Husband's Text About Bills Led Wife To Deep Betrayal


She pinched her arm hard, trying to figure out if she was dreaming. She wasn't. Tears painted her cheeks as she sniffed loudly. Her heart broke into a million pieces as she watched the man she loved in the arms of someone else. 

She considered him the love of her life, she always dreamed of being with someone like him. She couldn't believe that he could do something like this to her. After so many years, she was surprised to discover that there was something she didn't know about him. She was about to learn the whole truth. 

Just A Facade

It became obvious to Cheryl that the man she had known for more than a decade was nothing but a facade, and she was determined to uncover the truth. 

But after she found out what was really going on, there was no longer room for sadness or grief in her heart; just anger. Now, there was only one thing on her mind: revenge.

Cheryl Connor

40-year-old Cheryl Connor prided herself in her accomplishments. She had everything she had ever dreamed of; a successful career as a university professor, a loving husband, and two amazing step-daughters. 

Cheryl had worked hard for that seemingly perfect life; however, she also believed that luck had been on her side along the way, blessing her with all those things that made her more fortunate than others. She didn’t know how wrong she was.

All That Glitters Is Not Gold

Things weren’t always perfect, however. Like everyone else, Cheryl had gone through her fair share of low moments. She had faced many challenges in her life, such as infertility and financial hardships. 

She fought tooth and nail to have an ideal life, and things were finally precisely as she wanted them to be. However, she would soon learn that all that glitters is not gold. 

Duty Calls

Cheryl and Greg had been happily married for more than 13 years. Greg and his two daughters completed Cheryl’s life. 

Even though Cheryl married the love of her life, she knew she couldn’t have it all. There were certain aspects of her marriage that could be better. Sometimes, they caused her a great deal of frustration, no matter how hard she tried to put on a happy face and stick through.

Out Of Town

Greg spent most of their marriage away from home, working and trying to support his family. The situation worsened in the last few years, and Greg was called away from home and missed many holidays. 

Cheryl and their daughters received a simple text to wish them a Merry Christmas. No gifts and no phone calls. Cheryl would soon learn the true reason for this. 

Second Thoughts

There was no doubt in Cheryl’s mind that her husband was doing all he could to ensure they lived the life they deserved. 

He was the perfect family man who sacrificed everything for them, so Cheryl put up with him never being home. However, sometimes she caught herself having certain thoughts that she then felt guilty and ashamed about.


Sometimes, when Greg’s absences became too frequent and too long, Cheryl felt lonely and caught herself secretly resenting her husband.

Why couldn’t he delegate some of his responsibilities to one of his colleagues and spend more time with her and the children? Did he think that financially providing for his wife and daughters was all they needed? And that wasn’t all.

What If…?

Sometimes, Cheryl caught herself wondering, and even fantasizing, about how her life would be if she had married a different man.

Every time she realized she was having those thoughts, Cheryle felt horrified. She felt guilty and ashamed and reassured herself that her husband was just doing what was best for the family. This cycle kept going on and on until one day.

Another Goodbye

When Greg told her he needed to go to North Carolina for training, she simply smiled and offered to help pack his bags. He left the following morning after kissing her goodbye. 

This time, Cheryl wasn’t mad. Instead, she felt immense gratitude that she had such a hardworking husband. However, one text message changed the course of everything. 


As Cheryl got the children ready for bed, her phone lit up with a notification. Her husband's message told her about a great church he discovered in North Carolina. 

He went on to share the name of the singers at the church, as he thought she would like them. Cheryl’s heart warmed at her husband’s consideration. However, she was in for a nasty surprise.

It Wasn’t North Carolina

She proceeded to look up the artist, and what she found made her brow furrowed in confusion. Cheryl and Greg had lived in North Carolina for quite some time, so they both knew the area very well. 

However, the event Greg was attending was in Knoxville, Tennessee. Her blood began boiling with anger. She knew she needed to get to the bottom of his lies. 

A Horrifying Discovery

While browsing social media pages, Cheryl stumbled upon footage of the church service, and after watching it on repeat for a few minutes, she spotted him. But he wasn’t alone.

When she saw it, she felt her stomach drop to her knees. Her husband was wearing the sweater she had gifted him on his birthday, holding another woman's hand. 

Living A Lie

Cheryl felt as if her whole world had collapsed. This discovery was the first event of many that sent Cheryl spiraling into a deep, dark depression. 

However, as she would soon learn, all the signs were there if only she had paid closer attention. When she saw it, she felt like she had been living a lie. How could she have been such a fool?

