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Hotel Horrors

46. That Escalated Quickly

I have practical lessons in a hotel because I’m still in school. So one day it was pretty busy and I was doing as much as I possibly could to help the receptionist. And there is a guy in his late 20s-early 30s and I’m 18.

He started chatting and I’m trying to be polite and talk to him while simultaneously doing one more thing. Nothing creepy until he asked me to come with him to the Bronx. He went full-on about how life there is great, that I could be a stripper, make huge money, and do all sorts of drugs.

I somehow managed to escape that conversation but later he asked the receptionist for my number and my name etc, basic info. I freaked out and I made sure to switch my schedule so I wouldn’t have to work while he is in the hotel.


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