Most INSANE Wedding Dresses Of All Time!

Teen Bride Wears $235,000 Golden Dress

Everyone knows that weddings are the happiest time in a woman’s life, and a time when she gets to live out her girlhood fantasies of her perfect wedding. The most highly anticipated part of the wedding preparation for any bride has got to be picking out the dress. Sometimes though, brides want to go against the picture perfect white gown and go for a "unique" look. These brides took wedding dress to a whole new level!

Here are the quirkiest wedding gowns from brides who took their special day to a new level. This bride wore a dress that was over $235,000! They say the wedding dress is one of the most important parts of the wedding, but how do you feel about this big of a splurge? Evka, 19, and Lukas, 20, went viral after their wedding footage was released showing the bride’s insanely extravagant dress.


Imitation is the best form of flattery, but this bride took it to a whole new level. We would not be surprised to find out that this bride’s dress was made from actual sheep wool!

Maybe this wouldn't be shocking for someone who lives in a rural country town, but for us who live in the city it's a bit shocking to say the least.

Boozy Bride

This boozy bride had the right idea for her special day. A wine glass rack was the icing on the cake for her gown.

She had a custom-made metallic stand mounted on top of her white dress. As she was circling around, guests were able to grab a glass of chardonnay without having to leave the dance floor.

Blow Me Away

Balloons are normally used to celebrate festive occasions like birthdays and other events, but the bride took it to a whole new level. She wore a dress made from all-white balloons.

It seems that any form of interaction with the dress may be a disaster. Hopefully she is wearing something under there!

Festival Of Love

This bride was influenced by the annual Carnival in Rio and wanted to bring the festivities to her big day.

The bride found the dress of her dreams with multicolored sequins, variously shaped feathers, and multiple fabric layers.

Fairytale Wedding

Love might give you the sensation of floating on air.

This bride attached wings to her beautiful white gown and got the magical night she has been waiting for her entire life.

Be You

Michelle was an art student who used street art as the theme for her final project. She decided to express her newest fascination by personalizing her wedding dress for her big day.

The letters on her dress are the first letters of her soon to be husband’s and her own name, ‘H’ for Harry and ‘M’ for Michelle.

Bright Future

Bright Future

The beaming bride below did not have to compromise on just one color for her dress. This gown might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but looking at the smile on her face, you can see how happy she was on her big day.

Bejeweled with rainbow colored rhinestones and sparkly tutu frills, this dress is a mirror of the bride’s vibrant personality.

Better Safe Than Sorry

This bride threw the concept of a traditional wedding out the window the minute she said “yes” to her dress. It was not this bride’s first walk down the aisle, which is why she wanted to switch it up a bit.

Her and her husband to be decided their theme would be "the quirkier – the better".

Spooning Is A Must

Spooning Is A Must

Not only did this bride go for a Day Of The Dead look, but she opted to walk down the aisle in this single use dress. This particular bride was very much into the theme of “one time only,”.

Her husband’s chosen outfit mirrored her makeup and overall theme, wearing a suit made out of garbage bags.

This Girl Is On Fire

Wearing a dress that is covered in flames was this bride's idea of the perfect dress. Most churches probably would not approve this account of it resembling the scorching flames of hell.

This bride was clearly not letting anyone’s opinion get in the way of her wearing the dress of her choice.

Biker Bride

This biker chick kept the traditional vibe in her wedding by going with a white outfit while her biker side shined through with the style. Her groom also made an effort to add a bowtie to his everyday black leather vest.

We were impressed that the bride did not skip the customary veil.

Why So Blue?

“Something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue” This particular bride is not afraid of color!

She took the "something blue" a bit too far when she decided to skip the whole white gown thing altogether.

Half And Half

This wedding outfit looks as if there is some sort of gender identity crisis going on. This person decided she feels more like half a bride and half a groom.

She made herself a gown that is split right in the middle and integrated it with half of a suit. Flowers took two forms in this one of a kind outfit as well, with both a boutonniere pinned to the jacket and a bouquet held in her hand.

Sweet Tooth Favorite

This gown looks good enough to eat! This bride combined her perfect dress with her perfect cake.

The bride thought of a creative way to avoid the additional stress and combined the two. The idea of an edible dress might sound too bizarre to some, but clearly not to this bride.

Puffy Princess

Nobody will be wondering who's big day it is in this dress. It practically shouts "this is my day" at you.

