Identical Twin Sisters Have Grown Up To Become “Most Beautiful Twins In The World”

Jaqi Clements gave birth to identical twin girls in 2010. As with every mother, she looked at her little girls with adoration and love and thought that they were the most beautiful babies she had ever seen. Jaqi never imagined that the world would agree with her to the extent that it did. This family was totally changed by the birth of these girls, who would become insanely popular Instagram models by the time they were only seven years old.

Now that the girls are much older and have been in front of the camera for much of their lives, people cannot stop commenting and looking in amazement at just how beautiful these girls are. Some say that they are the "most beautiful twins in the world," and so we investigated to see just how special these girls are, both in how identical they are (and they truly are), as well as how they are doing now that they are growing up and growing even more beautiful (if that was somehow even possible). These girls and their family have been on a wild ride that seems to be getting that much wilder as the girls grow up. Wait until you see what they look like now! 

Two Little Girls

Jaqi and Kevin Clements were over the moon at the news that they are going to be growing their family by not one, but two little babies. They shared the news with their little son, Chase, who was two years old at the time. He was about to become a big brother to identical twin sisters.

Jaqi was the kind of twin mom who was planning on getting matching clothes for her girls so that they would always look the same. The family also knew that they were about to go into a new phase in their lives as a larger family. They had no idea just how much. 

Baby Love

Leah Rose and Ava Marie were born on July 7, 2010. They were welcomed into their family with an enormous amount of love and care. Everyone was amazed at how beautiful these tiny babies were - it was love at first sight.

Jaqi was a naturally doting mother who saw her girls as the most beautiful around, but she also noticed just how symmetrical and shiny her baby girls were. It would soon be clear that Jaqi would not be the only person to notice just how gorgeous her daughters are. 

Tons of Attention

As the twins grew from infants to babies and so on, the friends of the family, as well as the extended family itself, could not stop commenting on just how beautiful the girls are and how unique and wonderful they look. It was hard to not notice just how special they were, most people could not help but tell the doting parents.

Leah and Ava would stun complete strangers who would come up to Jaqi and her husband to tell them just how beautiful their girls were and that they should have their girls model. It was then that Jaqi got a little uneasy about the whole thing and decided to do something about it. 


There was no way to ignore the fact that the girls were special. Jaqi knew that it was not just her who saw Leah and Ava as stunning little girls. However, she did not like complete strangers looking at her girls and making comments since they were so young.

After much deliberation, Jaqi decided that if anyone was going to sign the girls up to model, it would be her. At six months of age, Jaqi went to an agency. It was quickly after that that she would regret her decision to do so. 

Reviewing the Situation

Very soon after that, Jaqi realized that she did not have the capacity to commit the girls to modeling since it was hard enough to get out of the door with an older son and twin little girls. She realized that having them at an agency was going to be too difficult.

Jaqi decided to pull the girls out of the agency and pursue a normal life for them, without the extra attention. Looking back, Jaqi knew she made the right call, but as the twins got older, things started to shift. 

Solid Parenting

The major thing that Jaqi promised herself and the girls was that she was never again going to make a decision for them without hearing what they have to say on the matter. She wanted the communication to always be open and to learn what the girls wanted and liked to do.

Kevin and Jaqi knew that one day the topic of modeling would come up again, but until that time they were not going to mention it. Soon enough, the girls would make it easy for mom and dad.  


Jaqi has always believed in lucky numbers and signs from the universe. So when the girls turned seven years old on July 7, 2017, she knew she was going to bring up the topic of modeling yet again. She had a hunch that this year was a lucky one.

Leah and Ava loved dancing and performing for people from a very young age, so they were not shy to say the least. They each had their own distinct personality, so she asked them if they wanted to try modeling along with their other activities. 

A Big Decision

“I was not surprised at all when they started jumping up and down and couldn’t wait to begin,” Jaqi wrote on her blog. The girls loved being in front of the camera and on stage and so modeling was a perfect fit for them. These seven-year-old girls were ecstatic.

