Commenters on his video were a mixed bunch. One guy wrote, “I noticed the Harland & Wolff logo on the main engine. Possibly the whole ship was built by this British shipyard, the builders of the SS Titanic.”

The fact that those two ships had that in common and both seemed to end tragically, makes us think that there is more to do than meets the eye.

Another commenter compared the inside of the ship's structure to that of a classic shipwreck that is found in movies and video games. 

However, most of the comments were actually negative and accusatory towards the kayaker for having his feet outside of the kayak of all things. Of all the things to comment about, the fact that he had his feet outside of the kayak part of the time is curious. 

However, what seems to be far more interesting that the inside of this wrecked ship, is the history of this very ship. 

It had been in working order for many years around the world before it found its way here, where it found its final resting place, whether intentionally or not. The crack on the side may have been from impact which put the ship out of commission.