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Jerks That Deserve To Be Taught A Lesson

1. What Not To Do At A Wedding

My stepbrother was getting married to his girlfriend. I was really excited for them since his girlfriend was also my best friend. She asked me to be the maid of honor, and my biological brother was the best man.

We were all close, except for one person at the wedding party – my stepbrother’s best friend. He was one of the worst people I’ve ever known. I was never fond of him since he was a creep and would try to pull a move on me when my stepbrother wasn’t around.

I never told my stepbrother because he was pretty protective over me and would have been mad. I also didn’t need anyone to stand up for me. Anyway, this friend stopped bothering me after he finally got a girlfriend.

It didn’t last long, though. The planning of the wedding was quite stressful, but nothing crazy happened. Almost everyone we knew was invited. It was going to be amazing! Or so we thought. Everyone can barely contain their joy when the big day arrives.

Everything went well, and the ceremony was beautiful. It was finally time for the reception. It started off good, but then things took a turn. The bride and groom, as well as the wedding party, were all seated at the front of the venue.

The guest was sitting in front of us as their tables faced ours. Everyone enjoyed the food in between giving speeches. Then, my stepbrother’s best friend suddenly takes the mic, stands up, and tells us that he has something important to say.

We were all confused, but we let him continue with his speech. I wish I had stopped him. He asked his girlfriend to stand up. I already knew what was about to happen.

He starts talking about how much he loves her and how they are soulmates. I could tell she was uncomfortable with what was happening even though she was smiling. Then he kneels, takes a ring out of his pocket, and proposes to her.

She says yes. My best friend, the bride, looked like she was about to cry as they went around showing everyone the ring. My brother and stepbrother were having a quiet conversation. I couldn’t make out what they were saying.

My mom finally stood up and told everyone that it was her son’s wedding and that everyone should stop talking about someone else’s engagement. The room fell into silence. All of a sudden, a banshee scream pierces our ears.

The girlfriend started crying and yelling that my mom had spoiled her special day. My stepbrother’s “best friend” joined her and claimed he did nothing wrong. We kicked them out.

Even though my brother lost his best friend that day, he didn’t seem to care. The guy acted like an idiot and, in so doing, lost all his friends.

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