The Most SHOCKING American Idol Scandals

Josh Davila

Since American Idol began it's first season, it's produced more scandalous moments than superstars have in Hollywood! We've rounded up the most shocking controversies from both contestants and judges that have happened behind the scenes.

It just goes to show sometimes the REAL drama happens behind the camera instead of on.

David Hernandez

During season 12, in January 2015, Josh Davila announced that he had transitioned to a woman and was on hormone replacement therapy!

David Hernandez was a season 7 contestant who shocked the nation when his past as a stripper came into light. At the beginning of the season, Vote For The Worst posted photos featuring Hernandez working at a Phoenix male strip club.

Abdul Superfan

Despite this, he continued on the show for a short time until he was eliminated. It was reported that Cowell had joked to Abdul that she should have critiqued Hernandez's music by saying, "I love the way you strip it down." Hernandez admitted that the reports were true, but he claims he wasn't fazed by his past being brought up.

On season 5 of American Idol we saw Abdul super fan, Paula Goodspeed audition for the show.

Frenchie Davis

Unfortunately on November 11th, 2008, she was found dead of a drug overdose in her car outside of Abdul's home.

During season 2, contestant Frenchie Davis, was disqualified after topless photos of her appeared online.

Love Triangle

She later appeared on the first season on The Voice and came out as bisexual in 2012.

In 2005, during season 4, it was reported that Carrie Underwood was caught in a love triangle with two fellow finalists.

Kelly Clarkson Controversy

She dumped her hometown love, Drake Clark in the middle of the competition and won the hearts of rivals Bo Bice and Anthony Fedorov.

In 2002, Star Magazine sources claimed that Kelly Clarkson broke the show rules by already having a record deal, which she abandoned to do the show.