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Hotel Horrors

48. Locked Inside The Hotel

When staying in an apart-hotel in Athens, Greece, the front desk was closed between midnight and 7 a.m. We had a flight at 6 a.m so we had the front desk schedule a cab and we asked what to do with the hotel keys. They told us to leave them in the room and close the door behind us. Cue 4 a.m. wake-up, pack our stuff, leave the keys behind as instructed.

We get to the lobby try to open the door to LEAVE the hotel and meet our scheduled cab. Locked. Literally locked in the hallway. Can’t get back in our room and can’t get out the door. No windows. Instant panic. We made sure there was no other way out. We tried EVERY door and EVERY door was locked. Turns out you need a key to LEAVE the hotel … and ours is now locked in our hotel room (as instructed). We start knocking on all the guest room doors until someone answers. They were so mad at us, but did let us use their key to get out.


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