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Jerks That Deserve To Be Taught A Lesson

2. Karens Gonna Karen

One day my wife needed some things from the grocery door. I wasn’t busy that day and offered to go for her. I wanted to do something for her so she could relax after all her hard work.

I brought my stepson with me so she could get some proper rest. It was also an opportunity for me to bond with him. However, it would be an afternoon we’ll never forget. We ran all the errands, and everything went smoothly.

All that was left to do was go to the grocery store. My four-year-old son was full of energy and was running around laughing and talking to everyone in his path. I didn’t mind it, though, as long as he stayed within eyesight.

I was making my way down an aisle searching for canned corn when my son jogged up to an older lady at the end of it.  My son approached her and sweetly exclaimed, “Hi, I’m Ryan, and I’m four!” He is adorable. The lady glanced down and said, “Well, hi there.

You shouldn’t be running around all by yourself. Let’s go look for your parents.” I didn’t think much of it and assumed she hadn’t noticed me. I called out, “Ryan, come to her, buddy!” He excitedly ran back to me and started spinning in circles.

I was still looking through the shelves when the lady walked past me and stopped behind me. After all, it was a grocery store, so I didn’t pay much attention to her gesture.

I turned my trolley around and was about to make my way to the cash registers when the lady walked into my way. I excused myself as I tried to step around her, but she blocked me with her cart yet again. I thought she was confused and excused myself again, but the same thing happened.

Then I say, “Oh, sorry, we’ll get out of your way.” Then she says, “No way! You’re not leaving with that child!” I was confused, “You mean my son?” That’s when the lady said, “You’re Mexican and that boy is white.

He is not your son! You probably only know his name because he said it to me!” Exasperated, I said, “Whatever, lady, can you move, please? My wife is waiting for us at home.” Then the lady upped her game by saying, “Stop lying.

You’re probably a pervert, and you’re not taking him anywhere.” Throughout the entire conversation, my son had been holding onto the back of my leg because he was getting scared. I have always had a short fuse, but that day I was running on little sleep and was getting angry.

I said, “He trusts me, so can you go away, please?!” My son started to explain to the lady that he wasn’t going anywhere with her. What she did next still makes me angry when I think back to it. I couldn’t believe what was happening. She grabbed my son and started to run.

My son was screaming at the top of his lungs as she said, “Don’t worry, honey. He won’t hurt you now.” I snapped out of my confusion and started running after her. While I ran, I yelled at people to stop her and that she was kidnapping my son.

Luckily, a worker stopped her at the exit. She dared to claim that my son was her grandson. My son was crying and reaching out to me. He began slapping the lady’s face, and that’s when she let him go. The manager showed up to see what was going on.

The woman spoke before me, saying, “This pervert is kidnaping my grandson, and I was simply trying to get away!” ” That’s my son, you crazy psycho, I yelled.

The manager wasn’t sure who or what to trust. I don’t blame him; he was put in an uncomfortable position. So, as proof, I took out my phone and showed him photos of my son and me from about a year ago. Her answer irritated me.

Still refusing to give up, this woman claimed I was fabricating them. How exactly would you go about doing that? I’ll never understand, but who cares. Unfortunately, two other women were on the psycho’s side and said that I was trying to abduct my son and that we couldn’t possibly be related because of our different skin colors.

One even called the police, which I welcomed since I knew they could examine the security footage. I still contacted my wife to ask if she could come to the store to resolve this issue sooner. She sped to the store as soon as I explained what was happening. She arrived there almost at the same time as the police.

When my wife entered, the crazy women began giving the police their statement. As she entered the room, my son immediately yelled, “Mama, help.” When she saw this woman holding my son, my wife, a true mama bear, erupted into a rage. “

Let him go this second!” she shouted. The woman said, “Sorry, sweetie, I was just trying to protect him from this pervert over here.” “Yeah, we saw him kidnap him, but this lady saved him,” said another. Baffled, the cop studies the woman.

He enquires, “I assumed this was your grandchild,” “I don’t know who that person is,” my wife said. The woman finally owns up, ” I know he’s not my grandson, but I was just trying to protect him from that filthy pervert over there, okay?” “Yes, I saw the entire thing, he grabbed the child and tried to run with him, but this lady stopped it,” the other woman added.

“Who are you talking about?” my wife asks. The three insane women all pointed at me. My wife responds, “Oh, you mean my husband”?The women were stunned. They cried out, “Husband?!” ” Yeah, who do you think phoned me and got me here so quickly?” my wife exclaimed.

We each showed photos on our phones of ourselves to prove that we were a real family. The officer gave us our phones back after giving us a sign of approval and making some quick notes. For some reason, the three women insisted on claiming that everything was a lie, that my wife was involved in the kidnapping, and that we should be arrested.

My wife lost her composure and used some expletives that I won’t mention here, but she definitely made her point. That moment finally sealed the insane trio’s fate. ” Do the cameras here work, sir?” the officer asked the manager as he turned to face them.

The officer requests a review, and the manager agrees. The three women’s faces grew pale. When I pulled into the parking lot, the police looked at the outside camera and witnessed me get my son out of the car and walk up and down the aisles.

They saw the moment the woman grabbed my son and started running. “Would you like to press charges?” he asks on his return. “Yes, I would,” says the lady. The officer’s response was harsh. “Why would I ask you that question?” he asked, looking at her. ” Shut your mouth and sit down.” He returns my stare and asks the same question. ” Absolutely,” I said.

One lady was charged with attempted kidnapping, false imprisonment, false reporting, and endangering a child. The other two were also accused of filing a false report. To make matters worse for the first lady, my son is prone to bruises, and she left some horrifying marks on him from where she was holding him—but he’s alright! This added a child abuse charge to her record. The officer will contact me in a few weeks.

Unsplash / Kelly Sikkema


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