In These Photos, People In The Background Stole The Show

It’s not unusual to take the perfect picture, only to discover that it has been ruined by an unsuspecting bystander. It’s just as likely though that this bystander may make an otherwise dull photo funnier and memorable.

These people, either by accident or deliberately, left their mark on these photos in an unforgettable way.

Sometimes, due to pure luck, the perfect combination of lighting and angle leads to pieces of art like this one. This kid looks like he has captured that poor, unsuspecting man from his head, carefully inspecting him.

He was surely unaware of what kind of illusion he had just created.

Pre-prom photos are a fond souvenir where one can look upon his younger days. Unfortunately for this young man, his father wasn’t careful enough to distance himself from the mirror.

On the other hand, this will definitely never stop being funny to them.

This photo is quite similar. This guy was probably meaning to show off his muscle gains after copious amounts of work and effort.

Yet, what stands out in this picture is his grandma who didn’t get herself out of the view. As long as grandma seems proud though, we have nothing to complain about.

The best part about this photo isn’t just the random girl in the back photobombing the couple, but the fact that the boyfriend decides to join in on the prank, as his girlfriend poses for a cute pose.

Footage of kids with pet animals is always heart-warming and this one is no exception.

While the parents wanted to record their child crawling joyfully across the floor, their furry friend decided to photobomb them and seemingly lend a tail to the beautiful child.

This woman expected to do a typical touristy pose outside of the Tower of Pisa. But she wasn’t the only one doing so.

And from this angle, it seemed like the unsuspecting tourist behind her was touching her inappropriately. At least she got to “support” the leaning Tower…

When this couple wanted to take a commemorative photo of their wedding, posing in a scenic island, they certainly didn’t expect for this unexpected guest. Much to the amusement of the bride’s father, the guest seems unbothered by the event.

He’s got a tan to get, after all.

While this Baseball athlete looks focused on the next play, on the background, a father is seen grabbing his son upside down.

Now, whether this is a game or not we cannot know, but at least everyone arounds them seems to be amused by it.

Sometimes our hands may get cold while outside, or maybe we need to fix our shirt before moving on with our day. But while this guy was doing this, another couple in front of him was taking a cute photo posing together.

Since he looks innocent and unsuspected, we can hardly blame him for this funny photobomb.

In this picture, a group of young women pose for a prom photo in their fancy dresses but there’s another guest. This young girl enthusiastically photobombs them by eating greedily from a bag of chips.

As the caption says, she definitely seems happy.

Another prom photo “ruined”, this time deliberately. This dad was probably waiting for this photobomb all day long, judging by his pose.

His unsuspecting daughter will probably be very mad at his for ruining her perfect photo, but the result is too funny to overlook.

As you can see in this photo, animals can make photobombs just as hilarious. When this owner was taking a picture of his beautiful dog, he probably hadn’t seen what’s on the background: 3 dogs, in a straight line, sniffing each other’s behinds.

Will his dog join in on the fun?

These friends wanted to take a casual, cute photo of them at a park. But they’d soon realize that they’re followed by Voldemort himself, or someone that looks the part anyway.

We don’t know if they’re Harry Potter fans to understand what’s going on in time.

As these siblings were posing for a normal photo in a restaurant, they certainly weren’t expecting for this unexpected appearance.

When they posted the photo online, and everyone was commenting “Where’s Waldo?”, they found the picture even better.

While Golf is supposed to be a calm sport, this photo proves that it’s not always the case. This golf cart is about to fall down but the photographer was able to take a picture with perfect timing.

We certainly hope it didn’t influence the player too much.

This one is breathtaking.

The picture of the happy ostrich eating food a human is offering is great by itself but then you have the woman crying in the background for some reason, and then, from the mirror one can see a llama standing nearby.

Dogs and pets in general seem to always crave for more attention, and this one is no exception.

As these two friends were posing for one photo after the other, this dog grew tired and decided to make his presence felt, by performing a hilarious pose in a memorable photo.

It seems like prom photos are an excellent source of photobombs. This young man seemed happy with his outfit and pose but it’s his cat that stole the show.

We certainly hope she wasn’t thinking about drinking from there though…

This group of 3 people seem very well dressed and they pose happily for a commemorative photo from some event.

However, this woman dressed as a Disney Princess in the background seems to get the spotlight instead by walking carelessly out of the bathroom.

As this family was posing for a souvenir photo from the beautiful turquoise sea, a man with a jet-ski made an explosive appearance.

He seems to fall before the family notices anything, performing the ultimate photobomb with his novel move.

After his team had advanced to the World Series, this fan decided to storm the ball field and celebrate with them.

Instead, the camera records him being handcuffed on the floor while the team celebrates frantically.

These ballerinas seem to be posing together for a photo, possibly after a performance. Yet, what steals the show is the attack by a shirtless man who’s doing all sorts of grimaces.

We can only imagine how shocked they must have felt.

As this pregnant lady was caressing her belly, this dog didn’t seem very moved by the heartwarming picture. Instead, he decided to follow his instincts at this very moment.

At least the family will have a funny picture to show to their kid.

While this seems to be a very important Senate meeting, the central point of the photo seems to be the man dressed as Mr. Monopoly on the background.

Despite the gravity of the Equifax Senate Hearing, this guy’s method of protest went viral.

This group of friends seemed to be posing for a normal picture when what appears to be Chewbacca crawls up from behind.

In reality, that’s the complicated hairstyle of a woman that happened to be there at the right time, but in social media, the comments were constantly bringing Chewbacca up.

When these teenagers asked for a photo together from the waiter, they certainly didn’t expect this terrifying version of Ronald McDonald photobombing them.

It’s truly unbelievable how lucky this guy was to photobomb them at this exact moment.

Pranks that are pulled off in serious events such as a wedding are certainly some of the best. In this case, the couple’s best man picked the most random pose ever, and the result is spectacular.

We don’t know how he climbed there but one thing is sure: they’ll talk about it forever.

This picture of Paris Hilton posing with kangaroos in Australia is an old classic that became an instant viral. By looking at the background, one can understand why.

These kangaroos don’t seem to care much about the presence of cameras…

This young girl had no idea what was going on behind her when she posed for a safari photo. These Kangaroos seemed to enjoy themselves, but we have to say, these parents probably knew all along and decided to make their daughter pose there.

At least she’ll have a great souvenir growing up.