Jaqi knew that the girls were perfect for modeling, but she also knew that the world of modeling was a tough one. She wanted to start the girls off small, but things took a turn for the fast track much quicker than she could have imagined. 

Starting Little By Little 

One of the family's neighbor opened up a children's clothing store from her garage and needed some kids to model the clothes for her. This was the perfect opportunity for the twins to get into the field. 

The girls were happy to try on clothes, shoes, and other accessories. As the girls were modeling the outfits, Jaqi grabbed her old Nikon camera, got the girls all dolled up and made this opportunity their first photoshoot as well. This was the first step into the world that none of them saw coming.  

Ready For the Camera 

While Jaqi noted that the girls were not shy at all about being in front of the camera, they did need help with direction as they had no modeling experience. The girls would stare off at times, or knock into one another at others. The girls would take the time to fight when they should be focused on the camera.

The shoot ended up proving successful anyway as the neighbor got great photos of her products for her boutique and the girls got a portfolio to send to modeling agencies. There was one more thing that Jaqi did that would make the biggest difference for the girls' career... 


As Jaqi was waiting to hear back from the various agencies, she created an Instagram account for Leah and Ava that she called 'clementstwins'. This was the first photo on that account. Jaqi thought this was the perfect platform to get agencies to notice the girls and see what they are capable of. This was also a good way for the girls to gain some fans.

Jaqi put some of the photos from the shoot and was stunned to see the response from the public. They gained followers and likes faster than she ever imagined. Agencies were knocking on the door now, but which one would they choose?

All About the Gram

Over the course of two months, the girls gained 1,000 followers and then 3,000 followers. As soon as the girls hit that mark, Isa Battaglin, a phorographer for LillyKPhotography, offered to photograph the girls so that they would have more material for their Instagram page.

The headshots were perfect and the girls' account shot up to 15,000 followers that weel, then the account went to 25,000. Jaqi remembered, “I remember thinking ‘Is this normal? Is this a glitch? Am I going to wake up tomorrow and all of these followers will just be gone?’ It almost seemed too good to be true.”

The Subtle Art of Instagram 

Jaqi was the one managing the account for the girls, and she was therefore worried tat she did not know enough about the platform in terms of algorithms and hashtag trends. She was also running out of content to post of the girls, so she began posting photos of the girls individually.

Jaqi quickly noticed that the photos of the girls together did the best. People loved seeing how beautiful they are, and how alike they look. Jaqi learned quickly and so snapped more photos of the girls together and posted them onto the Instagram page. However, there was much more in store for these girls. 

Double Threat

As Leah and Ava's Instagram fame grew, more and more agencies approached Jaqi about them. Looking back, she recalled how hard it was because the main selling point was the twin factor. “I have a tough time referring to them as ‘the twins’ because although they are alike in a lot of ways they are so different in others,” she wrote.

Once Jaqi got a handle on the whole idea, the girls signed with no less than two modeling agencies, Zuri Model and DreamRay Model & Talent. So how were they signed to two different agencies, you ask?

Red Tape

The Clements thought that since each modeling agency was in a different county that there would be no issue with the girls signing with two different ones, however that is not at all how that works. The double up worked for a short while, but one day one of the agencies called to offer a callback to a Barbie audition.

The problem here was that the girls were already at the audition a couple days before with the other agency. Jaqi now got concerned as she was worried the agencies would drop the girls. 

Setting Things Straight

In an effort to smooth things over and lay it all out on the table, Jaqi went back and forth via email and phone calls to make sure everyone was aware of the situation.

“I figured if either agency let us go because of it, they weren’t the type of agencies I could see my girls working with. And they didn’t.” Not only did they not let them go, they brought them more work. Jaqi also showed her true skills at being a manager for the gils. Now it was turn for another family member to get into the modeling game. 


Now that Leah and Ava were social media stars, their older brother, Chase, wanted in on the action and get into the modeling world as well. He was already in commercials, now he wanted to model.

Jaqi decided to manage Chase's career as well, and made him an Instagram account as well, called Cut2thischase. The account grew quickly, getting over 12,000 followers. The fact that all three of the Clements children are this successful, it makes one wonder what kind of life they lead to get this way.

