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Jerks That Deserve To Be Taught A Lesson

27. The Audacity Of Having Your Own Life

This happened years ago, just thought about it. I was living in Colorado, had just had a baby a few months ago, am married, and have an autistic five-year-old. My husband works in the oil field, regularly gone between a week and three weeks, with no notice—though the money was good.

My brother is one of those guys who believe women should always wear skirts/dresses, and have no opinion. His wife is cool with this. I, despite being raised with him, am not. I have a brain. At the point of this phone call, I hadn’t heard from besides a “congrats” text for months.

He asks if I’m busy and I say no, what up? What he asked was so ridiculous, I nearly burst out laughing. He replies: “Can you come to Florida, take care of the kids and wife for a few months. We are moving and wife is pregnant. She can’t lift and the kids are wearing her out”.

I said: “You are joking, right? I have a baby, a five-year-old, and my hubby works in the oil field”. He says: “Have friends help. I need you here”. I said no. What followed was a shocked silence—probably because he’s never had a female defy him. He said: “Then what good are you”? and hung up. I didn’t hear from him again for roughly six months.



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