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Hotel Horrors

41. Haunted Room

Stayed in the Tudor house hotel in Warwick England for an anniversary date with the hubby. It’s very oldy worldly. Around since the 1500. Walking distance to Warwick Castle.

It’s known to be haunted. Don’t believe in really. My hubby and I were getting ready for dinner while watching TV & we heard knocking at our door & the sound of a man mumbling outside. I open the door, but no one was there.

Then we heard the knocking again but it sounded like it was coming from the bathroom door. This time my husband went in to check out. As he went in we heard a man mumbling and this time it was right next to my ear I freaked out. We tried to get our room changed but couldn’t. The lady from reception then told us it was normal and not to mind it. I had to drink so much wine to take my mind off it & spent most of our time sightseeing in town.


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