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Hotel Horrors

33. The Staff Quarters

I stayed at a hotel in Nice, France in 2005. I don’t remember the name of the hotel but from the outside, it looked very relaxing and well-kept. I was also on a guided tour with my high school so I thought that the hotel rooms we were being given would have been in good shape.

Myself and two of my friends were sent to the fourth floor of this building and into a room with sticky laminate flooring and strange stains on the walls and the sheets. We stayed in the room for a night but after realizing that our skylight was jammed open and accessible from the rooftop and found a bag of mysterious powder in a hole in the wall we decided to tell the tour guide.

Apparently, we had been sent to the staff quarters because the hotel was full the night before. Everyone else in our tour group had been given a warm, clean, and modern room. The hotel apologized and for our second night, we were set up in the presidential suite, with two king-sized beds, a jacuzzi, and two balconies. It all worked out in the end and the rest of my time in Nice was amazing.


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