Husband Asks Wife to Paint Over a Scratch, She Took It Literally and Did This

Colin came home after a long day at work, expecting to see his newly painted car. He had asked his wife to take it to the auto shop so they could paint over a scratch caused by a minor accident. 

As she saw her husband coming into the garage, Alison surprised him with their car. Colin’s eyes widened, and he couldn’t believe what he was seeing. “Alison, are you out of your mind? Why would you do this to our car?” - he shouted. It was, however, too late to change anything...

A Very Loving Couple

Colin and Alison were a very loving couple, and they lived peacefully in the suburbs. They had a big enough house for both of them, as they had no children yet. Alison would often say, “Of course, we want to have children. We’re just waiting for the right time.”

We agree that having children shouldn’t be rushed, and this couple had the same sentiment. Their friends kept on urging them to start their own family, but Colin and Alison were in no rush. They would simply smile and say, “We’ll get there sooner or later.”

It Was Love at First Sight

The couple met while they were still teenagers, and they had known right then and there that they were meant for each other. It was as if it was love at first sight – they often claimed it as such too. Colin fell head over heels with Alison, and he knew that she was the girl of his dreams.

When they graduated from university, Colin made a move that would change both of their lives forever. He took Alison to a fancy dinner date, and there he popped the question, “Alison, you are the most beautiful girl in the world. Will you marry me?” It was unexpected, but Alison agreed.

They Worked Very Hard

Colin and Alison got married in an intimate ceremony attended by their closest relatives and friends. It was a magical day, and the couple couldn’t be happier with how it went down. Alison said, “This one’s for the books, and I’ll never forget it.”

Then they moved to a beautiful house and filled it with memories – they didn’t mind that this house was smaller than what they were used to. It was theirs, and they were eager to work harder to achieve all of their dreams. Everything was perfect, but would there soon be trouble over paradise?

Everything Was Going Accordingly

The first few years of marriage were going great, and they lived their best lives. They were a young couple who were exploring the beauty of their relationship. Not only that, but they were living together in a house that was truly theirs – what could be better than that?

Everything seemed to be going accordingly, but there was a strain looming over Alison’s shoulder. She had just lost her job, and their finances were much harder than usual. Naturally, her husband told her not to worry, but she couldn’t help but feel bad that she wasn’t doing anything to help out…

A Trip to the Grocery Store

One day, the couple went on their weekly trip to the grocery store. This was something that they regularly did, as this was some form of bonding for them. Not only did they love spending time together, but they also enjoyed spending time in the kitchen cooking each others’ favorite meals.

Colin would always buy his wife’s favorite fruits, while Alison would buy the freshest ingredients to make her husband’s favorite meals. It was a beautiful relationship, and these were moments that they cherished. However, one trip to the grocery store would bring them more harm than good.

Colin Had a Minor Accident

As they were about to pull up at the parking, Colin had experienced a minor accident. It wasn’t life-threatening or damaging, but it had caused some serious repercussions to his car. He had accelerated pretty quickly, so he ended up hitting a wall.

Alison was in the car with him, and she realized that there might’ve been a scratch in their beloved vehicle. She was shocked, but she said to her husband, “Don’t go down. I’ll go and check the damage myself.” So she went down and looked at the front of their car – her face said it all, and Colin dreaded what he was about to see…

Thinking About His Car for Days

The car was a Nissan Skyline GTR, and it was a relatively new car. The couple had just purchased it about a year ago, and they had saved most of their paychecks so they could buy their dream car. This was why Colin was pretty distraught when he realized the mistake he had made…

Although the damage wasn’t that massive, their bumper was only left with a few scratches. However, Colin couldn’t stop thinking about the marks on his bumper, and he couldn’t help but feel bad. What would he do to stop overthinking and repair the damages in their car?

What Did He Do?

As he was driving back home from work, Colin had an idea, which he had to ask his wife first. So he drove as quickly yet as safely as he could to get home quicker. He was so excited yet anxious to ask Alison, but he hoped his plan would work.

Upon seeing his wife, Colin immediately said, “I know we don’t have much money now, but can we please get this car repainted? The scratches are driving me crazy, and I can’t look at it the same way.” Alison laughed at this remark and said, “Honey, you’re being too dramatic – it’s just a car. But yes, we can repaint it if it means that much to you.”

His Wife Had a Plan

Colin was delighted that his wife agreed on the paint job. He knew that money was tight, especially since Alison was still trying to find the right job for her. Although he knew that his wife would be in full support of whatever he wanted, he would always be grateful for this.

