Unbelievable Costume Mistakes In Films!

Legends of the Fall | Brad Pitt’s hair was too put together

There are many legendary films that have made a mark on popular culture and media. Movies like Pretty Woman, Back to the Future, Catch Me If You Can, Schindler’s List, and The Last Samurai are just a few films that have stood the test of time. Even in the best movies, you can find flaws in their wardrobe or costume department. Some of the costume mistakes are minor , while others stand out to almost everyone.

Some mistakes are simple and just dont match up with the time period like a color of shoes or the wrong pair of sunglasses. Other mistakes are huge historical inaccuracies. It makes you wonder how many mistakes you would find if you went film by film.

In the film Legends of the Fall, Brad Pitt plays the role of Tristan Ludlow. The film took place in the 1910s.

Troy | Parasols had yet to be invented

During that time period, no man would sport what looks like a 60s long hair style. Brad should have had shorter hair and no five o’clock shadow in sight in order for the film to be historically accurate.

The beautiful pink parasol that shaded Orlando Bloom and Diane Kruger was historically inaccurate for the film. Parasols did not come into fashion in the 5th century BCE.

Captain America | Her hair shouldn’t be down

They were invented by the Greeks a good 800 years AFTER Troy was taken. Most viewers would not pick up this inaccuracy as they would not know the history of parasols.

The first Captain America film was set during World War II. At the time, women were not wearing down at all as it was considered inappropriate.

Raiders of the Lost Ark | There’s an extra wearing jeans

Female agents and soldiers were required to have their hair cleanly pinned up and off of their shoulders. Although her hair looked great, it did not match up with the time period.

If you look in the background, you will see one of the film’s extras wearing jeans. This film was set in the 1930s.

Pride and Prejudice | Rubber boots didn’t exist yet

There is no way that anyone in the 1930s would be dressed like that.

Kiera Knightly amazed viewers in her role as Elizabeth Bennet in the classic adaptation of Jane Austen’s novel. If you look close enough, you will notice that she is wearing Wellington boots.

Dirty Dancing | Baby should be wearing a skirt

Wellington boots were not in existence back in 1813. They were not in existence until about mid 1850s.

The film Dirty Dancing supposedly took place in 1963. If that was the case, then Baby shouldn’t have been wearing denim shorts.

Gladiator | You can see Russell Crowe’s lycra shorts

She should have been wearing a skirt as that was the womens fashion at that time. Denim shorts only became popular in the 1980s.

The movie Gladiator was set during Ancient Roman times. During this time lycra didn’t exist yet.

The Other Boleyn Girl | Portman’s hair should have been up

Russell Crowe can be seen wearing lycra shorts under his Roman outfit in several of the scenes. Good news that they were flesh colored so they were not too noticeable.

In The Other Boleyn Girl, Natalie Portman played the role of the second wife of King Henry VIII. Back in the 1500s, when this film was set, Anne Boleyn wouldn’t have been caught dead with her hair down in public.

Julius Caesar | The bullet bra wasn’t in existence yet

The only time a woman's hair was seen down was if she was bathing or sleeping.

Bullet bras came into fashion in the 50s. In the film Julius Caesar, the women were seen wearing something very reminiscent to it.

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade | There were not supposed to be medals on the Nazi uniforms

The movie was set in 44 BCE, a full 2000 years before the invention of the bullet bra.

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade was supposed to take place in 1938. This time period was also known as the beginning of World War II.

The King’s Speech | Firth isn’t wearing the right kilt

In the film, the Nazi officials you see are wearing medals. At this time, there would not have been any medals in place yet as they were given out towards the end of the war.

Colin Firth wowed critics and audiences with his role portraying Prince Albert in The King’s Speech. It seems that Firth was actually given the wrong kilt to wear in the film.

Glory | There were no digital watches during the civil war

The kilt he wore was actually an Irish kilt. The proper kilt would have been a Scottish Balmoral kilt.

This mistake simply reflects someone just not paying attention. Its such a simple detail that could have been easily avoided. Glory was set during the American Civil War.

Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves | There shouldn’t be a telescope

The movie starred big names such as Matthew Broderick, Edward Zwick and Denzel Washington. In one scene, you can wee a hand being raised that has a digital watch on it. Wristwatches were not in fashion until the 1920s and digital ones were not available until the 1970s.

Robin Hood existed around the year 1194. During the time he was around, there were definitely no telescopes.

Pearl Harbor | Women didn’t walk around with bare legs

You can see this mistake in the film when Kevin Costner pulls out his telescope to get a better view of something. Telescopes were not created until the 17th century.

Everyone is aware that Pearl Harbor took place in 1941. During the 1940s, no woman was ever seen walking outside without anything covering their legs.

Django Unchained | Jamie Foxx’s sunglasses are too modern

Women in the 40s wore stockings to cover their bare skin. It would be considered inappropriate for women to have bare legs showing.

Jamie Foxx did a phenomenal job in Django Unchained. It is very apparent that someone in the wardrobe department clearly was not paying attention when they gave him those sunglasses to wear.

Catch Me If You Can | Braces weren’t widespread yet

This style of glasses did not exist in the 19th century. Those sunglasses were invented in 1929.

Amy Adams starred alongside Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hanks in the 2002 film Catch Me If You Can. At the time, she was a relatively unknown actress.

The Tudors | Those ruffs were not allowed

She played the role of a nurse with braces. In this time period of the movie, metal braces would have been way too expensive for the ordinary American at that time.

In the film Tudors, an actress is pictured wearing ruffs. Not only would this costume be incorrect but it would have been absolutely scandalous.

Amadeus | Zippers were not invented yet

Throughout the movie the women are seen wearing these ruffs around their necks. Although they are very pretty to watch in the scenes, ruffs were worn with a dress that was fitted all the way to the top of the neck, not with nothing underneath it.

Amadeus is a film about the life of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. He was one of the greatest composers in history.

The Color Purple | Clip-on ties didn’t exist yet

This film was set in the 18th century, however the zipper on his costume was incorrect. Zippers were only invented in 1913 so there is no way that Amadeus would have had any clothing with a zipper.

The Color Purple | Clip-on ties didn’t exist yet

The Color Purple is a film that is known throughout the country as an adaptation of the novel by Alice Walker. The story takes place in the South in 1916.

Danny Glover is seen wearing a clip-on tie in the film. Clip on ties were not in existence until the 1928.