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23. Come Again?

This was my experience as a guest at a hotel in rural Georgia. I was traveling for work and my husband needed to bring me some paperwork that I forgot halfway across the state. We are both men. Me: “Hi, I am leaving for work now. My husband is bringing me some paperwork, but I will not be here because I’ll be working. He will be here in about four hours. Can you please let him into room 123?”

Front desk: “Huh?” I repeated my statement. Front Desk: “Oh. So your boss is coming with paperwork?” Me: “No, my husband.” Front Desk: “Oh okay, did you mean your co-worker?” Me: “No, it’s my husband. The man I am married to. We are gay.” Front Desk: “Okay, I’ll let your friend in when he gets here, no problem at all. Have a good day.”

I mean, I know it’s rural Georgia, but have they never had a gay hotel guest? Am I crazy? Anyway, the rest of the hotel staff was very lovely. I just found this both confusing and amusing.


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