Her husband gave her the money they needed to have their car repainted, and Alison found an auto shop to do the job. However, as she was about to leave their garage, she had a mind-blowing idea that she wanted to try. She knew that Colin may or may not like it, but it was a risk that she was willing to take…

Alison’s True Passion

Before she lost her job, Alison worked as an artist in a local studio. Her main focus was painting, and this was something that she really excelled in. This woman’s creativity was astounding, and everybody wanted to have a painting done by her.

However, the studio she was working at was hit hard and was forced to close – her job ended along with it. Alison was a bit troubled, and she was lacking in confidence she needed to get herself back out there. She realized that this project could be her redemption even though she had never really painted a car before – would she succeed?

Her Creativity Was Overflowing

Before her senses came to her, Alison took out her paintbrushes and got to work. She wanted to surprise her husband, and she wanted to give him a truly unique design. So she got to work and painted the day away – she was happy again, which was more than she could ask for.

Alison painted the bumper using a black marker, and she drew unique patterns that seemed never-ending. It was beautiful, and she couldn’t stop drawing – after all, this was her passion. The artist’s creativity was overflowing, but she was a bit scared that her husband would hate the job she did…

Colin Was Speechless

As soon as she finished, she patiently waited for her husband to arrive home from work. Alison was so excited, but she couldn’t help but feel nervous that Colin would hate the bumper’s new paint. After all, she did it herself…

A few hours later, Colin arrived home with a tired expression on his face. His wife thought it might be a bad time to show him her work, but she did it anyway. As soon as Colin saw the car, he had a bewildered look on his face – he couldn’t believe what his wife had done.

It Didn’t End There

Colin couldn’t believe that his wife hand-painted their car that day, and he didn’t know whether he should be happy or angry. He looked at his wife, who was studying his facial expressions – he could tell that she was anxious. So he smiled at her and said, “I love it, babe.”

Alison could finally breathe a sigh of relief because her husband loved the new bumper. She said, “I was so scared that you hated it, but I’m glad that you appreciated my work.” The very next day, Colin gave her permission to paint and draw on the entire car, but what would it look like in the end?

She Carried On with Her Work

As her husband left for work, Alison would carry on with the painting job that she started the day before. It was such an exciting thing for her, and it was as if she had rediscovered her passion for art. This was more than she could ask for, and she couldn’t stop painting even if she tried.

According to the artist, she had worked an astounding 100 hours on their car. This was a lot of hours, but Alison said that it didn’t matter because she loved what she was doing. She added, “I want to make my husband happy, so I did it for him too.”

The Surprise of a Lifetime

While she was repainting their car, she asked her husband to wait until she finished. She wanted to surprise Colin with the final product, so he was forbidden to set foot in their garage. Colin said, “I would sometimes be tempted to take a peek at her work, but I also wanted to be surprised.”

In the end, their regular car became a custom-painted car, all thanks to Alison’s talent and creativity. Colin couldn’t believe how awesome his car looked, and it seemed like it was brand new. He told her wife, “I’m so happy with how this turned out, babe. You’re a genius!”

A Custom-Painted Car

Colin and Alison’s car seemed custom-painted, and it is in a way because Alison did it herself. She was so happy that she didn’t drive to the auto shop that day. She said, “Painting the car myself was such a rewarding thing, and it was sweeter because my husband loved how it turned out.”

Their friends often got jealous of how amazing the couple’s car looked. Not only that, but this was now their trademark because everybody knew that it was them whenever they would drive by. This car was nothing short of a beautiful masterpiece.

It Was a Thing of Beauty

Whenever the pair would drive their car, multiple stares were given. This was all thanks to Alison’s beautiful artwork, and they didn’t mind that people would often look at their vehicle. For them, it was a compliment.

Sometimes, people would ask them if it was okay to take photos of their car. This has been a usual thing for them whenever they were out, and they didn’t mind at all. Colin would often joke, “I think we would have to start charging money to everyone who wants to take a photo with the car…”

A Life-Changing Idea

Needless to say, the couple’s lives were completely changed because of Alison’s idea. What she thought was something fun, and exciting turned out to be extraordinary. Now, their car is the talk of the town, and everybody wanted to take a glimpse of it.

One of their friends would often ask the couple, “Do you think that maybe Alison could also paint my car? We love what she’s done to yours, and we would love to pay for her services.” This was a life-changing idea, but the couple wasn’t sure. They had never done this before, but don’t you think it was a good offer?

Should This Be Her Business?

Alison is a talented artist, and she would often create art using extraordinary tools and surfaces. We’ve seen what she’s done to their own car, and we believe that she could do so much using her talent. We’re now wondering whether this car painting service should be their new business…

This couple’s story shows that sometimes, you have to trust your guts and go with the process. Who knows, maybe you’ll also end up with a head-turning car like Colin and Alison’s? Well, we can surely dream!