Pink is the new white for this bride. The puffy princess made sure all knew this was the day she was tying the knot by placing a huge diamond-filled crown on her head and carrying a wand.

Rainbow Road To Love

This less than conservative couple decided to keep things colorful for their wedding attire. Their wedding would be one they would remember for many more years to come.

Instead of following the timeless traditional trend, they introduced color, including black. They seem to be happy with their decision.

All You Can Eat

This bride took the desert table to a whole new level. She decided that at her wedding it was crucial to have baked goods surrounding her wedding gown.

What an interesting wedding that must have been.

Graffiti Gratitude

Nothing says “I do” quite like his and her matching outfits. It is highly unlikely that many women would agree to have their behind sprayed with the word wifey for her ceremony.

This woman was clearly proud and pulled off a wedding no one would ever forget.

All Aboard The Love Train

This bride wanted all her guests to hold a train so long it would dignify royal families. She had to have won the Guinness World Record For this.

I wonder how long it too to make a train this long!

Bride Of Pride

This bride rocked the patriotic look on her wedding day. Wearing her red, blue and white dress with pride she definitely embodied patriotism.

We wonder what the rest of the bridal party wore.

Layers Of Love

Being a fashion designer definitely comes with its perks. This bride sewed her own dress.

Unfortunately not all rough sketches on paper come out exactly the way they were intended. Although the bride in the picture seems rather content with the outcome, we are not so sure Vogue would feature this dress as the latest and hottest bridal trends.

Orange Is The New White

Many brides who have Autumn weddings are inspired by the colors of the leaves changing colors.

These newlyweds embraced the season that was upon them by wearing the featured color of nature with pride!

Nature Inspired

Their nature-themed wedding was decorated top to bottom according to the theme. This bride wanted her wedding gown to be like no other and to portray her undying love for both her husband and cacti.

The idea behind the dress was that much like a cactus that only lives on sunlight and a bit of water, all this bride needs to lead a happy life is her man by her side. How sweet!

Army Wife

Army Wife

Most brides like to stand out on their special day.

This bride thought the best way to celebrate one of the biggest days in her life would be by blending into the background and wearing a gown that would assist her to do so.

Something Blue – Sorted!

Karen Bell wore a gown for her wedding that expressed her one true love for Manchester City FC.

Her dress was made up of old Blues shirts she spent weeks sewing together.

Catty Woman

Hello Kitty is an obsession for this bride. It is a way of living for her which is why it had to be incorporated into her wedding.

Because the cartoon is a major part of her life, there was no way she was leaving her out on her big day.

Devil Horns

This particular couple is not about to keep things traditional like the rest of them. The wife is entering this relationship a realist, wearing those demonic devil thorns with pride. This couple is a bit scary if you ask me.

Not sure I would want to be at that wedding. Who knows what other demonic things you would see.

Luck Be A Lady

This bride was all about feathers on her special day. Her specific choice of color and gloves was a bit odd.

Although a not an expected choice of clothing for a wedding, the woman sure looks happy.

A Twilight Ceremony

It is not uncommon for brides to step out of their comfort zone when it comes to picking a unique wedding dress. This newly married woman was lucky enough to find a partner who did not care about the fact she had two different men’s faces plastered on the sides of her dress on their wedding day.

True love means it does not matter if you are team Edward or Jacob.

Going Green

This cheerful couple had their fairytale Shrek wedding. Both the bride and groom are fanatics of the Shrek movie and its sequels.

While the bride abstained from going for the all-white gown, she definitely adopted a style that felt more befitting with her distinguished personality.

Dear Dear

This is a definite step away from traditional wedding overall look. This particular bride is too sassy to go along with the all-white classic look.

To spice things up, the bride added a couple of antlers on top of her head, but it is the pastel shade of her hair and tattoos that find the perfect balance between looking like a traditional and modern bride.

Back From The Future

Sequins and glittery outfits are everything in this wedding!

You can tell the girls in the picture are having the time of their lives.

Mama Mia Mama June

In head-to-toe camouflage and bright orange accents, Mama June finally said “I do” to hubby Sugar Bear. The wedding took place in their Georgia backyard and went for a general authentic outdoorsy vibe.

The dress incorporated with a whole lot of tacky beading, which was only highlighted with the flower pin on top of her head.