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39. Paranoid For A Reason

My mother and I were on a road trip to San Diego and she was always really paranoid about staying in hotels, mostly that someone might be watching through a camera or two-way mirror.

It was a long drive and we had to stop so we stood at a local bed and breakfast which I thought was much creepier than a hotel. We check in with this older man and get to the room. My mom is a really paranoid person, she had kind of a routine when we stayed somewhere.

First, she checked the restroom, looking in the toilet and shower for cameras. Second, she checked the fire detectors for them or any audio recordings. Last she would check the mirror by turning off all the lights in the room and turning a flashlight to the mirrors.

That’s when she saw the small room on the other side, only about the size of a closet. We left immediately before even saying anything to the man. We slept in the car that night.


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