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Janitor Traps Dangerous Animal In California Classroom

The custodian’s shift hadn’t even truly begun yet when his day suddenly took a drastic turn. He was in the process of opening up the school when he spotted the danger.

His mind began to race. It was a tense situation. He knew that one wrong move could end with him being seriously injured—or worse. More importantly, the students would all be here soon and he knew he had to protect them at all costs.

California was a large state, known for its large cities and glamor. Pescadero was a small coastal town nestled roughly 35 miles away from San Francisco.

It had its own Sheriff’s office and a few schools. The town was known for its rich history, farming, ranching, and fishing activities. Known as a relatively safe town, residents had no idea that a predator was on the loose. 

Pescadero High School had a high enrolment rate among students classified as coming from economically disadvantaged backgrounds.

The school and the town of Pescadero as a whole had their challenges. However, on that fateful day, no one expected the perilous situation that unfolded.

San Mateo County in which Pescadero was situated was also known for its wildlife refuge, Pescadero Creek. The town was therefore a mix of urban and rural sights.

The day of the incident started off like any other. It was in the early hours of the morning and the school day hadn’t begun yet when a shadowy figure first emerged.

The custodian at Pescadero High had just begun his shift. Part of his early morning duties included opening the school each morning.

On this particular morning, as he went around the halls and classrooms, he had no idea that he wasn’t alone. 

The school was known to have a diverse array of students. Aside from the usual teenage drama and occasional scuffles, most students enjoyed relative safety there.

As the custodian went about his duties, nothing about that morning hinted toward it being an unusual day. However, unbeknown to him, danger was lurking arround the corner.

Custodians in general were often overlooked for the amount of hardwork they put into ensuring that schools and public buildings were wel looked after.

Most people referred to the role as “the janitor”. This term sometimes carried with it a stigma of being a lowly position. However, as Pescadero High’s custodian proved, there are many ways in which a person can prove their value.

Pescadero’s custodian took great pride in his work. He worked hard and always sought to add value to his position wherever he could.

He was wel liked among the students and faculty alike and felt protective over the students there. It was for this reason that he was the type of person that would risk his own life if a threat to the students ever presented itself.

The custodian was accustomed to having his mornings to himself. Before the rush of the school day began in earnest, hecould be found faithfully attending to his duties.

The mornings before the school day began were usually quiet and uneventful. On this day, however, the custodian first sensed that something was wrong when he heard the sound of panting pierce the otherwise quiet morning air. 

The custodian then realized that he wasn’t alone. Something or someone else was there too. He could hear the faint sounds of rushed breathing and softly padded footsteps in a nearby corridor.

He decided to investigate and slowly walked around trying to find the source. With every corner he rounded, the custodian felt like someone was lurking around it.

As the custodian went around, the sound of footsteps and breathing grew louder. He had made his way toward the classrooms and since it was still a little dark out, the atmosphere grew more tense.

As he reached the hallway close to one of the English classes, the custodian let out a gasp. He realized immediately that the students woud all be showing up soon and had no idea of the danger they now faced.

He spotted it as it entered one of the classrooms,, prowling around and most likely looking for food. While most people may have ran away, the cusstodian kept his wits and slowly followed it.

Once it was inside the class, he quietly walked up to the door and locked it inside. As he watched it pacing about inside, the custodian was still stunned by what he saw. It was a mountain lion.

Due to the quick actions of the custodian, a dangerous situation was averted. While the animal was safely contained in the classroom, the custodian called the Sheriff’s department.

The California Department of Fish and Game were also contacted and the curious mountain lion was safely removed. The only question that remained was where did it come from?

The authorities concluded that it most likely wandered of from a more rural part of town and happened across the school by choice. The mountain lion was later sent to the Oaklahoma Zoo.

It turned out to not be fully grown and was under nourished. This meant the animal had likely ventured further out than usual to find food. It was treated and is doing much better. So what of the brave custodian?

The selfless custodian who went toward the danger to ensure no students would be in harm’s way was later hailed as a hero.

Most were completely unaware of the fact that a predator had stalked their halls earlier that day. However, through his loyal actions, the students were all kept safe from a dangerous situation. 


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