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Hundreds Show Up To Old Ladys Birthday In Bronx, Heres Why

An old lady named Louise Jean Signore has been making headlines all over the world lately. She has lived an amazing life and now, she is enjoying her life by relaxing at a retirement home from the Bronx. The amazing thing about Louise is that she is so loved by her community that during her birthday, hundreds of people showed up to wish her a very happy birthday. However, if you take a closer look at Louise you will notice that she is no regular old lady. There’s something special about her and today we are going to reveal it all.

This is Louise Jean Signore. As we can see in this picture, she is a jolly old lady and she loves nothing more than to spend time with her friends. While most people who go to retirement homes have trouble making new friends, this is not a problem for Louise.

Louise loved to laugh and have fun ever since she was a little girl and she is keeping this tradition alive even though she is older now. This is why people enjoy being around her and talking to her. Louise is never going to feel alone thanks to her joyful personality.

What we didn’t tell you about Louise is that she has lived quite an amazing life. Louise has been around on this planet for more time than anyone you know!

Just to give you an idea of the kinds of things that Louise has seen throughout her lifetime, you should know that she was born before the infamous World War 1 started! With that said, can you guess how old Louise is?

The reason why so many turned up to Louise’s birthday party aside the fact that she is a joyful person is because she turned 107 years old. Yes, you read that right. Louise is older than 100 years and she looks great for her age!

Can you imagine how many amazing things Louise saw throughout her lifetime? She has been around before the era of technology and she is still going strong to this day. Most people struggle to find the energy to go to work every single day but this isn’t a problem for Louise even though she is 107 years old.

As you can imagine, the retirement home was filled with people on Louise’s birthday. The staff threw a big party for her and all local news stations attended the party because they wanted to interview Louise and see what is the secret behind her longevity.

As previously noted, the question that everyone wants to ask Louise is what is the secret? What did she do stay healthy for such a long time and how come she is so happy all the time? There must be a secret, right?

When asked about her secret, Louise couldn’t do anything but smile at the camera. She knew that everyone wants to hear something about a magic formula, but her secret is not magical at all.

The first thing that Louise said when explaining to the reporters how she managed to live for 107 years is that she always lived a healthy life. She ate everything she wanted, but always in moderation. Not just that, but Louise put lots of emphasis on how important vegetables are to the organism.

Another important tip that Louise had to share with everyone is to live an active life. While she didn’t work out or anything similar, she always danced and had lots of fun everywhere she went. She even danced at her 107 years old birthday!

After Louise talked about eating healthy and living an active life, she was ready to finally reveal her biggest secret. She leaned close to the camera and what she said had the reported laughing with tears in their eyes.

The jolly old lady believes that one of the secrets behind her happy and long life is that she never got married. She never had anyone to argue with and she did everything she wanted, whenever she wanted. Could this be the secret to a long life?

Even though most women dream about their wedding day all their life, this was never the case for Louise. The only thing she wanted was to relax and have a good time. This is why she never complicated herself and tied the knot with anyone.

After joking a bit with the reporters, Louise was ready to give one last tip for everyone. In our opinion, this is the most important piece of advice that everyone can receive.

Louise believes that the actual secret behind growing old and happy like her is to simply live a life worth living. What she means by this is that we should all make connections with other people and have fun at every chance we get.

Who would’ve guessed that the secret behind living a long life is to have fun? Nonetheless, we’re glad that Louise was ready to share her secrets and that she was so wholesome.

The fact that tens of people showed up to Louise’s birthday reveals to us that she has lived a life worth living and that she made friends everywhere she went.

Louise has set a great example to us all and there is no doubt about. Let’s hope that we can also have this much fun and have that many friends when we reach her age.

We are glad to let everyone know that our story has a happy ending. Louise is still having the best of times at the Bronx retirement home and she is already making preparations for her 108 years old birthday.


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