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26. Your Children Are Not My Problem

Our hotel is at the end of the road in a national park. There’s no Wi-Fi, no cell service…not even any AM radio. Our lone amenity is our location. We advertise the fact we have no amenities on our website. It’s a “Enjoy an unplugged experience free from modern distractions!” type of place. One time, this guest came up, furious about the lack of Wi-Fi.

On top of that, they were expecting DVDs to borrow from the front desk, but there wasn’t even a TV in his room. He said, “How are they supposed to entertain themselves and their children?” Blah blah blah. I helpfully pointed out that our gift shop had playing cards and board games. Their response was shocking. I am quoting verbatim: “You expect me to spend time with my children?”

I’ve never seen somebody voice so much horror and disgust into such a compact sentence.


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