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32. Never Again

My boyfriend and I drove up to Philadelphia for an interview of his. He’d been abroad for much of that year, and I hadn’t seen him in a while. Not only do I find out during the drive that we are not dating, but I find out on the porch of the b&b he’d booked that he’d told the owner that we were engaged.

Also, it was Valentine’s Day, a fact he was unaware of. For some idiot reason, I stayed. There was only one bed. We changed our clothes in the bathroom, now awkward in front of each other.

On Valentine’s night, we were awakened at 2:00 a.m. by the owner screaming at a guest for coming in late and waking everyone up. We could hear every word of the fight. Eventually, the owner kicked the guy out (who didn’t seem drunk or disorderly or anything), and the guy had to wake up his wife and leave in the middle of the night. This while I’m sharing a bed with my ex-boyfriend.

I don’t make plans for Valentine’s Day anymore.


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