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Jerks That Deserve To Be Taught A Lesson

10. A Rude Driver

It was pouring outside. I was nearing a freeway with my large rig, indicating and smoothly changing lanes. All the while keeping an eye on a car crowding me from behind. He gunned it to try to pass me as soon as he reached the merge ramp, crossing into the no-drive section.

I had already started to merge, so the issue was that my cab was 60 feet in front of him. He was using the lane that half my rig was in. When he realized he couldn’t pass me, the guy lost it. The road shook as he sped back into his lane. He started blaring his horn and flashing his lights.

I kept cruising along, entirely at ease. I was completely at ease while I traveled. I was keeping an eye on the traffic in my driver-side mirror when I noticed a break, and I knew what was about to happen.

This man honked continuously as he swerved into the left lane, accelerated, and pulled up next to my cab. He swerved my way and cut me off. He slammed his brakes and pulled into line in front of me, and then everything fell apart. He lost control of the car.

It abruptly swerved sideways at 45 mph. I had already slowed down and was far away from him. His car spun until it faced me, then drifted back up and into the ditch. It plowed the earth like a farm tool in front of every one of us on the freeway.

I paused. The left lane had come to a halt. We just stood there watching as this guy slowly got out of his damaged car. Other drivers got out to assist while others were on their phones. I just walked out of there calmly. I just got out of there nice and calmly. It was immediate karma.

Pexels / Kaique Rocha


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