15 Items You Should Never Keep In The Fridge

15. Baked Goods

Some foods are simply ruined when kept in the fridge.

Make some room in your refrigerator by removing these 15 foods ASAP!

Putting those cookies, or that leftover cake in the fridge will actually cause it to go stale.

14. Potatoes

Keep these treats on the counter for best freshness.

13. Bread

Allowing potatoes to get cold will make their starches turn into sugar, which changes the flavor.

12. Tomatoes

As with baked goods, storing bread in the refrigerator will only cause it to go stale more quickly.

11. Onions

Keeping tomatoes in the fridge will make them mushy and ruin their fresh flavor.

For best tasting onions, store them on the counter or in your pantry.

10. Basil

Allowing them to be cold will result in loss of flavor, and nobody wants a flavorless onion!

9. Fruits With Pits

Basil plants like the heat, and storing this herb in the cold refrigerator will only cause it to prematurely wilt.

8. Whole Melons

Fruits such as peaches and plums need natural light in oder to continue to ripen.

7. Apples

Storing uncut melons, such as watermelon or cantaloupe, will cause them to lose antioxidants and the health benefits they provide.

6. Garlic

Apples lose some of their flavor and crispness when kept in the refrigerator.

5. Ground Coffee

The coldness of the refrigerator causes garlic to lose flavor, and what's garlic without its strong taste?!

4. Hot Sauce

While coffee does need to be kept cool, storing it in the fridge will create moisture that ruins the taste.

Keeping your hot sauce in a cold fridge weakens the flavor and spicy-ness, which probably isn't your goal.

3. Honey

It also makes them more difficult to pour.

Storing honey in the refrigerator will only ruin it by causing it to harden.

2. Spices

Honey has a long shelf life when stored in the pantry, so don't worry about your honey going bad soon after buying it.

As with most foods on this list, the cold will kill any flavor in spices.