Quiet Rampage 

Cheryl wanted nothing more than for it all to be a mistake. She had loved and supported Greg for over a decade; how could he do something like this to her? After contemplation, she decided not to confront Greg just yet. 

Instead, she decided to take matters into her own hands and act as a private investigator. What she discovered made her sick to her stomach… 


Greg was always in charge of the household finances, as he claimed to be better at financial management. Naturally, Cheryl let him do it. 

However, now all trust was gone. What else could he be hiding from her? And now Cheryl had a gut feeling: she knew the proof she needed was hidden in the stacks of bills and documents. 

Incriminating Evidence

Her eyes widened when she realized her husband had opened many credit cards under her name without her knowledge. She found receipts for shopping trips, concerts, and dinner dates.

And that wasn’t even the worst part. To add insult to injury, she stumbled upon a Christmas card thanking her husband for spending the holidays with another woman’s family.

Father Of The Year

Cheryl remembered how frustrated her husband felt because he could not spend the holidays with his family. 

He comforted them by saying that by working out of state, they were one step closer to financial freedom. How could he feed his wife and his children all those lies? How could he be so cold and callous?

It Got Worse

He wanted her to believe that he was the perfect husband. But the receipt of a gift for a child that was not theirs sent a different message. 

He even bought gifts for the other woman’s parents! However, this was only the tip of the iceberg. The deeper Cheryl went into the rabbit hole, the more horrifying things got.

More Information

She decided to dig even deeper and powered on his old phones and computers. With tears in her eyes, she learned that his infidelity started only two years after their wedding. 

And that wasn't all. It wasn’t just that one woman who had gone to church with him: she found even more receipts and messages from multiple other women. What he said in those messages was revolting.


Her husband detailed her fertility issues with these strangers, and Cheryl’s heart broke into a million pieces. It was clear that some of the women were well aware of her existence. 

All the information Cheryl stumbled upon overwhelmed her, and she was still in denial, but she knew exactly what needed to be done. She knew she needed to see his betrayal with her own two eyes.  

The Proof Is In The Pudding

Following her husband was not difficult at all. He usually prefers to take her car for work trips, so she rented a car for herself and made her way to Knoxville. 

She didn’t know what she would find, but she was prepared for the worst. She didn’t know that she was about to find something even more appalling than she could have ever imagined.

Following Him

Thankfully, her car’s GPS tracking system allowed her to keep track of her husband at all times. She followed him to a dog park, where he spent time with another woman. 

She felt her chest tighten as tears streamed down her face. She never thought she would find herself in a predicament like this, but there she was. It was time to face the horrible truth.

The Truth 

Cheryl knew it was time to expose her husband for the man he truly was. She contacted her family and shared the heartbreaking news with them. 

She also informed her husband’s parents of everything that happened. Once everyone knew about her husband’s true colors, there was still something else to do. Cheryl knew what her next step would be.


Once the news got out, she packed her bags and left their home. Her husband had to find out through his own family that she was leaving him, and he was stunned. 

He protested and begged her to stay, told her that none of it was true and that he was simply doing his best to take care of them. And for a brief second, Cheryl almost believed him. 


To say goodbye to the man she had loved for all those years wasn’t an easy task. They had built a life together. Cheryl wanted to take him back and forget about the whole ordeal. 

However, her husband did something so terrible there was no going back. She simply couldn’t pretend she didn’t see what she saw and carry on with their relationship like nothing happened.

One Final Discovery

Cheryl learned that one of the women her husband was with had a child a few weeks after their separation. Cheryl’s husband was still on her health insurance, and the final details needed to be hashed out. 

He made the mistake of registering the child on Cheryl’s insurance, and once she saw his name, her heart dropped to her stomach. 


When Greg and Cheryl first got married, the pair actively tried to have a baby. Cheryl was so excited about having a baby that she compiled a list of names for their future child. 

However, after years of trying, Cheryl accepted the fact that she could not have a child of her own. It hurt her to the core, but after some time, she finally managed to come to terms with it. However, this discovery would reopen those wounds.


She had to look at the name registered on her health insurance just to ensure she was seeing it right. She couldn’t believe her eyes. It was worse than she could have ever imagined.

Her husband named the child one of Cheryl's names for their child. It broke her heart, and she knew she had made the right decision. 

New Beginnings 

It took Cheryl months to heal from all the pain Greg caused her. She still struggles with trusting new people, but she met a wonderful man who is kind and patient with her. He taught her the true meaning of love, and she could not be happier. 

Disclaimer: To protect the privacy of those depicted, some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed and are products of the author's imagination. Any resemblances to actual events, places, or persons, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.