Irina Shayk Says Her and Bradley Cooper's Daughter Has 'No Filter'

Irina Shayk and Bradley Cooper have been keeping their 5-year-old daughter Lea out of the spotlight. The model has recently told V Magazine that her child has "no filter."

"I remember this Halloween when I was dressed up as Bettie Page, she looked at me and goes, 'No, take it off. It doesn't work.' I kind of feel like she keeps me grounded because she says what she thinks with no filter–I love it," Shayk said. The pair don't have a nanny as they believe they should be the ones giving their child the proper foundation. "But we choose not to have a nanny. Being a mom is one of the most amazing things ever," the model continued. I've never imagined that I would enjoy it and love it so much. I feel like there is no better kind of love for anyone in this world but the love for your child. It's just very special."