If You See Plastic Bottle On Your Car Tire, Call 911 Immediately

Check Your Car

If you don't have the habit of checking your car before driving, you will after reading this. 

Having a random bottle stuck on your tire can look quite innocent, but according to this recent information, you could be in danger.

Water Bottle In Car’s Wheel

Be careful to check your car and especially be aware if there is a water bottle wedged into the wheel.

The water bottle in the wheel could be a ruse used by car thieves.

Car Thieves

It has come to light that car thieves will wedge an empty bottle on one of the wheels on the passenger side of the car.

 If you start the vehicle without noticing the bottle stuck in the wheel, you would hear a strange sound.

What Does It Mean?

You will probably stop the car and get out to look for the source of the noise. 

Waiting for the opportunity, the thieves would get into the car. If the keys are still inside they would drive the car off right in front of your eyes. This method basically distracts you and it is then when the thieves strike. 

What Should You Do If You See A Water Bottle On The Wheel?

If you notice a bottle wedged like that on your wheel, be on alert.

Police advise calling 911 and reporting your location as soon as possible.

Some Precautions

Another precaution you can take is to not leave your car open when you stop to check the car and take your keys with you.

If the car thieves have targeted your vehicle, they won't attempt to break into it if the car is locked.

How Often Does It Happen?

Many people believe that this type of car theft is a myth. But is it true?

It's best to check and make sure there's no danger than to fall for this trick.

The Location

So where can this most likely happen? Parking lots near the residential area or mall, where usually a large number of cars are parked, are mostly targeted.  

The thieves generally don't have an idea when the car owner would come back. Pulling this heist is definitely a time crucial act. 

Where You Can Meet Danger?

So drivers should be cautious when parking at a gas station or near a store. 

Thieves know you will be back soon. So they have to act fast.

The Police

In general, police rarely receive reports of a car vanishing with the help of a plastic bottle.

Most of the time, drivers don't really know how and why their car was stolen.

Different Tricks

Well, this is not the only trick the thieves have. They have come up with many different tricks to steal your car away. 

Many of them can be easily avoided if you are careful and inspect your car regularly.

If You Meet Car Thieves

Such stories appear to only occur in movies, yet life is unpredictable in reality. You never know what will happen to you right in this instance.

So, what should you do if you come across a car thief?

 Call 911

First, call the cops. Then have the most recent images of your car on hand.

Stay with the police at the scene of the crime.


If your car is insured, contact your insurance company. This way you can be well compensated for your loss.

If your car is not insured then it's better to leave the matter to the police.

Never Hurts To Be Cautious

To be honest, if you're careful, that's unlikely to happen. However, in public settings, do yourself a favour and check the car regularly.

It never hurts to be cautious. Better be alert than getting your car stolen.