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Items That Were Used Beyond Their Breaking Point

Consider the wear and tear of goods that don’t appear to be particularly interesting … until you discover the causes for it.

These individuals have shared before-and-after images of identical thrift-store bargains, new purchases to substitute aging objects, and even lovely displays of generational customs.

This image showcases a stack of 500 $1 dollar bills that have been circulated. Next to this stack, you will see the same amount of $1 bills that are still brand new. 

It’s not just about the paper. Consider where these bills have been, and the grime and filth that has accumulated on them. Gross. The new ones, on the other hand, don’t even look real!

This person’s father has been carrying the same wallet (on the right) for almost a quarter-century!

During Christmas, he eventually switched to a new one. They don’t resemble each other in the least! That’s a lot of time spent in his back pocket. On the other hand, it’s nice to see something that lasts a long time rather than falling apart after a few months.

One user shared a photo of her father’s new fire helmet alongside his old one.

Even though the materials are designed to endure heat, it is clear that the old one has become distorted. We can’t help but wonder how long he was forced to wear the old one before they replaced it.

We know what you’re thinking but no, this is not the end result of wearing a mask for a year to avoid the pandemic. 

It’s a construction worker’s mask before and after being worn during an 8-hour shift!  That’s a lot of dust, and who knows what else. Always make sure to wear a mask when doing construction work!

Everyone owns a pair of shoes that we feel so incredibly attached to. The pair of shoes that you would wear until beyond its final moments before even considering buying a new pair. 

This guy luckily got an identical pair of Vans! The color is even the same!

You will be surprised to find out that these are the same knives. 

The one is brand new and the other was used by a butcher for over 5 years. That’s a long time of chopping! At least we know that certain things last long even under extreme use. 

This person and her sister were gifted identical teddy bears when they were children. 

Fast forward to now, 18 years later, and you can see the one sister loved her teddy bear dearly and well the other… She was either really careful with her fuzzy friend or she did not like him at all!

One user shared a picture of his postman uniform hat before and after 5 years. 

5 years of delivering mail in the sun! If the sun does this to a hat just imagine what it can do to your skin… Always wear your sun protection!

This picture has nothing to do with someone who takes their dental care too seriously!

It is the detail brush archeologists use after one day of use! Very interesting to see how fast it gets used up…

No, this person didn’t buy two belts – one to wear and one to replace after years of use.

The top is the father’s belt and the bottom is the exact same one that the daughter suddenly found in thrift store! What are the chances!

This is a man’s backpack after two years in the Pilbara desert.

The Pilbara is a large, dry, thinly populated region in the north of Western Australia. It is known for its Aboriginal peoples; its ancient landscapes; the red earth; and its vast mineral deposits, in particular iron ore.

These are two, exactly the same bolts.

The one on the left is further inland. The one on the right is right beside the ocean. That’s some serious (and interesting) erosion. Mother Nature isn’t something to mess with.

In this case, we have two balls from a pinball machine – old vs. new.

What’s interesting is that we would have thought there would have been more wear and tear. But it seems these little guys don’t give up easily.

No, this isn’t a purchase to replace an old hat. It’s much more heartwarming.

The one on the left is the father’s university hat from when he was in school. The one on the right is his daughter’s hat for when she’s about to being at the same school, so many decades later. Wonderful!


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