All In the Family

It makes total sense that the Clements kids turned out the way they did when you see mom and dad. Kevin and Jaqi have always been into fitness and health and have made sure their kids followed their example. 

Since all three kids were little, the parents made sure to raise them in an active lifestyle so that they would learn and love it too. Kevin and Jaqi believe that there's more to life than acting and modeling, and they wanted to make sure the kids saw that there are other things outside of that. 

Like Father, Like Son

In an effort to share things together, Kevin plays football and other athletic activities with Chase whenever they can. Kevin loves taking Chase to games or playing together outside. 

Kevin is a huge proponent of fitness and health and wants to show that being active is fun and important for ones well being. However, Kevin also wanted to make sure that Chase was doing things that he liked for himself and not just because they were telling him to do so. 

Like Mom, Like Twins

While Kevin and Chase do their athletic hobbies, Jaqi and the girls have their own fun activities together. The three love to go shopping together, as well as get their nails done. 

Jaqi is very aware as to how the modeling world can be negative on girls, so she makes sure her girls know how special they are and is also reminding herself that she cannot protect them forever but she can prepare them as best she can. 

Two Feet on the Ground

As their manager, Jaqi is happy to have the girls have all of the limelight when it comes to their modeling and Instagram account. On occasion, she does pop into a photo here and there to remind the world that they have a mom and she is mighty protective. 

She is also not shy about telling the world that she is the one in charge of the girls and the social media accounts they are on. Jaqi has said that it will be quite some time before the girls have total control over their social media and careers. 

"Are They Wearing Makeup!?”

In one of the posts on the blog, Jaqi talks about how she deals with the less than nice comments that people have to say sometimes. She has revealed that many people judge her for letting the girls wear makeup at their age, and that they should be allowed to be free little girls. 

Jaqi responds kindly that the girls wear light makeup and that they look like themselves at all times. Her reasoning, “Think about children at their dance recital… some of these kids at 2 and 3 years old have a face full of makeup. Why!? Because they are also required to look a certain way.” 

“They Look So Sad!”

The girls wear serious facial expressions sometimes and so there are those who think that they are unhappy. Jaqi is sometimes in disbelief at people's conclusions without ever meeting the twins. She felt the need to clear the air and said, “They are happy! They have an amazing childhood with lots of friends that they get to play with every day!”

There is a lot behind the camera that the world is not privy to and should not jump to conclusions either way.

Completely Normal Girls 

Jaqi has always voiced her opinion, especially when it is about the fact that there are those who say she is a bad mother for making her girls model over allowing them to have a well rounded childhood. To that, she says that the girls are enjoying their childhood exactly as they want it to be and are happy and safe.

Modeling for the girls is like dancing and swimming for others, it is a hobby that they enjoy to do and is assured of their happiness when she asks them every day. 

Onwards and Upwards

Since the girls got their start in the modeling world, they have signed deals with clothing lines and magazines - their modeling career is only getting better. By the time December 2017 came around, Leah and Ava had six modeling jobs that they were working on during that same week!

Jaqi shared with their Instagram followers that the girls are loving every moment of their modeling work and are love having each other to share it with. Jaqi, however, is also aware of the less fabulous side of the job and the negative words the family has received. 

Price of Success

As of September 2019, the twins' Instagram page has over 1.4 million followers on it. Jaqi has launched a website and blog where she writes about the girls and family's life and journey as all of this is happening to them.

Jaqi uses the blog to share photos of the girls, but mostly and more importantly, to write about the real life of being a manager to modeling twins, on how the girls are really doing and making sure the world sees the truth behind the rose-colored Insta-goggles. 

Adventures in the World

When Leah and Ava are not working on photoshoots, they get their picture taken with their family on one of the various adventures they take together when they vacation. Jaqi knows that the world wants an update all the time, but she makes sure her family comes before all else.

The girls are growing up and are continuing to model (for now). Instagram has made them bigger than they ever imagined and has done so for many other men, women, children, and even pets. It is a platform where anyone can gain a massive following and do something with it.